The Switch Up by Isabella Shaunte

Adriana Castilo is a thirty-year-old single woman, who believes being single is the best way to live in a world fool of liars, and cheaters. “Less drama, less problems” is her motto. Her co-worker for two years, Omar Kingston thinks she needs to change her mindset, that someone in this world was perfect for her. Since he was taken by Crystal Simmons. He thought it would be a good idea to hook her up with his little Brother Kennedy, thinking it would be a match made in heaven, soon becomes Hell for him, It’s a hook up that turns to a switch up.






I looked back at the mirror and my smile vanished. The feeling I was beginning to feel for her was wrong but felt so right-well, on my end it felt right, I wasn’t sure about her thoughts on the matter, and I couldn’t help but wonder: If I climbed in that bed, would she let me hold her in my arms until the sun came up? If I kissed her, would she kiss me back? I didn’t even want to have sex with her, even though I knew her body would feel satisfied afterward. I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure. I didn’t know if Kennedy wanted to get back with her or not. It was never my intention to come between their relationship but it all happened so fast and unexpectedly, I honestly didn’t see it coming. I don’t know if we’ll be together or go our separate ways or pretend it never happened.

I was born in Atlanta GA raised by my father and the youngest of two sisters, until my father got married now I have four sisters. No kids of my own but has two Nephews and two Nieces. When I’m not writing I’m working or traveling. I consider myself a Storyteller.







Get to Know The Author Isabella Shaunte:

What inspired me to write?

I truly believe I was born with this gift, it just took me until my teen years to understood how to use it. I wrote my first short story in a recess in my middle school class and my first novel in ninth grade. My mind always wonders, and my father told me that one of my past relative who was my Aunt had the gift as well.

Who is my favorite Author?

I can say I have a favorite Author but, I do admire many comic and thriller writers. Such as; Stan Lee, Steven Kings, R.L Stine. Any book with a good love store or thriller is my favorite Author.

Why did I write The Switch Up?

Even though I have many other stories to tell and like to publish, I started off with The Switch Up to introduces my fellow readers on I how I write my stories, they may seem clichés from the descriptions but they all have a big twist.

How did you come up with the storyline for The Switch Up?

The storyline came from a situation between a Co-worker, he started the plot of the story and I added my storytelling skills to it.

Is The Switch Up based on a true story?

When I tell my stories, they are not based on true events on me per se, but they are based off real life events. And I’m sure many people have experienced the situations before, including myself.

Who is my favorite character in The Switch Up?

They all are my favorite characters because they all are part of my personality.

What encouraging words you have for other up in coming storytellers?

Even though I’m still learning the rope myself, I only have three things to keep in mind

1. Never give up

2. Do your research, not everything that comes first is good.

3. Don’t let negativity stop you from your journey and love for telling your story

How to Find The Author and The Book:

Facebook: Isabella Shaunte bookworms

Instagram: Isabellashauntebookworms

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Email: [email protected]



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