The Role Model better known as Monique S. Hall

Monique S. Hall, the author. It has been a journey to get to this point. However, I’ve discovered your book Two Tears in a Bucket, was written in the 1990s. Tell us, why publish it now?

 It took some time for me to come to grips with the story. The novel is fiction but it had so much revlance to my life. In addition, I never really pictured being a publisher or writing books. So after experiencing some situations by making poor choices that caused me to go to prison, I realized that I needed to print the book as a platform for change and reform. It was my hope that it may touch someone’s life and steer him or her in the right direction.

You have held many titles before coming to this point of being a published author. Tell us what else have you achieved that you are most proud of?

 My newest title “ Beauty and Beyond Role Model” by Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine is my most proudest achievement because it shows even after experiencing the death of a loved one and spiraling out of control, You can still over come. I think that the title “ role model” touches me. I am well educated and even when I was incarcerated, I held my head high. I knew that my circumstance was not my situation. But, this was a humbling experience that showed even through my mess—I was still accepted because I stood on principles and belief that anyone can change for the better.

Two Teas in a Bucket, is based on real events. How are you able to express the story in a way most will understand?

 The story is loosely based on what happened to me while attending college. What I did was use first person voice fro a character perspective. This way he reader knew exactly what the character was thinking

You were recently given a full page spread in Sophisticated Black Hair Magazine, exposing yourself to millions. What does this feature mean to you and how do you plan to capitalize on it?

 I am really not trying to capitalize on it financially as in book sells, although since its publication (in one week I have received letters from prisons that touched me.  Naturally there is an increase in book sales. I plan on using it to motivate me to help others. I have a really kind spirit. On the outside, I may seem tough as nails, but in all actuality I am a softy. I think that I will use it to get more motivational speaking engagements and also to try to show more woman experiencing issues that you can make it, “ Hey look at me.” I am not perfect. I have been through some things, but I made it therefore; so can you.”

You are currently working with National Bestselling author Nikki Turner; tell us of future projects we can look forward to?

 I was blessed to meet Nikki in 2009 at the BEA. Instantly she and I became good friends. At the time, I was pushing my project Two Tears In a Bucket, Jimmy Dasaint’s projects “ What Every Woman Wants” and “ Black Scarface” of which I edited, The Real Rick Ross biography, which was a group effort by myself and several authors, and Kwame Teague’s project “ Thug Politics” and Dynasty which I edited in the early stages before it went to a publisher.

Nikki told me I was doing too much and I need to reflect on me. I will never forget her “ jewels” she dropped on me. I was still dealing with pending legal issues and my book was getting great reviews but…. I wasn’t complete.

She allowed me to deal with my issues and she gave me an opportunity to be one of the featured authors on her Anthology, Nikki Turner Presents:  Street Chronicles 3, A Woman’s Work. But most importantly Nikki has been a real friend.

I have about two titles a month coming out in eBook format, print, or both, starting in October. In addition, “Stacks on Deck”, which is an introduction of my character, Stacks, with Nikki’s anthology will give a dirty south perspective of my work. I felt I needed to tell his story. I am sure you all will love Stacks and his leading lady T, a.k.a. Miss G- Stacks. It was really fun writing it because I could relate to the story. My cover will feature the Rapper TI’s DJ-MLK. I am so excited.

In addition I am putting out Part 2 of Two Tears Ina a Bucket Jan 2011. I have 16 new authors slated for 2011-2012. There is some great good writing material coming from the Mobettaa Publishing Camp.

You hold the title of CEO of Mobettaa Publishing, what can we expect from this brand?

 You can expect good stories with revalence and morals. I want my brand to have the spunk that will take me to the next level.   We had that in the beginning with Terri Woods, Triple Crown, and Life Changing Books. Now, I don’t want to take away from them, I want to add to the reader choice. We are putting out great work at Mobettaa Publishing. I want to create a fan base with my readers that will make them know that what Mobettaa Publishing puts out is official. So everyday I am working hard on my craft to make sure we have great material.

As a woman, when people hear your name, what do you want them to know and remember about you?

  I want them to know that I am a confident woman with many hats and many achievements, but they did not come without sacrifice. I want them to know that with GOD anything is possible. I didn’t come from the hood, but I write urban lit. I also write non-fiction books, Christian fiction, and articles for magazines. I guess I want them to think of me as versatile. But most importantly I want them to remember that I am a work in the making, I am not perfect, but I strive for perfection. I have my faults and impurities like anyone else. Yet, one thing I really want them to know about me is that I was am a woman who goes after her dreams and I try to seize the moment. Always remember if you fall you must get back up and try it again. My motto is simple “ If you can look up, you can get up.” So, when they look at me I want them to realize that I took my bitter lemons and trial and tribulations and made lemonade. If I can do it, so can you.

 The Book:

Meet Nikki, a beautiful, intelligent, and savvy college student who seems to have everything going for her……. except for a meaningful loving relationship. After experiencing the break-up of her former college sweetheart Daryl, she swears all off men. That is until she meets and falls in love with Ivory. Ivory is a street hustler who has secrets and hidden agendas of his own. He is undeniably in love with Nikki and realizes that in order to have a meaningful life with her he will have to walk away from the game and start off a new-fresh life. Walking away may not be as easy as he thinks. The stakes are high in the underworld of hustling and drug dealing; there are no real winners or losers. Things start to take a turn for the worse when Nikki s God-brother Maine enters her life after he starts off selling drugs underneath Ivory s cartel. Treachery, unfaithfulness, and possibly even murder stand in the way of Nikki and Ivory s happiness. A drug deal gone bad causes them to face certain consequences that may completely change their life forever. Two Tears In A Bucket is an urban lit story that focuses on love, betrayal, tough choices, and the consequences of street life. Nikki and Ivory are left to face the reality of life in the game there are no friends or any rules. What will happen when Nikki a once good girl turns bad?

Debuting her first captivating novel titled, Two Tears In A Bucket, Monique S. Hall burst through with a fascinating story about a good girl turned bad. Two Tears In A Bucket, is the first of a three part series titled, ‘The Mo’Bettaa Collection”, that fictionalizes the life accounts of this inspiring author. Monique utilizes her writing skills to create novels that compel to men and women in all walks of life. Her raw approach and delivery make her writing realistic and memorable. Monique’s characters come to life from the pages and can easily be related to.

Monique’s creative abilities extends beyond writing urban literature. She hosts a talk/hip hop radio show on WXYB Tampa Bay 1520 AM, along with working as editor of the Hawkeye newspaper. Monique is also a featured columnist in Street Elements Magazine; and, can be found serenading the crowds with her soulful voice through inspirational music. Recently, Monique interviewed BET’s American Gangster, Freeway Ricky Ross on her show; and, has teamed up with urban literature’s finest to form the “Fabulous Four” .  The other team members of the group include, Jimmy DaSaint, Kwame Teague and Freeway Ricky Ross.  They will still continue to operate their individual company’s for promotion purposesas well as to show unity in urban literature genre. This formulation is a stellar award winning to team. Their overall objective is to promote and sell great books to uplift and increase the population of readership.

Monique S Hall was born in Detroit, Michigan August 11, 1972.  As a child Monique was exposed to a well balanced lifestyle. She was reared in church with a strong Christian background. Her supportive parents recognized early that she was a “gifted child”. Monique, a truly talented young woman, utilized her athletic abilities to receive a full scholarship to Paine College,her Alma mater.  In addition to her pursuing the title of the hottest up and coming author, Monique is working on a professional music career. She is considered a triple threat and seriously multi-talented.

“Stand up in the paint and be accountable for your mistakes and move on. Life is truly what you make it” says author/Philanthropist/singer/entrepreneur. “If life gives you lemons then make some good lemonade. My motto in life is simple— Be accountable for you own actions. Don’t wallow in self pity. Be concerned with being the best person you can be, and use the gifts God has given you to bless others. The rest will take care of itself.”
To contact Monique S. Hall please e-mail her at [email protected] or to place an order of her Debut Novel “Two Tears In A Bucket” at
For media inquiries, contact Sherina Joyner, public relations director of Mo’Bettaa Publishing, at [email protected] or (205)566-2572.

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