To Love or Regret by Sheryl Mallory-Johnson

To Love or Regret

Review by Virginia Davis

 brings a touching story of three women who are all facing the bliss and turmoil of love, deceit, and the daunting challenge of forgiveness. Can three women who are so drastically different all attain peace, happiness, and sustainable love?

Tempest has it all:  Beauty, a great job as a fashion designer, a gorgeous home, and a loving fiancée who has just been drafted into the NFL. With her fiancée’s new celebrity status, comes the vast star-struck and beautiful groupies.  Despite all of her doubts, Tempest puts all of her trust in Sterling. Why would he cheat on her? She loves him unconditionally, and he excessively proves that he reciprocates the same feeling.  However, When Sterling takes her undeniable trust for granted and blatantly deceives her, Tempest is introduced to a gut-wrenching, unyielding heartache. In spite of Sterling’s interminable efforts to gain her forgiveness and rekindle their love, Tempest cannot seem to forget his infidelity.  However, as time passes, Tempest’s heart seems to be immune to healing from the once blissful and profound love that she and Sterling had once shared.  Can Tempest forgive Sterling for his act of betrayal and for deceiving her heart and her trust? If she cannot, will she regret letting go of the one person she has ever loved?

Carmen is a hard-working, successful businesswoman with a good job that she loves, a devoted husband who adores her, and a beautiful son. Overall, Carmen leads a content and blissful life. Until, someone finds out about the sexual relationship that she has cultivated with one of her subordinates.  Suddenly, Carmen’s life takes a drastic and humbling turn for the worst as she finds herself answering for her adulterous sins and facing a wretched, formidable karma. In one eye-blinking moment, Carmen suddenly sees everything she ever loved and worked for at risk: her job, her career, her sanity, her son, and her marriage.

Dana is a thriving educator and in a long-term, committed relationship with the love of her life, Omar. Omar makes her smile, and ultimately, he completes her. However, there is one thing missing from the equation: Unconditional love. Over time, Dana sees that Omar may not be who she needs in life.  Their relationship lacks excitement and spontaneity. Omar lacks substantial employment and refuses to give her the one thing she needs from him: marriage.  When Dana starts dating her colleague, Matthew, who is 1000% of her league and a perpetual geek, she is introduced to a genuine happiness that she never experiences while dating Omar.   Matthew takes her on adventurous and spontaneous trips, and even goes so far to introduce her to his parents. Ultimately, Matthew gives her everything that Omar doesn’t, and is everything that he lacks; he has a good job, a career, money, and he will go to any measure to assure that she is satisfied. BUT what is Dana to do when the key to her heart is still held by Omar-the man who can’t give her everything she needs?


My Review **** Four Stars

“Love & Regrets” is a compelling page-turner that conveys what it means to love, forgive, and grow along the way.






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