You Just Don't Know: In The Situation Room with Kai Storm

AAMBC _ Kai CoverKai Storm is a new face in the Urban Literary world. She was born in Panama and now resides in New York. Kai is the author of “Alani’s Bigger Hustle” and “Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger” under the Twenty First Street Urban Editing & Publishing, LLC imprint.


Kai took time out of her busy schedule to join us in The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino to discuss her published novels, the soon-to-be-released “You Just Don’t Know” and her never-ending hustle.


Michelle: Is Kai Storm your real name, or is it a pseudonym?


Kai: A pseudonym. I prefer to be referred to as such.


Michelle: Your first book is titled Alani’s Bigger Hustle, and like yourself, the main character Alani hails from Panama. Is this book a partial memoir, or is it a complete work of fiction?


Kai: It’s a complete work of fiction but it has realistic factors so that when you read it, you literally “feel” it.


Michelle: Tell us what the book is about.


Kai: “Alani’s Bigger Hustle” is about a young girl from Panama who comes to New York in the early eighties when crack was first introduced to our society. Although she had history in the drug game, she wasn’t in it until a neighborhood drug dealer brought her in and once she was in, she took over!


Michelle: You followed that novel up with “Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger”. Does the sequel tie up all loose ends, or is this a trilogy in the making?


Kai: I’m currently working on the trilogy as people who read “Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger” want the story to continue; and based on the fact that I’m up for the challenge I decided to do it.


Michelle: You’re latest project is an erotica/kink novel titled You Just Don’t Know. What made you switch genres this time around?


Kai: The thing with me is I’ve written a lot of stories in my life—a number of them that no one has ever seen. So when 21Street decided to open up submissions for erotica manuscripts, I submitted what I had. They liked what they read, asked me to spice it up a bit and next thing you know, we’re working on putting it out!


Michelle: Which genre did you find to be easier to write—urban/street fiction or erotica? Explain.


Kai: I find it all easy to write because I enjoy writing. It’s the best self release there is. To actually get my writing published so it lives on forever is the best gift I’ve ever gotten since my children!


Michelle: Finances played a huge part in your decision to seek a publishing deal as opposed to self-publishing. However, if the money was made available to you today, would you self-publish? Why or why not?


Kai: I would say no because I like the ‘backing’ of a publishing company behind you, someone believing in you and your work is a great thing, it means a lot to me.


Michelle: What was your biggest misconception when it came to publishing, and how has your perception changed now?


Kai: I guess that would have to be that as an author when you were dealing with book stores, libraries and such you would always be treated fairly and when I am in a situation where I am not being treated fairly. I note it and keep it moving. I don’t talk about it in public media but I do note it so that going forward I know how to function in that situation.


Michelle: If you had it all to do over again, what if anything would you do differently?


Kai: Nothing! Everything I’ve done has taught me great lessons—lessons that make me a better business person.


Michelle: What do you want readers to know or learn about Kai once they have finished one of your novels?


Kai: I want them to know that I have a great imagination and I love that I am able to entertain you with it. LOL!


Michelle: Will you be writing in any other genres besides urban fiction and erotica?


AAMBC _ Kai PicKai: Sure! Like I said, I’ve written a lot of stories and I would love for all of them to be published.


Michelle: Like Alani, Kai gets her hustle on too. What have you found to be some of your most successful promotional and/or selling tactics?


Kai: My hat lol! Plenty of times I have it on and people can’t help but read it and as soon as I catch em it’s over lol! I got the books on me and if you’re not ready to buy yet I got a flyer to get you thinking about it!


Michelle: What is the one question that no one has asked during your myriad interviews, but you would love to speak up about and why—or have all bases pretty much been covered?


Kai: Lol actually it’s been covered plus extra questions have been asked that still ring in my head to this day!


Michelle: Please tell us where we can follow, contact and/or find out more information on you and your novels.


Kai: “Alani’s Bigger Hustle” & “Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger” are available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon,, you can purchase directly through me via Paypal, and I also take credit card payments via “You Just Don’t Know” will be available soon, but you can catch the trailer and the snippet on my sites and I am on Facebook at Kai Storm. My Facebook fan page is Author Kai Storm. On Twitter @Alanistory. I’m also on Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram @Kaihustler. I’m everywhere lol!


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