Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now? By Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Coming Macrh 2011 from Peace in the Storm Publishing
Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now?

God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy, and wholeness. His plan includes love and value, purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply. Whatever has caused you to be broken, the areas in your life that aren’t working or are ineffective, the areas where you feel powerless, doing nothing and going nowhere, God wants to put them back together again! But you can’t get to the upper level when you’re stuck on the ground floor.

Cheryl’s book, Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now,will help you …

  • Take her first book Women What the Hell are You Thinking to the next level.
  • Identify strongholds in your life and tear them down
  • Realign your thoughts to create purposeful thinking
  • Speak to your mountains and experience freedom from a non productive life
  • Enjoy the abundant life God intended for you

You have the power of life and death in your own tongue. Use it! ~ Cheryl Donovan

Tear down the strongholds in your life!


Separate yourself from ungodly attachments and soul ties hindering you from escape. Stop allowing guilt and shame to keep you in relationships and situations chipping away your house walls and adding to the debris.


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