The Miseducation of Obi Ifeanyi By Chinedu Achebe


Obi Ifeanyi’s life is moving at a fast pace. He is now a husband and father. So while President Obama is contending with a tough reelection campaign, Obi Ifeanyi is dealing with the day-to-day pressures of married life and raising a son. When his former love interest, Sade Olufemi, comes back into his life and decides to run her political campaign with the help of his wife, Nkechi, Obi’s problems are compounded because Sade is a secret Nkechi is better not knowing about. While he struggles with the torment of Sade’s return, the upcoming wedding of his best friend from law school will lead to the unveiling of a secret that will change the dynamics of the Ifeanyi family forever.


“Happy New Year, my sweet Obi. I hope that you slept well and that all your wishes and desires for this year come true for you. Also, I want you to remember that we are in this thing together and you will always have my full love and support.”

Obi rolled on his side to face her. “Thanks, Chi Chi. You know that my feelings and sentiments for you are the same.” He kissed her on her lips and then on her neck.

“Damn, babe. I see that you woke up with all types of sexual energy,” she teased him. “The year isn’t more than a few hours old and I see the way you want to bring it in.”

“I am just trying to bring in 2012 with a bang,” he whispered against her neck. He brought his lips back to hers and captured them in a fiery kiss. The thought of sleeping with his wife filled Obi with an intense excitement. Between work, Ike, and the holidays, it seemed like it had been almost a month since they had sex. The fact that this was about to happen was cause for celebration.

Obi run his hands down Nkechi’s body, feeling the curve of her hips, before finding the band of her pants and attempting to pull it off. Just then, a loud cry came drifting in from the other room.

Nkechi placed her hand on his and stopped him from going further. “I see that our son is awake. Let me go and see what is up with him.”

Obi could have groaned loudly right there and then as he saw the moment slipping away from him. “Chi Chi, all I need is about five minutes,” he begged instead. ‘Ike will be ok, he cries all of the time anyway.”

Nkechi, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, seemed to consider Obi’s request for a few minutes, but her maternal instinct kicked in and she stood up. “Sorry, Obi, but I have to go and check on Ike. We will get back to where we were when I am done with him.”

Obi grunted and rolled back to his side of the bed as Nkechi left the room. After about ten minutes, Obi got out of the bed and went to Ike’s room where he found Nkechi breastfeeding their son.

Obi smirked. “Ike sees more of your breasts lately than I do.”

Nkechi laughed. “Obi, stop being so selfish. This isn’t a competition between you and Ike. Ike is a baby and he needs my breasts to get his nutrients. You, on the other hand, only want them for your pleasure.”

Obi knew he was being unreasonable, so he dropped the matter even though he still felt slightly neglected by his wife. After Nkechi finished feeding Ike, perhaps he could try again from where they left off.

He was sadly mistaken. It was the New Year, and well-wishers had begun a persistent avalanche of calls before either one of them could get dressed and head out the door to meet his parents. 

By the time they were ready to head out, there was no time to slow down. They had to make a stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things before making it to his parents’ house across town.

It was in the wine aisle of the grocery store where he heard a very familiar sultry voice sing out his name. He turned towards the sound of the voice and came face-to-face with his ex-girlfriend, Tamika. By the time he could react, she had her arms around him in an intimate and seductive hug.

Time had passed since their last physical encounter, but Obi still found himself thoroughly enjoying the sense of her touch; being next to her and having her skin rub against his. Just when he felt himself begin to relax in the warmth of her embrace, he quickly backed away and cleared his throat. 

“Happy New Year, Obi,” Tamika said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that followed. “How have you been doing? I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“I’m doing well,” Obi responded, looking at the woman he had once dated. She still looked fine as hell. Childbirth had been kind to her, her breasts were bigger and her body was still in great shape.

“I see you are still looking great, too,” he added, not thinking his words through. Once the words had rolled off his tongue, however, he wanted to have them back. He didn’t want to give her any type of compliment at all. Tamika had a big ego and he knew she would start to get full of herself. But it was too late to take back the compliment because Tamika basked in it right away.

“Thanks for noticing, Obi. I had to work very hard to get the baby weight off. I hired a personal trainer and I now go to the gym about four to five times a week.”

“Hey, that is good for you,” he said and tried to turn his attention back to the wine rack. But Tamika was obviously not done and was not going anywhere anytime soon.

“So, how is married life going so far?”

“I and Nkechi are doing great. She is somewhere in the store with my son, Ike. We’re picking up a few things to take to my parents’ house.”

If he hoped his newest revelation would make Tamika back off and want to leave, it didn’t. But he did not expect her next statement either.

“Wow, that is awesome,” she exclaimed. “I really would like to see her and your son.”

Obi did not have a chance to respond, Nkechi was walking down the aisle towards them carrying a basket in one hand and holding their son in the other. His heart began to race as Nkechi approached. Once she was standing close to him, he took Ike from her while she kissed him on his cheek.

“Hey babe,” he said to Nkechi, his eyes shifting restlessly from one woman to the other, “this is Tamika, my ex-girlfriend from college.”

Nkechi’s eyes widened. “Oh, it is so great to finally meet you,” she said, extending a hand out to Tamika. “Obi has told me so much about you.”

“It is good to meet you as well,” Tamika said, taking Nkechi’s hand in a delicate handshake. “Just wanted to tell you that you have a great man here. I know that you are lucky to have him.”

Nkechi could not hide the smirk on her face. “Thanks for letting me know that. He is a great husband and father. I would never dream of letting him slip through my fingers.” She sat the basket down on the floor and looped her arm through her husband’s.

Obi could sense the tension building. He tried to direct his attention away from the women and towards Ike. Tamika did the same.

“So, who is this handsome little man?” She asked, touching her palm to the baby’s face. Ike tried to shield his face with his small hands.

“I see he is a little shy,” Tamika said, redirecting her attention to Nkechi and Obi. Nkechi simply smiled tightly.

“Do you guys mind if I carry him for a little bit?” She asked, reaching her arms out towards Obi. Obi was a little uncomfortable with the whole situation and looked to Nkechi for guidance, but got none. Instead, Nkechi avoided making eye contact with him. Obi knew he would have to make this call on his own.

With a half-smile on his face, he handed the baby over to Tamika. “Yea that is not a problem at all. But be careful with him, he isn’t as light as you think he might be.”

Tamika took Ike in her arms effortlessly and began tickling his nose. Ike giggled in response as Obi and Nkechi looked on, amazed at how quickly he had warmed up to Tamika.

“Your son is so cute,” Tamika said to Nkechi, while still tickling the baby’s nose. “He looks so much like Obi and even has some of his mannerisms.”

Nkechi smiled and looked at Obi but did not say anything.

“Maybe we can set up a lunch or play date with Ike and my son, Jamal. How old is Ike by the way?”

“He is about 18 months old,” Nkechi said.

“That is just perfect. My son is about three months older than him,” Tamika responded gleefully. “I know Obi still has my number, but I will take yours down as well.”

Obi was a little bit bewildered at the sight of Tamika putting Nkechi’s phone number and email address into her cell phone. Then to make matters weirder, Tamika said to Nkechi, “Are you on Facebook? If so, I will send you a friend request. I post pics of Jamal all the time and can see some of your pics as a family and of Ike.”

About The Author

Chinedu Achebe is a Nigerian American who was born in Richmond, Virginia. He published his first book, Blunted on Reality in 2012. Chinedu also blogs and his work has been featured in Huffington Post, Bella Naija, and Medium. He is a graduate of the University of Houston were he got his bachelor’s degree in Economics. He currently works as an accountant. Chinedu currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and son. 

Author Interview

  1. How did your writing journey begin?

It began in 2009. I started writing on and I wrote articles it was centered around President Obama trying to pass healthcare reform and the impact of the tv show, A Different World had on me.  And then after that, I just started to figure out about writing a book. I wrote my first book, Blunted On Reality in 2012.  After that I took a break. I didn’t think I was going to write another book, but I got the itch and in 2014,  I started working on The Miseducation of Obi Ifeanyi. I didn’t know the title yet when I first started so as the book progressed, I decided to make the main character, Obi, the title of the book.   I published the book in 2017. I also have written articles in the Huffington Post and Bella Naija, which is a Nigerian cultural/lifestyle blog.

  • Do you plan on writing another book?

I am currently working on an outline for my 3rd book and I am  still fleshing out the details of the storyline.

  • What did you do to get yourself in the mood for writing?

Music has played a huge role in my writing process. It allows me to relax my mind and help me let my creative juices flow. The artists that I usually listened to a lot was Jay-Z, John Coltrane, Fela Kuti, and Robert Glasper.

  • Can you name any books or movies that you drew inspiration from in your writing?

Spike Lee movies, Chinua Achebe’s second book No Longer At Ease, and the movies The Best Man and Love Jones.

  • What are you interested in outside of writing?

I am a huge NBA and NFL fan. I love listening to rap, R&B, and Afrobeats. I also keep up with politics and current events.

  • Can you give any advice to anyone trying to write a book for the first time?

I would tell them to just tell your story the way you want to tell it. Don’t get caught up in trying to think you are writing the next great novel that everyone wants to read. If you are self publishing like I did, you need to think about how to market your book. Unlike going through a publisher, there is no one to promote your book besides yourself when you self publish. The process can be rewarding and tough at the same time.

  • What inspired you to write Blunted on Reality?

I wanted to tell a story about the Nigerian American perspective in the United States during the first year of the Obama presidency.

Contact The Author

My email address is [email protected].

My twitter handle is @chineduachebe.

My IG is Chineduachebe

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