The Violet Rose By Charmyra E. Fleming

Violet Rogers has just turned thirty years old and is starting to realize the purpose for
her life. Her passion for dance has made her electrifying as a dancer, but her estranged
relationship with her parents, past relationships with men, and a difference of opinion on
where her life should be, with her now, ex-boyfriend, has made finding true love with
someone that respects her passion difficult. Until, she meets someone that is equally as
passionate, and finds that their passion is music, and everything changes.
Jamison Nathaniel Starks better known as, “Nate Starks”, is an incredible musician that
is well off financially, but has had a difficult time balancing his romantic relationships
with his music. His passion for music has always interfered with his ability to find love.
After breaking up with ex-girlfriend, he realizes that his passion for music can’t replace
his desire for love. In the midst of trying to find love, he receives critical information
about his past that will affect the future of his financial welfare.
Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows of her blossoming relationship is a vengeful ex-boyfriend,
Donovan, hell-bent on making her pay for leaving him. A man with deeply
rooted issues, and an unrelenting temper.
Violet and Nate begin to spend time with one another, and eventually, a family
emergency occurs within Violet’s family and she is forced to leave, but not before
catching Nate with another woman. When she returns home she learns that her
mother’s medical bills are straining the family’s finances, and assets are needed to be
sold. Donovan learns of this information and concocts a plan of revenge against Violet.
Through all of the ups and downs and drama, Violet and Nate are able to forgive.
Despite the differences in their passion Violet and Nate are able to find mutual respect
and friendship in one another.


It was the twenty-first day of April, a marvelous day of epic proportions, and the sky was a
beautiful shade of lavender as the sun began to slowly peak over the horizon. Overnight there had
been an unexpected snow shower, and although it didn’t amount to much of anything, it left a
sensation in the air that was calm and peaceful. In the stillness of the morning lay beauty and a
crisp feeling of a promise hanging on what was to come. A day like today was typical of
springtime weather in Boston. Through the arrival of a new day, a curvy figure appeared as it
flowed through the cold like feathers floating on a summer’s breeze, warm and captivating with
ease, stirring the calm and whisking through the city streets with urgency to get to a place of
spiritual harmony. “Sometimes it Snows in April,” she thought as the fingertips of the wind whisked playfully through the strands of her loose tresses, and the slight parting of her full lips
allowed for her body’s heat to escape into the morning breeze. She’d finally arrived at her
destination, and from the outside, it was a large inconspicuous brown building with a green sign
on the front, located on a side street with an alley that looked more like the abandoned warehouse
from Janet Jackson’s ‘“Control”’ video, but inside was a different story.

She opened the door and stepped inside. This place opened to her sanctuary of peace. It was
bright and full of vibrant colorful sounds of music playing in the background, and there off into
the distance was her platform of communication. She felt at home. Today was a new day—better
than the day before. For her, it was a day of exhilaration and celebrating life, her life, because it
was her birthday. She’d come full circle and was fully realizing her calling, and today was going
to be wonderful. Days prior had been a struggle, and maybe even tomorrow, but not today. Today
she’d made a promise to live in the moment, to live life to the fullest, and the worries of tomorrow
didn’t exist…today. Today was all her own. Her morning affirmation confirmed today was
magical. It’s snowing in April, for goodness’ sake. Today is my day of reckoning, and I am
walking into this dance studio with the full understanding that I will be great. Since Violet had
arrived in Boston four years ago, she’d been taking classes to become a better contemporary
dancer. Whenever she entered a dance studio, the outside world became nonexistent.’

“There she is. Violet, where have you been?,” asked Robin.
“I hope that I’m not late.”
“No, you have about ten minutes to get ready,” Robin answered.
When Violet had her hair in a bun and was ready, she took to the floor.

Violet saw nothing but darkness, and then there was a brief pause and the intake of a cool breath
of fresh air. As she released that breath of warmth, she let go. The music entered her soul and her
spirit lifted. Each turn was filled with grace, and through each movement came power, and there
was her confidence.

Robin looked at Violet and challenged her to be free and take her audience on a lyrical journey.
Violet looked at her audience and playfully gave them her signature charming glance. From the
very beginning, her body communicated that she commanded this moment and their attention.
But, wasn’t that what every great dancer did? Violet’s hands extended in front of her, and she
swayed into the movement lyrically. Her years of experience showed her fluidity.

The bass in the melody flirted with her desire to take on another persona. This budding flower
inside of her, the music, brought out something deep within her—the part of her that was so true.
It was the one place that she could get lost, and in it was pure perfection. That place was
familiar’, as she’d been there before, and she could live there forever.

Only for a moment in time, and only for the grace of God, might Violet be blessed enough to
share her gift with the group of onlookers. Today I’ve fully realized this gift and I want to share it
with anyone that is willing to pay attention. It is all my own and today is the day that I fully own
it. Violet smiled widely and gave the audience her all and danced with adrenaline coupled with
conviction. Each person in the room was experiencing her private joy, and such a pretty toy it

As she descended from a natural high, Violet climbed down from the choreographic mountain.
She did her best, and when she finished, she was spent. Violet gradually came back to reality, and
when she realized where she was, she lifted herself from the floor and looked up. Everyone was
standing on their feet and clapping. Violet bowed and left the stage.
As soon as she exited, stage right, Robin approached her. “Oh my God, Violet, you were

Charmyra E. Fleming is a romance author that writes about love with a realistic, dramatic flare.
Her first book The Violet Rose has received a written review from Booklist.
Charmyra lives in Maryland with her husband and son. Before she started writing, she worked
as a Budget Analyst and Supplier Diversity professional. But her favorite job is the one she’s
now doing full time – writing romance.
On her blog, she writes a weekly motivational post to encourage her readers and beyond, to
live their lives with impact, intention, and full of passion. She is also a contributing writer for
InColor Magazine, “an online platform created to highlight narratives of color through creative
works be that editorial, creative-writing, video or visual art.”
If you want to receive updates or to know when Charmyra’s next book will come out, please
visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive
updates about what she’s up to, and when she has her next release. is a romance author that writes about love with a realistic, dramatic flare.

Get to Know The Author Charmyra E. Fleming:

What was the inspiration for The Violet Rose?

The Violet Rose was written as a way to honor the memory of my favorite
musician, the late iconic legend, Prince. After his transition in 2016, I began writing
this story and he became my muse for both, Violet and Nate. These characters are
reflections of him, his message of being passionate about your talents, and always
being in control of owning your work.

Which part of the book was your favorite to write?

Chapter 14, was my favorite chapter to write. I literally poured my heart and soul
into that chapter. I cried during the entire writing of that chapter. It is a touching
chapter between Violet and her mother. I connected with my feelings about my
own mother, and I just loved this chapter. It is one of my favorite chapters in this
book, and it makes me smile with tears of joy each time I read it.

What was your writing process?

I began writing this book in the summer of 2016. Each day, I committed to writing
for at least fifteen minutes a day. I actually wrote this book, listening to Prince’s
music every day, and sometimes, I had a photo nearby to allow me to connect him
to the story. Soon the words just flowed out and these characters created a world
that I was immersed in. There were many nights that I had to force myself to quit
writing and go to bed. I love when that happens! It was a fun process, and the
playlist made me dance, and it evoked the types of emotion that I needed to be
able to connect with the personalities and emotions of the characters. For
instance, when Violet leaves Nate without a “goodbye”, I wrote Chapter 13, Nate’s
chapter, to Prince’s, 17 Days and Condition of the Heart, two very beautiful songs
that allows one to feel the emotion of someone with a broken heart, and missing
the person they love.

How did you feel when you wrote it?

Felt great about writing this book. When I would go back and read through what I
was writing, I kept thinking that I was finally writing a story that I would love to
read. It was an honor to have a muse that kept me focused on completing the story. After writing about ten chapters, I thought to myself, this is turning out to be
a pretty awesome story.

Tell us a fun fact about your book?

I had fun exploring my creative talents while writing this book. In addition to
writing the book, I created poetry, as written by Violet, and a soundtrack of music
by Nate. Nate’s music is available now and can be found on Soundcloud, by
searching for The Violet Rose Music Playlist. I thought that it would be fun to offer
additional content for my readers, and by my characters. So readers can have this
unique and valuable content created by myself, as a companion to the book.

The Violet Rose was reviewed by Booklife, what did they think about the book?

In terms of originality, they stated the following: “This novel offers a refreshing
voice and a sweet take on love in the time of complication. It is also a wonderful
tribute to great musicians and artists, as well as the institution of parenthood. The
narrative features a lovely romance between two people meant to be, and the
book features complex, intriguing characters.”

What’s next?

The Violet Rose is the first book in “The Purple Charm” Series. The next story in this
series is Three’s A Charm. A jaw-droppingly, sexy and utterly spicy story of one
woman’s journey to happiness and redemption through the ups and downs of
infidelity, love, and romance.
Going forward, I’m looking forward to building a community of readers that love this
type of dramatic romance, with complex characters. My books are realistic and has
many layers because these are the types of stories that people can relate to. The
second book in this series is scheduled for release in the fall of 2019.

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