Not My Will by Khara Campbell

TAMIKA_NOTMYWILL3Virtue has been dating her boyfriend Ty for two years, he was a rebound after she broke up with her ex finance.  Virtue and Ty ended their first night together in bed and has been having a seemingly good relationship since.  During their relationship Virtue reaches out to God to try to find the missing pieces in her life -she wants to know if she really loves Ty for who he is or is it just the sex and the way he helped her get over her ex fiance, among other things.  She gives her life to Christ and in the process of walking in her faith she wants to end her and Ty’s sexual relationship to wait until they’re married to resume having sex.

Virtue struggles with finding the right words to tell Ty about her decision to abstain.  She’s afraid of how he would take it. Erika, Virtue’s best friend and polar opposite, thinks Virtue is stupid and warns her that she may be pushing Ty into the arms and legs of another woman.
Virtue begins to feel that no one in her life understands her new self journey, that’s when she reaches out to Terrance a member of her church who heads the Singles Ministry. She sees in Terrance everything she wishes Ty would be – a godly man for one. Virtue and Terrance’s friendship blossoms and he becomes her voice of reason as she deals with the challenges in her new walk of faith and her relationship with Ty.  She will find out that sometimes her will is not the best.
Khara Campbell was born and raised in Nassau, The Bahamas, however she currently resides in Maryland with her husband and three children.  Khara has a bachelors of Fine Art Degree in creative writing.  Besides Khara’s debut novel “Not My Will, but His”, she has also written and self published a children’s book titled “Island Girl”.  Khara has had a joy for writing for as long as she could remember and is excited about her debut novel.
Get to know Khara questions:

1. What was your inspiration for your debut novel?
The idea for Not My Will came from my own personal experience years ago, newly saved and dating.  This guy at the time just didn’t understand my desire to abstain from sex which made the relationship every different.
2. Have you ever experienced writer’s block, what got your juices flowing?
Yes I have.  During those times I take a break from the story and allow my mind to relax which helps me to think clearer. Sometimes my mind would get so jumbled up with all these thoughts and ideas that I would have to take a mental break from writing to regroup.
3. What type of music gets you up and going and why?
I love all types of music so it really depends on the mood I’m in.  I love my praise and worship, some Mary, Mary or Kirk Franklin. Sometimes I’m in the mood for R&B or reggae, it all depends on my mood at the time.  But music does help to get me motivated, it’s like listening to a short story being played on the stereo.
4. What keeps you grounded: faith, family, writing?
My faith in God is number one! I’ve had moments when all I felt I could rely on was God.  My family of course is right after and also writing because its so therapeutic to me.  I have to write just like I have to eat and sleep.
5. If you had to teach a fitness class today, what would the workout be? Sit-ups, running, basketball, tennis, squats etc.
Ahh probably running or tennis.  I was really good in track and field, sometimes I wished I had stuck with it.  I also like recreational tennis though I haven’t played in awhile.
6. Besides being an author, what other interests, desires do you have?
My dream is to start a business or develop some opportunities in the Bahamas, where I’m from, to continue to grow the economy. I’ve always had a desire to give back to my country in a big way.  
7. Tell us something about your next project.
My next novel is about self acceptance.  The main character will find out some shocking news from her dying mother.

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