Tremayne Johnson takes over with "The Union" series

294244_10201180428342670_1689163313_nMox Daniels is handsome, intelligent, and very aware of life’s obstacles. He values trust, integrity, and he lives by the code of honor. As a child, he witnessed the horrific murders of both of his parents and it scarred him for life. From that day forward, he vowed that no matter what obstacles came his way, he would find the mysterious killer and seek the ultimate revenge. When he meets the lovely, street savvy Priscilla Davis, a powerful bond is instantly formed, and life as he knew it, took a drastic change. With the help of his cousin Cleo, the two men form The Union. Money is power and power is control, and by any means necessary Mox and his crew were out to get it.


Family isn’t always family and all money isn’t always good money… problems occur when secrets surface and the truth eventually unfolds.

When deceit spreads like a plague will Mox maintain his position… or will he fall victim?

The Union has been your most popular works to date, tell us what it is about?

The Union is a story based around the life of Mox Daniels. It follows him from child hood through his teenage years, and into becoming a man. As a child he and his younger brother witness the murder of both their parents, soon after that, his younger brother is also murdered. The tragic incidents scar Mox for life and he has to wake up everyday with the strain of his family’s murder on his chest. But Mox won’t stop looking for his siblings’ killer until his goal is reached. When he meets the savvy, street-smart female by the name of Priscilla Davis, life as he knew it took a drastic change. The Union is an urban fiction mystery/love story/ drama/ romance novel. There are 3 parts to the series: 1-The Union -Let no one Stand before we. 2-The Union 2 Priscilla’s Revenge and 3: The Union 3 The Finale.


Take us back a few, how did you get started?

I started writing when I was old enough to hold the pen steady and ever since I’ve been creating. I started out with short stories and rhymes and it eventually evolved into novel writing. It wasn’t until 2006 when I became incarcerated that I had time to think about what I was going to do. I knew if I went back to the street life things would only get worse, so I wrote a story called A Drug Dealer’s Dream and let my friend take a look at it. She was amazed and suggested I get the title published. At the time I knew nothing about the publishing industry; I just knew how to write. Since I had nothing but time on my hands, I researched everything I wanted to know and with her help I decided to self-publish. A Drug Dealer’s Dream was released in 2008.


What has been your biggest achievement in your writing career?

My biggest achievement up to this point has to be having all 8 of my titles touch a BestSellers list. It still amazes me how readers react to my writing and for every book to have reached as many people as they do; that’s a blessing. Every title I release is my biggest achievement. It shows me that I’m doing something right. If I delivered half ass stories these books wouldn’t get read. So, the readers motivate me to achieve—to write better and to deliver the best story possible.

What can we expect from you after The Union 3 drops?

After The Union 3 (August 27th) I’ll be releasing my 10th book titled, POP – Position of Power August 30th) I’m also working on a new series called The Don of New York which will be released under SBR Publications. Before the year ends King 3 will be released, along with A Drug Dealer’s Dream 2. I’m currently co-owner/partner of TBRS Publishing and we have a slew of new releases coming in the next few months.


Tremayne Johnson Head shotMeet Tremayne:



AGE: 34

Tremayne Johnson contrives a vividly, detailed canvas out of words that literally spring off the pages at you. Descriptive scenes, clever plot formation and intoxicating story lines are sure to keep the reader enthralled. Some of his favorites are Donald Goines, Chester Himes, James Patterson and David Weaver. To date, he is the author of 8 Bestselling novels.


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