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Meet Monica also known as Mo’, raised by her older sister, Angie…abandoned by her mother.

At an early age she meets and moves in with her boyfriend Derrick. Not knowing the true meaning of love she falls victim to his conniving and abusive ways allowing him to make most of the decisions in her life. Derrick makes one horrible mistake that lands him in jail for five years and frees Mo’ of her obligations to Derrick.

Five years later, Derrick resurfaces. Mo’ is now a well established business woman who’s no longer interested in the life she used to live. With Derrick back he uses Mo’s weakness to get what he wants forcing her into a corner she’s not strong enough to pull herself out of.  Her love for Derrick allows him to move back into her life and her heart.

Mo’s mother now clean and sober has a new found claim on life but Mo’ can’t find it in her heart to forgive her mother for the abandonment years ago and reminds her of it every chance she gets.

Meanwhile, Mo’s best friend Abee has recently suffered a great loss in her family. The investigation unravels right before Mo’s eyes. She soon realizes that she knows more about this tragedy than she thought. Blinded by love Mo’ never sees the betrayal going on right under her nose from those she thinks loves her the most.

Love’s deception introduces readers to a young woman guilty of one thing, loving the wrong person. Before Monica knows it, a past she thought she left behind years ago is running right along with her, headed straight to destruction and taking Monica with it.

Love’s deception is a story about the true meaning of love, friendship and family. How our actions today, can determine our tomorrow.

Trivia Questions:

  1. What bothers Monica the most about her past?
  2. Who or what does Monica turn to for comfort?
  3. What happens in the book that makes forgiveness so important?
  4. What’s the name of the person who betrayed Monica the most?
  5. At what point in the book does the story step into a different genre?
  6. How has love deceived Monica in this book?
  7. What does Derrick do that affects his good friend Brick?


Quotes from Love’s Deception

  1. “Love and affection became my best friend and later almost destroyed my life.”
  2. “Derrick is going to lead you to jail or to the grave. You make the choice.”
  3. “I guess everything does happen for a reason.”
  4.  “The only way somebody gonna make me leave her is if they kill me first.”


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