WTF Moment by Bolaji Tijani-Qudus


Devin Lewis is trying to piece his lifetogether as he reels from a recent separation that is inevitably headed fordivorce. As Devin tries to sort his life out, he helps his close buddies workthrough their own equally tricky situations—Brandon finds out that his wife offifteen years has been dabbling on the side with another woman, and Chris’spicture-perfect marriage and faith is tested. The only thing certain is theirfriendship as the men navigate through a mirage of dating disasters, steamyencounters, comedic interludes, and serious conversations.

Despite his good looks and charm, Devinrealizes that starting over isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Then, whenit seems as though love isn’t in the cards for Devin, he finds companionshipand uncanny chemistry in the least likely of places. At last, Devin’s newacquaintance may just bring him the peace of mind he’s been longing for, orperhaps he is headed for another disappointment…

WTF Moment takes you through the mind of today’s men as theyspill their thoughts and perspectives on sex, love and relationships.


“I’m too busy for this crap today,” I mumbled, checking my caller ID when my Office phone started to ring. I picked it up, and before I even had a chance to say hello, Monica screamed in my ear, “Whose number is 121-201-3344?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about. Why are you playing dumb? Why don’t you come out and say who it is and how long you’ve been messing around,” she continued, screaming. “What?”

“The tramp texted, ‘Hey you! Are you going to be at the gym tonight?’ What woman texts a man, ‘Hey you!’ if she is not sleeping with him? Tell me!” I could hear the pitch in her voice, which usually spelled doom for me.

“What woman are you talking about?” I responded. She started yelling again. “Come out and say it so we can resolve this situation!”

“What situation are you talking about?”

I had no idea what she was talking about. My other line beeped. I was scheduled to be on a telephone conference call that was supposed to have started a minute earlier.

“Let me call you back. Talk to you later,” I said. I hung up the phone before she could continue her yelling and questioning. I wondered whose number it was Monica was talking about. I had left my other cell phone on the living room table. It was primarily for my workout clients.

What the hell is she doing going through my phone anyhow? Well, it can wait. I have work to do at the moment. I completed my conference call and called her back an hour later. “Hello?”

“What’s up?”

“What was the fuss about earlier?” I asked as calmly as I could, disguising my irritation. “Well, you took too long to respond, so I called her,” she said.

“Whom did you call?!” I asked, alarmed.

From his Oakland, California desk, author Bolaji Tijani-Qudus pens novels that are striking, thought provoking and full of realism.

Of Nigerian descent, his name, Bolaji means to wake up blessed. Born in Chicago, Illinois he became a jetsetter early on as he relocated to London and Nigeria, all before the age of 3. Experiencing different cultures as a youth allowed his creativity and imagination to reach extraordinary heights.

Returning to the United States at 17, he finished college, became an accountant and business owner and years later started a family. His passion for creative writing always inside re-emerged with the debut of his first fiction novel, WTF Moment. With people as his inspiration his writings spawned from many accounts of life situations that leave people puzzled and confused in the areas of relationships, decision making and manhood. Taking a leap into self-publishing, WTF Moment hit shelves across the nation in summer 2011. From the male point of view, this novel touches friendship, marriage, dating and love.

Reader testimonials boast that while a fictional work of art, the novel is unforgettable, funny, very surprising and intense. Accolades for the author highlight him as gifted, the author to watch, thoughtful and witty. Fans recommend this as a must-read and are publicly demanding the sequel. Male readers express that they finally feel their eureka moment, now that someone came along with an accurate account of the male perspective of relationships. Female readers smile while saying that they felt like a fly on the boy’s room wall while reading WTF Moment.

Get to Know Bolaji:

What is the novel about?

This novel blends friendship, dating, marriage, and entertaining surprises into one compelling tale with plenty of men’s perspectives on relationships.

Is the Novel all fiction?

It is fiction. However, the novel is based on realism as well. I interviewed close to thirty men from different backgrounds and age groups before I started the novel. As I wrote, I used some of those interviews as reference points and inspiration.

Is there a Sequel?

I think so. It might be from the perspective of a different character. There is an excerpt/epilogue at the end of WTF Moment that foreshadows.

Who are your literary influences?

I have read all kinds of books and novels. I read quite a bit of John Grisham and James Peterson’s books. Above all, people influence me. I love having conversations with people all the time especially at my Lounge/Bar here in Oakland. When I write, I do so as though I’m engaged in a live conversation with people.

What would readers/listeners take away from WTF Moment?

There is something for everyone. It’s funny for those who love a good laugh. There are real life situations in the book: Women could be ‘that fly on the wall’ listening to what men like and want. This novel really expresses our feelings. I have heard so many times that men do not have feelings or know how to express themselves.  Well… WTF Moment dispels that notion.

What does WTF Moment mean?

It doesn’t mean What The F*%#k. There is a deeper meaning to it than that. Readers will have to dig in the book to find out.

What else should we be expecting from Bolaji?

I just completed the Audio Play which has over 25 characters from the novel. It has all the trimmings, including sound effects and background ambiance. It feels like a real play except you are listening to it. I’m also working on a few short films and writing screen plays for features.


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