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BRAELYN and her fiancée, KAI, have the perfect relationship with the exception of falling short in one area-quality time. Kai is always on the go for work and often works late, leaving Braelyn feeling less like a fiancée and more like a roommate. During a Girl’s Night Out with her best friend, ROXY, Braelyn has a chance encounter with a dose of temptation by the name of SEVAUGHN. Braelyn can’t shake the magnetic draw to this new stranger, and she finds herself increasingly intrigued by Sevaughn, whose job as an undercover narcotic detective threatens to pull Braelyn into a dangerous underworld. After a lot of flirtation, Braelyn shatters her good-girl persona, diving head-first into a pillow-biting affair with Sevaughn, who has a few hidden secrets that make Braelyn a walking target. Just as Braelyn is enjoying the illusion of Sevaughn, Kai makes a sudden change and starts devoting more time to being home. As a result, Braelyn finds herself in what most would consider a perfect situation: having her cake with Kai and overdosing on the dessert that is Sevaughn. Perfect pictures are bound to be shattered, though, and Braelyn soon finds herself trapped in an intricate web of deception and betrayal that will leave her regretting the day she decided to betray Kai. Things are never fair in love and war, but Braelyn is about to learn the hard truth about trading what she has at home to bask in the delusion of her fantasy…

I Should’ve Cheated chronicles a dangerous love triangle and will tease my readers with a glimpse into what can happen when a person is tempted by what appears to be a plush, green lawn thriving just on the other side of the fence. This page-turner is scheduled for a 3/30/15 release.



Kai’s lips traveled a path across Braelyn’s collar bone, up her neck, lingered at the delicate area just below her earlobe. Alternating between a gentle kiss and a vigorous suckle, Kai sent Braelyn’s body down a slope of peaks and valleys. Teetering on the edge of breathlessness and longing to feel Kai’s tongue elsewhere, a gradual flow of wetness began to trickle down Braelyn’s inner thigh as Kai suckled her earlobe, sending Braelyn’s body into overdrive. Her legs enveloped Kai, drew their bodies closer, chest to chest as their heartbeats played the rhythm they’d come to synchronize so well.

Ascending a trail of nibbles along Braelyn’s cheek, Kai’s lips found their way to Braelyn’s, drew her into a deep and sensual kiss. Tongues dancing a slow samba, Kai’s hand gripped Braelyn’s hip, slid across her abdomen, meandered around her side and came to rest on her breast. In an impeccably coordinated tempo, Kai teased Braelyn’s nipple with each tongue thrust, effortlessly brought her nipple to a pert erection.

Grabbing a handful of ass, Braelyn’s hands traveled up to Kai’s shoulders and reversed their route as her nails skated along Kai’s flesh, rosy tracks evidence of their journey. Not to be outdone, Kai’s hands made their way down to Braelyn’s hips, turned due west and came to rest on Braelyn’s flower. Swept up in the pre-eruption flow below, Kai’s fingers entered Braelyn’s waterfall and delicately caressed each petal, sending pulsating currents to her core.

Eager to match Kai’s exploration, Braelyn’s hips rose as she began a slow and steady grind against Kai’s fingers. Braelyn’s back arched as she hijacked the navigation of their carnal dance and forced Kai’s fingers to descend the water slide and enter her stigma. Kai’s fingers now played a melodic percussion against her walls; Braelyn’s grind gained speed as she tried to draw Kai deeper inside. Stimulating her pearl while digging deeper and deeper, Kai’s tongue drew Braelyn’s nipple beyond a set of famished lips; tongue flicks grew into suckling, nibbling, biting.

Reaching a peak of sensory overload, Braelyn’s hips now bucked against Kai’s handiwork as her body teetered on the brink of ecstasy. Sensing her imminent climax and in one smooth motion, Kai slid Braelyn’s body, lips coming to rest on Braelyn’s pearl. Kisses grew to suckles, and Braelyn’s feet came to rest on Kai’s shoulders; Kai’s face became the foundation of Braelyn’s grind as her hips worked to absorb every ounce of friction that Kai gave. Hands seeking Braelyn’s nipples once again, Kai teased and tugged while tongue lashing Braelyn down below.

Braelyn’s explosion imminent, she gripped Kai’s head, not wanting her ride to jump the track before her eruption was complete. Braelyn’s grinding became harder, faster, more focused as Kai’s tongue danced frantically and jumped from one spot to another. Breathing became short, breath caught in her chest as Kai slid one, two fingers inside, dug deeper.

No longer able to resist the trifold of stimulation, a flurry of screams escaped Braelyn’s larynx. Riding the wave of explosions, she came again…and again…and again…just when she assumed her eruption was complete, Kai introduced a new round of lingual assaults, throwing Braelyn’s body into yet another fit of moans. Sheets gripped in her hands, Braelyn rode wave after wave until her body collapsed against their bed, sated by their passionate round of foreplay.

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