Valentine By D.V. Hent

Sassia Santinos loves her life. She’s carefree, financially independent and most importantly, sexually adventurous. Loving her job as an ‘executive companion’, she seems not to have a care in the world. But unknown to everyone, Sassia has a secret: she’s an assassin by the name of Valentine. Charlie is an attractive, ex-Navy engineer, who’s about to be married. On the outside, everything seems fine, but internally she feels as if her life has no meaning. After her mother dies, purpose returns and ignoring her fiancé, she decides to follow in her father’s footsteps. A loner by nature, Sassia eventually opens up and befriends Charlie, but after a yearlong friendship, Charlie suddenly decides she wants to become a Houston police officer. Not long after Charlie becomes a cop, someone close to her is murdered. Seeking justice, she searches for the killer and puts herself in the crosshairs. Charlie isn’t the only problem on Valentine’s plate. Along with the help of C.T., a professional hacker, Valentine is desperately searching for Charles ‘Boogie’ Jackson-a man whose betrayal nearly cost her her life. Now it’s up to Valentine to not only find Boogie, but to make decision. Does she help Charlie track down the pieces to the unsolved murder; and in doing so, divulge who she is and what she does, or does she walk away like she’s done so many times before?

AAMBC Reviews 5 Stars *****


Valentine, is not your average novel at all. It’s better than that. When first seeing this book I figured a sexy erotica tale. But boy was I wrong in a good way that is. The story develops around Valentine/Sassia who lost her parents at a young age and soon met a man who would change her life forever and not for the better in my opinion. She would soon succumb to the life of sex and murder and not necessarily in that order. When I read this book it was so fast paced that the anticipation of what’s going to happen next had me nearly biting my nails in agony.   I didn’t expect this book to be suspenseful, action packed, sexual, and mind blowing all at the same time. I literally had a movie in my head. DV Hent is also known for writing orgasmic sex scenes and he did not disappoint either. This book allowed me to see that you can blend in sex, murder, drama, suspense, and everything up under the sun and in the end you get a five star novel. Valentine is a top notch read in my opinion.

Tamika Newhouse

AAMBC Reviewer

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