Unfolding Soul by Oman McCullough-Fuqua

Unfolding Soul a work of fiction based on a true story. It isn’t sugar coated but a direct revealing of hard facts regarding abuse and addictions; a subject most people shy away from. It is also a book about triumph over abuse and addictions that will help support men and woman trying to overcome. The story exposes romance, sex abuse, lies, secrets, abduction, and attempted murder. A unique and dramatic story that unfolds from the heart, it is compassionate and filled with inspirational moments. Jamaica Gold explores and defines the character of mental and physical abusers. In depth, she unfolds confessions in poetry and art. She bare her deepest emotions about love and living life as a victim of conspiracy and sex crimes. Attacked by one abuser after another, she is always picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Jamaica sees the world through abused eyes; her decisions are influenced by an abused mind that assassinated her poor heart. Jamaica’s life takes on many dark characteristics which she acts out with strangers behind closed doors. While fighting unbearable depression, she tries to find her power as a woman. Amazon paperback and Kindle reader, BarnesandNobles paperback and NOOKbook reader, Download on 4Gphones. Oman McCullough-Fuqua encourages all abused men and women to read Unfolding Soul. [email protected]






Oman McCullough-Fuqua was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area of California. A self-taught writer, artist and poet, Oman is the author of 3 books, a collection of short stories, greeting cards, and is the creator of original art work. She now resides in Indiana with her husband, LaMar Fuqua, and her three Yorkies. My art work is on the cover. It has a song called Unfolding Soul I wrote for the singer Mary J. Blige and need help contacting her. My favorite line in the book is in the lyrics to the song , page 214 “Everybody doesn’t live to learn over again, or get one last chance to talk and tell the story again. Everybody has a sad story to tell that hasn’t been told.”

   Get to know the Author:

  1. 1.  Q: Where are you from?

A: was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area of California. I’m a self taught writer, artist and poet.

  1. 2.  Q: Where did the title Unfolding Soul comes from?

A: Well, we all are unfolding whether it’s happiness or sadness, whichever you chose. Do we do it quietly or loudly? Today I chose to do it loudly. In 1991, I wrote my first book of poems I called, I Give My Soul and that’s when the name Unfolding Soul came to mind. Back then I didn’t know how to express the pain that I was feeling, and I kept quiet. I was hiding my anger and the pain of being abused and not allowing my secret life to unfold. I ended up unfolding my pain in many negative ways like drugs and addictions. In 2009, I wrote my second book Unfolding Soul (republished in 2011) because I am happy to unfold positive progress and hopefully say something that will help men and women speak out and reach out to help heal lives.

  1. 3.  Q: Was it hard writing a book of fiction based on your life story?

A: Yes, I love men of every race. In the book, I’m not hard on all men, just abusive men, and some may find it offensive. However I suggest they read it cover to cover before speaking an opinion.


  1. 4.  Q: What inspires you to write?

A: People. Understand that abused people feel like we’re going through the pain of being abused alone and that’s not true. Life repeats itself. We live in each other’s shadows; we learn from each other’s mistakes. I hope someone learns from the Jamaica Gold character in my book. Whether you feel the abuse was your fault or not, no one deserves to be taken advantage of or exploited.

  1. 5.  Q: What do your family think about you writing this book about abuse and addiction?

A: Supportive. My family knows that I am on a mission to support abused people that are working to improve their lives.

  1. 6.  Q: What is your message for the book?

A: That all men and women who have been abused get help. Abuse grows hostile when ignored. No one should be alone, allowing abuse to develop into mental or emotional illnesses that’ll destroy relationships and be passed on to our children. Reliving the abuse over and over in nightmares of abuse abuses you again and delays the healing process. Fight your way out of suffering a slow death; you are worth the effort. Find strength in pain. Most of all find a healthier you. Break the chain. Even in our darkest season, we must sacrifice to plant seeds of love for the next generations. Our happiness comes from watching them grow, be healthy, and succeed in life.

  1. 7.  Q: What are some of your other projects?

A: I am looking for an agent and publisher for my third book Masterpiece the Brass Tacks. Takes place in New York and South Africa the years 2008-2011. It’s a  mystery thriller based on true love affairs emerging through hot love letters and love scenes, hope, wishes, and dreams. Nandi Blues, a sculptor, has her life figured out until all hell breaks loose at the family home and gallery in New York. Someone is attempting to destroy them all. Finding the truth is up to Nandi Blues, and during her search her family history begins to unravel into a mind blowing mystery thriller. On a trip to South Africa on Witchdoctor Mountain, a witchdoctor named Taboo helps her put the pieces of her past together. Have a soundtrack, Masterpiece the Brass Tacks Rap and music now playing on http://soundcloud.com  Oman McCullough-Fuqua. Buy Masterpiece the Brass Tacks at www.BarnesandNobles.com On NOOKbook reader.

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