Virtuous Deception by Leiann B. Wrytes

VD_FinalCoverOnly one thing stood between Frank Mason and his $20 million inheritance– a wife. When he found, Lisa, he didn’t waste any time marrying her, but their fairytale romance was not built to last. Lisa’s infidelity doesn’t go unnoticed, but Frank has his reasons for maintaining his silence. That’s until he uncovers some new information about his step ford wife that lands him in jail. Only then does their picture-perfect life start to unravel, dragging every last skeleton out of his closet.

Lisa Raine was an exotic dancer desperately seeking a way out. Frank Mason posed as the perfect escape. However, Lisa’s ex-lover, Lewis, was not willing to let her go without a price. After years of paying Lewis to keep her past a secret, the money soon dries up, and both Lisa and Lewis are forced to alter their arrangement. Things take a turn for the worse and only one of them may make it out alive.

Michelle Lewis, a private investigator, has managed to avoid mixing business with pleasure until an assignment sends her world colliding into the Mason’s. When Brianna Mason is kidnapped, it is left to Michelle and her boyfriend to find her. Michelle unexpectedly stumbles across startling evidence that will irreversibly alter her and Brianna’s life. Desperate for the truth, Michelle sifts through their families past, ripping old wounds, exposing forbidden relationships, and breaking years of silence to get it. Will the truth set them free or is it only the beginning of their parents arranged virtuous deception?

“Lisa.” Frank’s voice pierced through her thoughts, startling her. Lisa grabbed her chest. She had hoped to at least make  it home. The silence was preferred over the uncomfortable conversation she assumed they were about to have. She could not even face her husband, afraid of what he had to say. “Lisa, look at me.”
“Don’t do that…don’t do that. Turn around.”
Lisa turned to meet her husband’s stare, his hazel eyes filled with tears. “Frank, what’s wrong?”
“Don’t do that. You know exactly what’s wrong. I asked you what happened to all our money and I have been waiting for an answer. For over a week, I have waited. I am still waiting.”
Frank had actually been awake? He had really asked? Lisa was shaking. How could he possibly know? Her lips quivered.  “Franklin…sweetheart…”
“Stop calling me that! Only my wife calls me that and you are not her! I don’t know who in the hell you are but you are not the woman I married and loved for twenty something years.” Tears streamed down his face.
“Okay, okay, Frank, you need to calm down. You’re still in your hospital gown for Christ’s sake.”
“What did I do to you, Lisa? What did I do that would cause you to steal from me?! I gave you everything!” “Frank, look, we can discuss whatever it is you’re upset about when we get home, okay?” Lisa began getting his things together, getting her things together, preparing for the ride home, when she heard something that nearly cut her to her core.
“You are not welcome in my house.”
Lisa stopped, turning toward Frank. Surely she had heard him incorrectly? “What did you say?”
“What are you confused about? I don’t want your lying ass in my house.”
Lisa closed her eyes. Her fists clinched involuntarily and her thin lips trembled. Her face was flushed and red with fury. She had been afraid of this conversation but now that it’s happening…screw it. She was not going to cower and run from it. Everything that meant something to her was dangling in front of her.

I was not certain how long the excerpt needed to be. If you need more, please let me know and I would be happy to provide it.

TempAuthPic Leiann B. Wrytes is an author, poet, and playwright. Leiann found a love for words early on as a spoken word poet and was inducted into the International Society of Poets at 15 years of age. She went on to become a staff writer for her high school newspaper, editor of her church’s newsletter, and that of the local Key Club, a volunteer organization on campus. Leiann has since then performed spoken word poetry at numerous events and had a stage play performed to a modest audience which received good reviews. Leiann’s background is in customer service but writing has always been her first love. Leiann B. Wrytes currently resides in Dallas TX with her family feverishly working on her sophomore novel.

    Get to know Leiann:

1)Who is Leiann B. Wrytes? ​

I am a true introvert, a shy, artsy intellectual. I yearn for adventure but my love for the peace of home often stifles the urge when the opportunity presents itself. Leiann B. Wrytes, my pseudo, allows me to display the parts of myself that would be difficult for me otherwise. The name itself has sentimental value. Leiann is my way of paying homage to my great-grandmother Annie Lee. Leiann is her name in reverse, B is my initial, and Wrytes is a play on the word write. So it reads: Leiann B. Wrytes, a statement, explaining what it is I feel is my purpose. The thing that drives me, motivates me, and rests at the core of who I am. I am a writer.

2)What prompted you to write a novel?

Words allow me to reach the intangible parts of me. Parts that hurt, that cower, that ache. Writing permits me to soothe and permeate a kind of healing into those areas. Writing is freedom. That is what is represents for me. I am able to be whoever I wish to be without any inhibitions. I aim to live in my personal truth but it isn’t always probable in our reality. Writing allows me to exist in all facets of life without labels. It’s like taking a deep soul stirring breath and never feeling the need to expel the air. That is a beautiful life giving thing.

3)What makes being indie more difficult as opposed to being signed to a traditional publisher?

Nothing. I love being Indie. I don’t know anything else. I have nothing to compare it to. Sure, I would love to land a deal with a traditional house but the work required of me, as far as product and promotion, won’t change. My situation with A Million Thoughts Publishing is a fortunate one. I have heard some horror stories but my experience so far has been nothing short of awesome. Gratitude colors each day of this ride. I suppose exposure would be a minor drawback. Indie companies don’t have the types of distribution deals that majors have but I feel with the right skillset and marketing team an indie author can thrive just as well. With that being said I have no complaints.

4)Tell us a little bit about your novel, Virtuous Deception. ​

Virtuous Deception is a fast paced drama about family, friendship, and finances. It’s laced with love, lust, and a little bit of bad luck. It deals with our perception of right and wrong. The characters don’t live in a world that is black and white. They exist in a constant shade of gray, and it’s uncomfortable and painful sometimes, but necessary in order for them to heal.

5) How much of yourself spilled over into your characters?

​There is a little bit of me in each of the characters. That is the point of it all really. The fact that although we exist as individuals, we are all a part of the shared human experience, and inevitably, there will be traits that we share with someone else.

6)What is the overall theme of your novel?

The human condition is durable but sensitive. We need to remember to handle one another with love. Only a page of someone’s story is made visible to us but we often treat them as if we have read the book. Don’t assume to know the origin or the ending. These characters were invisible in a lot ways, even to themselves and it created a toxic emotional cocoon. The truth rips it to shreds and the result is devastating. I believe this happens on different levels in our lives, constantly. Each day, some one’s reality is being altered by the truth in some manner and we need to operate with that in mind. Love can heal us all but people who don’t feel visible, cannot feel loved. Take a moment, share your heart with someone. Pour into someone and let them reciprocate.

7)What can we expect next from Leiann B. Wrytes?

I’m nearly finished with my sophomore novel, Virtuous Deception 2: Playing for Keeps, which is the sequel to my debut novel, set to release early 2015. I also have a few other novels in the works. I am always writing. I have big plans for these words. Hopefully they’ll be on the big screen one day; the small screen and on the stage. I won’t stop until those things come to pass. I love it all and I want to touch it all. I have never worked this hard and had this much fun.

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