The Verbal Kent: In The Situation Room with Aaron Bebo

AAMBC Aaron Bebo Cover PicHere’s The Situation… The streets were recently buzzing at an industry event I attended and several names hit my radar. One of them was Aaron Bebo, an author who recently took on the title of BlogTalk Radio host.


The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Aaron to discuss his novels, his literary passion and his latest venture, the “Wake Up With Rayven & Aaron” Morning Show.


Michelle: Your debut novel was titled Change For A Dollar. Can you please tell us briefly what the book is about?


Aaron:  Change For A Dollar is all about transition and conditioning. It’s fast paced as life is, time waits for no one. Be impatient! All the characters go through different changes stemming from their one common goal, which is to get money, or so it seems. I encourage people to read it.


Michelle: Where did you get the idea to pen a story such as this one?


Aaron: The story came to me during a period when I had a lot of time to reflect and assess. It almost wrote itself outside my creative writing touch.


Michelle: You have been dubbed the “Verbal Kent”. Let us know exactly what that means in laymen’s terms.


Aaron: Verbal Kent is a title I borrowed from actor Kevin Spacey. It was a role he played in the movie the Usual Suspects. Everybody should check it out. You’d have to see the movie to really understand unless you know me personally. But anyway, in the role he was sitting in the precinct as a ‘lame’ being questioned and he told a story. It was so intriguing it baffled the police long enough for him to walk away in the end. Check the movie. I bet you watch it twice.


Michelle: You are an advocate for Literacy and have even started a correspondence program with inmates. Why is literacy so important to you, and what steps does your program take to help promote and achieve it?


Aaron: Literacy is important to me because a person that can’t read steps out in the world in the dark. Also I’ve had to write letters for grown men to their mothers. That’s not cool. People need to see more and stop accepting those that are short changing the language and the craft trying to earn a buck!


Michelle: Being a ghostwriter, a co-author, releasing a short story series and being included in anthologies, do you prefer to write the novellas as opposed to full-length novels?


Aaron: I love them all equally honestly. I really love writing and have an ever growing relationship with words. I like challenging myself, and all the above provides that opportunity to explore myself as a writer and continue to grow.


Michelle: Your next full-length release is I Use To Love Her. Let us know a little about this title.


Aaron: It’s a Hip Hop love story. My characters are so authentic to the culture and the settings and detail I put together.


Michelle: I know it will be ready for release in November of this year. Do you have an exact release date yet? Also, where will it be available for sale?


Aaron: Right around Thanksgiving. I’m trying to bring some trimmings to the holidays. I’m trying to have it in all the existing book stores as well as digital version, which will be priced at market value.


Michelle: What do you hope your readers walk away with once they read your work?


Aaron: A full story, and knowing I’m a signature writer they would give another try.


Michelle: How do you feel about the state of AA fiction (all genres) when it comes to so many self-published authors and the influx of new titles?


Aaron: It needs a lot of repair. There’s no structure. Too many people both in the front and background, veterans and newcomers, doing underhanded things. Everything is in disarray, in my opinion.


Michelle: Do you think that authors should be able to release their material “as is:”, or should there be restrictions as to what is being published?


Aaron: There should be a structured process. Mainly an editor and not your friend with the hook up from social media, that’s going to work on your story when they get home from work, take care of their children, and wind down. That’s all I’ll say on that.


Michelle: Your latest venture is the “Wake up with Rayven & Aaron Morning Show”. First, when and where is it broadcasted and how can people listen in?


Aaron: It’s on blogtalkradio from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. every morning Monday through Friday. It’s myself and Rayven Skyy. The show is a breath of fresh air and just a genius idea. I mean people are up in the mornings, and most are online. But between those hours promoting what you did all day the day before is a waste of time. People don’t want to see that at that time in the morning, but they do want to hear some music and humor, news, and engage Rayven and my personality. The show is getting great ratings. Thank you to all our listeners and supporters.


Michelle: What is the overall premise of the Morning Show and how did you become involved with it?


Aaron: Me and Rayven just got together and thought of a way to do something new and different, and it worked.


Michelle: You’ve already tackled writing and now you are a radio talk show host, what else can we expect from Aaron Bebo in the future?


Aaron: Two words… RAT HUNTER’S


Michelle: Please advise your social media and other contact information for readers and fans interested in contacting and/or following you.


Aaron: Catch me on FACEBOOK @ Aaron VerbalKent Bebo. Twitter Aaron Bebo, Website coming soon. Contact directly @ [email protected]. Thank you for the opportunity. READ MORE INTO URBAN CULTURE. The Director With A Pen.



AAMBC Aaron Bebo PicAuthor’s Bio


The author of Change For A Dollar and contributing author in the anthology On Da Corner, Aaron Bebo is a look into the urban terrain in a profound presentation of words. He spins tales so vividly that the reader is almost compelled to believe they are actually participating in every dialogue and location. His debut novel highlights the theme of transition. Bebo delivers the story in fine fashion with his detailed wit, and slick character dialogue. Using his uncanny view of the urban structure, the conditions and the circumstances which combine the urban sub-culture, he was able to translate into words a broader spectrum of the ominous shadows that seemed to be an ever present force in the urban structure where he grew up.

Aaron Bebo is intent on promoting literacy as he feels it is a needed tool for those who exist in neighborhoods that are low income. “Literacy is the key to comprehension and comprehension is the key to all other doors.” Aaron has lent his time speaking to students in the South Florida school system. He also runs a literacy correspondence program with several incarcerated individuals, including his son who is currently serving a ten year sentence in Clinton correctional facility in upstate New York.

Aaron has also ghost written two novels outside the street fiction genre that have been published, as well as co-authored the title Boo Thang with author La’Tonya West. Aaron has also written and started a series titled Author Wives. Season 1 is currently available. He is set to release his next full novel titled I Use To Love Her. He has also started releasing a series of short stories touching on several genres in fiction titled Long Story Short, which includes the titles “Accidental Nut”, “Mischievous”, “Area’s of Grey”, and “On The Green” currently available on Amazon in Kindle form. Aaron currently lives in Georgia outside of Metro Atlanta, where he continues to write and connect with the people as a means of promoting literacy. You can connect with this author @ or via email @ [email protected]. Read More Into Urban Culture….


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