The Nightlife Chronicles II: Taya’s Plight By Shawn Flossy

Taya Roberts is back – Back trying to pick up the pieces of her life that remain after Michael “Money Mike” Keith imploded her life. Not only did Mike leave her with a broken heart but exposed her in a city she’s embarrassed to return to. Nonetheless, just like any female boss, Taya’s bounce back game is impeccable. This time she takes a city by storm, ensuring she’s careful of the next man that she allows to slide into her bedroom.


“Who would have thought I’d ever leave the sexy streets of Miami to move to Austin, TX, the new hub for startups? I know I didn’t. Matter of fact, if you would have thrown the idea at me a year ago I would have likely laughed. But, boom, here I am. Especially with all the bullshit I went through with Michael Antonio Keith Jr. I was through with that overly hyped ass city. And I’m especially done with, completely over, sick as hell of people asking me about Money Mike. Matter of fact, who is that? I’m not even familiar. Hell.”


About the Author

A passionate writer. Avid Blogger. Former Radio Host. Entrepreneur. HBCU graduate.

Shawn is a self-published author who founded PURP Publications and FLOSSY Magazine out of passion for telling, and helping others tell, stories.. Before venturing into her first novel, The Nightlife Chronicles, Shawn was known for her viral erotic late night blog that spiraled into her authorship. As a former internet radio host, she learned to lean into the part of her personality that she always believed to be “too outspoken”. 

An overindulgent personality, a passion for users stories and an incredibly carefree attitude are the writer components that make up Shawn Flossy. As she delivers her latest piece, Taya’s Plight, Shawn reminds us why we love reading stories about people who don’t always have it one hundred percent together. She’s known for her straightforward blunt style that is not only relatable but fun to read.

With more ventures on the horizon, Shawn releases the follow up to the Nightlife Chronicles; a story about growth, evolution and grace.

Get to know Shawn

What inspired you to write The NightLife Chronicles II?

Do you know how many people have asked me since publishing the first Nightlife Chronicles when the second was going to drop? Way too many people.

Taya, my main character, wasn’t done telling her story & who am I to not tell it. I think people will relate way more to this storyline than the first one. I wrote it for all those that ever had to bounce back from a misstep.

Are any of the characters based on influences you’ve had in your life?

Everybody thinks the main character, Taya Roberts, is a reflection of me, she’s not. She’s really nothing like me other than both of us get money. Her hopefulness to find true love is what makes her so unique. 

Every other character I write about is a representation of pieces of people I’ve met in my life. Money Mike is a mashup of all the toxic men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. 

Tell us the most difficult portion of writing the book?

The ending by far. With me it’s always the last chapter or last paragraph or last sentence because I never know when to stop writing. It’s difficult because even if I stop writing the storyline still plays out in my head & it makes me want to keep writing. But if I did it that way I would never publish.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an author?

My long term goal is having a screenplay published on a major platform. It doesn’t have to even be a huge success, but having my own works produced would be a major accolade. My best friend is into film & she wants to host a major film festival one day & I want to be featured in it as a film writer. 

What else do you have in the works?

I don’t wanna announce it too early but I’m working on the sequel “Ally”.

When can we expect “Taya’s Plight” to be available to the public?

This summer. Follow me on the gram where I will announce officially. 

Anything else you would like to add for future fans and friends?

I want to thank everybody for being interested in what I have to offer, stay tuned because we’re just getting started.


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