Tracey Pugh-The Adventures of Lil Tracey Buster Finds a Home.

About the Author

Tracey is the author of 4 books on parenting and social skills plus the Lil’ Tracey series. In 2019 she founded Sociallywize an online platform to provide social skills tools and encouragement gifts. She has spent more than 20 years as an educator working with students and families and implementing these skills and life lessons in her own life. 

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Why did you create SociallyWize?

I created sociallywize in 2018 to provide a platform to acquire and inspire developing these social skills. As a parent and educator, the purpose of my Series of books is to provide as many opportunities to work on social skills as possible. Many of us may have children who will happily entertain themselves for hours by retreating into the world of electronics. This is antisocial in nature and rarely provides any growth opportunity. I have written several books Because some children and parents need more specific lessons we offer personal social skills coaching in the comfort of their homes. Sociallywize empowers student’s ability to create all the meaningful relationships that they may desire. Valuable relationships are so important to self-esteem and sense of belonging. 

How personal is SociallyWize to you?

Sociallywize is a platform that I wished for when I was a socially challenged teenager. My personal journey included so many struggles, speaking up for myself, how to show up in social settings and over time I created tips for myself that I have now taught 1,000 of children as a teacher at The Greenhill School in Dallas. 

What are you most proud of on SociallyWize?

Giving kids confidence one social skill at a time” We are proud of the social skills movement that we are creating our goal is to give kids more resources to build confidence and long-lasting relationships. 

How did you create SociallyWize? What’s a part of it? is where the wise come to acquire and inspire social skills. SociallyWize was recently created after years of working offline with educators, speech-language pathologists, and parents to support and build social/emotional skills in students, teens, and young adults. We deliver those resources through books (digital and printed), 1 on 1 coaching, speaking engagements, and social reinforcement gifts. 

You’re from Dallas, TX… What are your thoughts on the city?

I love the growth of the city over the last two years, it feels like a completely different city than I grew up in! The entrepreneur boom also makes the city dynamic to be a part of as a small business owner. It is a very supportive city for small businesses right now. The 1 thing I like the least about the city is that we need more independent bookstores. 

You’re approaching the release of a new book titled, “Buster Finds A Home”, What is it about? Where’d you find the inspiration?

 It is a quirky but entertaining story about Lil’ Tracey and her zest for life and her desire for a pet.. Although her exuberance gets the best of her and accidentally puts her pet into danger, with help from her dad she discovers how to carefully think through things before acting on impulse. 

 What things can we be looking forward to from SociallyWize?

SociallyWize is looking to release more books in the Lil’ Tracey series in 2020 as well as be a part of several press events, virtual conferences and book signings to increase an individual’s potential for positive and appropriate social interactions, by building successful and meaningful peer relationships, and growing and connecting with the community. 

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