The Teflon Queen By Silk White

Angela is a renowned assassin ‘only’ known by the name ‘the Teflon Queen’. Her lethal grace, steady shot, and unmatched accuracy have made her the absolute best and most sought after killer in the game. But when the killer without a conscience is faced with an unknown emotion…. LOVE. Her whole perception is thrown off course and in a profession where second guessing can mean life or death ….will the queen reign supreme or be overthrown?









A native of Harlem, New York, Silk White began his writing career in 2006. He is the author of the three part Urban Fiction series Tears of a Hustler and Co-Owner of Good2Go Publishing and Good2Go Films. Silk has No Way Out and Black Barbie as a film credit under Good2Go Films and in his spare time, loves to write and act. He is currently producing a new movie and is hard at work on his next novel.

Interview with Silk White

1. Tell me about the finale to your critical acclaim trilogy Tears of a Hustler?

This book is the finale to a trilogy that was written 2 years ago.  We took our time with releasing part 2&3 to help build up our fan base in between releases.  It’s a classic finale that all our loyal fans have been waiting for.  I promised I wouldn’t let them down and according to the reviews we have received so far, everyone is happy.  Check amazon.

2. What made you decide to start your own publishing company rather than signing with an establish publisher?

Well after Tears of a Hustler PT 1 was released I had several offers on the table, but from a business standpoint it just made more sense to release my titles under my own company.  In the short term it’s a lot of work because you have to build your fan base one fan at a time, because you don’t have any distribution.  But once you’ve established your brand like we have, you make 100% of the profit. At the rate we’re going we should be one of the biggest independent african american owned publishing companies out there in a few years.  We’ve reached over 70,000 households in two years with no help.   Right now we have good2go publishing and good2go films our movie Production Company and Third Lane Marketing.

3. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Writing was a natural process for me, growing up in the environment that I grew up in and my life experiences help enhanced my already vivid imagination.  My ability to translate my imagination thru writing was a god gifted talent that I discovered when I was going thru unforeseen circumstances.

4. What’s the best thing about being an author?

I really appreciate all the love and support that I get from the fans.  They are the ones that keep me motivated.  It’s amazing to see all the support that I get from all parts of the country, outside the country also. Shout out to all my UK Fans. I never thought that one day my work would have reached over 70,000 households.

5. What are you working on now?

Well I just wrapped up my 5th book which is slated to be released Nov 25 2011.  Its called The Teflon Queen.   So be on the look out for that. You can pre-order an autograph copy now from  I also just finished shooting my 2nd movie under good2go films its called Black Barbie.  The first movie is called No Way Out you can get that at

6. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

This piece of advice is not just for writers but any aspiring entrepreneurs out there.  Especially, the youth coming from underprivileged communities.  Sometimes in life we get a bad hand to play with. You have to make the best out of the hand you’re given. The best piece of advice I can give is, spend all your time and energy focusing on accomplishing your goals whatever it may be, you’re going to get results.  Surround yourself with good people you trust, Sleep 5hrs work 19hrs.

I just want to say Thanks to everyone out there for the love and support.  Keep supporting me and Good2go Publishing

Silk White


Cashand Dough Boy sat on the hood of Cash’s car in the middle of the hood as thetwo sipped on some hard liquor, and passed a blunt back and forth.  “What is it looking like?”  Cash asked handing the blunt to Dough Boy.

​            ”Not to good” Dough Boy repliedtaking a deep pulled from the blunt. “Little Dough getting weaker and weakerevery day, I got a meeting with the doctor tomorrow.”

​            ”What them numbers looking like?”Cash asked.

​            ”I don’t know yet, but I know thatbitch gon be high” Dough Boy said shaking his head. He knew the doctor wasgoing to break his pockets, but for his son’s life he would pay whatever thecost was.

​            ”How much you got from that clownCrazy Moe last night?”  Cash saidlaughing at how easy of a lick that turned out to be.

​            ”$9,000” Dough Boy said as hewatched one of his young workers sell the drugs that they stole from other drugdealers.  He didn’t care how he had toget the money up for his son.  Whateverhe had to do it would get done.

​            ”Stop stressing” Cash said passingDough Boy the blunt.  “Already know weain’t gon let nothing happen to your lil man” he said as he saw an all whiteB.M.W pull up with the music blasting.  “Fuckis this?”  Cash asked out loud as theheadlights from the car made it hard for them to see.

​            Capo hopped out the B.M.W and walkedstraight over to the young hustler.  “Ineed three ounces of piff” he said giving the young hustler dap slipping themoney in his hand.  “And don’t have mewaiting all motherfucking day!” He yelled out as he pulled out his iphone andread a text message he had just received.  Capo placed his cell phone back in its case,and he looked up he couldn’t believe his eyes.  He quickly pulled his out his .9mm and firedfour shots in Cash and Dough Boy’s direction.

​            ”Oh shit that’s Capo” Cash saidpulling his .40 cal from the small of his back as he and Dough Boy swiftly tookcover behind Cash’s car as they heard the bullets from Capo’s gun pinging andsparking off the car. Shattered glass rained down on the top of their heads.  Cash quickly aimed his gun straight up in theair and let off three shots to keep Capo at bay.  When Capo heard the return gun fire he quicklyback peddled back to his whip and pulled off.  Once Cash and Dough Boy heard Capo hop back inhis car they quickly sprung up from behind the parked car and opened fire onCapo’s car as they watched it peel off.  “Bitchass nigga” Cash cursed as he and Dough Boy hopped in his ride and fled thescene.

​            ”Faggotmotherfuckers” Capo huffed as he tossed his gun out the window as he hopped onthe express way.  He was mad that he hadn’thit one of the gunmen, but the truth was he was caught off guard and notexpecting to run into the men.  But hepromised it would be shots fired on site each and every time the two bumpedinto one another. Just as Capo was about to breath easy he saw flashing lightsin his rearview mirror.  “Fuck!” hecursed as he pulled over to the shoulder of the road and placed his whip in park.

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