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BlackDiamond-3Join us January 9th at 8pm EST on Twitter  for another book chat. Use #AAMBCBookParty in all of your tweets as we talk to the author live!

Her happily-ever-after ending was just the beginning….
For two years, Diamond and Black have been living comfortably in their high-rise condo with their daughter, Dior. They’ve left the drug business behind them, having enough money to continue their lavish lifestyle without going back to the streets to re-up.
With the loss of his sister Mica, Johnny can feel nothing but rage for the woman he once loved. Now he plans to strip her of everything that she loves. From behind bars on his death bed, he sets a plan in motion that will tear apart Diamond’s world and force her to return to the life that she left behind.
Fighting to survive, Diamond almost gives up—until a mystery man enters her life. She believes he will save the day, but is he genuine, or just another person out to teach Diamond a lesson? What would you do if your prized possessions were in danger of being taken away?

Trivia Questions:

What caused Diamond and Kiki’s friendship to fall apart?
What did Johnny do to land him in prison for life?
Why was Diamond arrested?
Who was Diamond’s First Husband?
What happened to Diamond’s parents?
Who was Mica and what happened to her?
Why does Tommy go out of his way to protect Diamond?

Quotes from the book:

1.  “I’d hate to report to my anger management counselor that I murdered my second husband”-Diamond, Black Diamond 3

2.   “I’m outside, I don’t feel like going home tonight. Diamond’s in bitch mode.”-Black, Black Diamond 3

3.   “I need this nigga to be officially wiped out. All the way off the fucking map!…” – Chance, Black Diamond 3

4.   “So in other words you trapped him? Did you ever think that he might have found out?”, Black Diamond 3

5.    “As a matter of fact I do, I have a date with your backside. I’m gonna hit it all night long.”, Chance, Black Diamond 3

6.    “You’d think a fine chick like you would have the brains for this especially a chick that likes to murder niggas” – Black Diamond 3

7.    “We know that you stashed up some money when you left the game and we’re here to collect.”


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