"Virgo, She Did It Her Way" by Vernon L. Byrd


    In Life Virgo had two choices, living their way or living her way.  She realized that she would lose herself doing it their way and begun to wonder if she could take her life back doing it her way.  Determined, she set out on a journey to find the answer.

    Virgo put everyone and everything first and learned the hard way what unappreciation was.  The day finally came when she took a long hard look in the “mirror” and realized that she had to change.

    Her mirror told her that “only you can make you happy and everyone else contributes to your happiness”.  Now the challenge will be who you choose to put first.


About the Author

vernonlbyrd (4)Vernon L. Byrd is a life coach and the author of the book, “Virgo, She Did It Her Way.” The book is based on his own life story.

Mr. Byrd wrote the book to encourage and inspire individuals not to allow their past to determine their future.

A survivor and witness of life’s twist and turns, Vernon is living proof that struggles and people do not have to tear you down.

No matter what you go through or what has happened to you, only you can hold yourself back from achieving your dreams and wanting more out of your life.

Mr. Byrd speaks to various groups and organizations on subjects such as abuse, taking your life back, striving when enemies are holding you down and using “The Mirror.”

He conducts workshops and seminars designed to empower young women and uplift their self-esteem.



At age 10, Virgo had to learn how to provide and sacrifice.  She was taken from Philly to Florida by her mother and was put in a world of confusion.  So the story begins:

Virgo lived with a very abusive step father who was jealous of her because she was an honor roll student.  He took his jealousy out on Virgo as well as her brother and sisters.  Virgo’s step father especially took it out on her mother.  Her mother would get beat everyday and he would steal her hard earned money.

Virgo sisters were being molested by him and she didn’t know that this was wrong at the time.  The step father would peek in the bathroom door while they were taking a bath.  Virgo started noticing every time her sisters would leave their mother’s room they had money.  Virgo’s sisters would take the money they got and share it with her and their brother.

Her sisters told Virgo it was a secret how they were getting the money.  They told Virgo the secret and it went on for some time. 

Until one day when Virgo’s sister wouldn’t share with her and she thought she would get her back by telling their mother about the secret.  When her mother came home, Virgo sat her down at the kitchen table and told her what she thought was a secret.  Virgo’s mom was very upset and called the police.  They locked up the step father for 30 days.

 But since Virgo’s mother didn’t want to press charges on him, the cops let him out with a fifty foot around kid’s restriction.  In time their mother went back to him despite the restriction.  Virgo and her siblings had to take care of themselves since their mother moved back in with him.  At age eleven, Virgo had to make sure her brother and sisters were okay in the streets, since they had to be outside from the hours of 7:00am to 11:00pm.  The children could only be in the house from 11:00pm to 7:00am because those were the hours he worked. Virgo had no choice but to start learning how to steal.  She only stole food so they could eat because their mother never sent them on their all-day outing with anything to eat.  They would walk 50 blocks to another city to stay at the beach.  Since it was an all white beach, they weren’t allowed to be there, so they walked around the parking lot.  One day they saw a white lady they knew and she used her membership so they could remain on the segregated property and be safe.  By stealing to make it, it became a habit for Virgo and she started doing it to make money.  She didn’t realize at the time, she was at the entry level of being a “HUSTLER”.


Author Q & A


  1. Vernon, you claim, “You can overcome life’s obstacles by looking in the mirror.” How do you define “The Mirror,” and how do you know your claim to be true? 

The “Mirror” is an honest reflection of you.  Studies and personal experience show that when you look at yourself and tell the truth, you tend to get a clearer picture of matters most to you in your life.

  1. This brings us more into your personal story. What was your life like before you had the astonishing experience that you have called “The Mirror”? 

Before I finally looked myself in the mirror my life was full of depression and stress because all I did was blame others for my failures.

  1. What was it like when you loved yourself for the first time?

When I began to love myself It felt like the weight of the world left my shoulders and also gave me a clearer understanding of what I had to do to change my life for me.

  1. Was the change easy? What steps did you take to make the transition?

No the change was not easy. I had to go from someone that always focused on others to focusing on me.  The 4 steps I took to make my transition are what I call R-A-W-T.  (Realize, Accept, Willing To Change and Take Action).

  1. What was your life like after that moment?

When I started implementing the R-A-W-T process into my life it was like I walked out of a dark place and began to see that life was worth living and realized that “Life Is Good All The Time”.  It also gave me the ability to make better decisions and focus on the things that I want for my life.

  1. Tell us about your new book, “VIRGO – She Did It Her Way”?

The book is about the journey through life for a young female that gave her life trying to please others and all of life’s issues, hard decisions and wisdom that she encountered as she evolved into a woman.

  1. What else are you doing?

I’m preparing to start the “Love Yourself Unconditionally” tour.  This will consist of speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, books, book signings, motivational cd’s and merchandise.

  1. Is there a website where people can get more information about you and your schedule?



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