The Situation Room With Michelle Cuttino

Here’s the situation… Don’t you hate it when you join a book club or just follow their stats, and you never hear about books and business that pertain to you or subjects you’re interested in? How about the book club that only caters to their members and doesn’t travel outside the box to bring you books, news and views from those who aren’t in their immediate circle? Or as an aspiring or published author, a book club that isn’t supportive in helping you promote your book and your brand?

Well, have we got news for you! AAMBC has a new column: “The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino.”  The column (TSR) is dedicated to bringing more exposure to the urban book industry as a whole and showcasing stories and novels that reflect African American culture and urban life in general. Our debut article was with the Queen of Urban Erotic Tales, Noire, and it was both informative and insightful!

“Thank YOU, Michelle! It was a great interview with thought-provoking questions! I’m blasting it everywhere and encouraging people to comment with their thoughts!” – Noire

And when we asked best-selling author, Treasure E. Blue, if TSR could have the exclusive on his latest project, he said: “Yes Michelle, I would love the opportunity. I read your article with Noire and thought it was fantastic. I even went as far to post some of the excerpts all over Facebook…”

TSR wants to promote authors, novelists and those providing services to the industry that may not get the backing and publicity needed from the mainstream. TSR is a new voice in the “African Americans on the Move Book Club” (AAMBC), and we hope you join us and support us on our journey.

If you’d like us to feature your book, your product and/or your brand, Contact Us and tell AAMBC that you’re ready to enter The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino.



A Lil About Michelle: I just completed my first urban fiction novel and am looking to self-publish in 2012. Writing and music are my second loves. My firsts are my son, my father and my fiance, who are my everything. Those who know me know I shoot straight from the hip. Those who don’t know me, pull up a seat, make yourselves comfortable, and get to know me… This here is a Situation you won’t regret!


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