The Miracles Of Success: In The Situation Room with Shashicka Tyre-Hill

Here’s The Situation… Successful and driven to succeed, Shashicka Tyre-Hill should not be here. Her life was noMichelle Cuttino -Shashicka Tyre-Hill fairytale. As a child, she grew up in an environment where she often witnessed emotional and physical abuse, which soon led her to become a young mother and high school dropout at the age of fifteen. But deep inside, Hill knew God had greater plans for her. Turning her pain into a purpose, Hill set out to do what God intended for her to do—inspire people.

In 2002, Hill took less than seven hundred and fifty dollars, started her journey as an entrepreneur, and has since launched several successful businesses. To date, Hill is one the country’s top motivational speakers and business success coaches. Her desire to help others find their passion, follow their dreams, and live their lives with purpose has become her personal mission.

Penning her award-winning memoir, Blessings & Miracles, Hill shares her life story to encourage others. Knowing that if she could transform her life from being a teen mother and high school dropout, then anyone can. Pouring her heart out on each page as she crafted her memoir, Hill began to think of other ways to uplift others. Her newly released book is titled Miracles of Success: Fourteen Diamonds to Help You Dream, Jump and Fly Higher.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Shashicka Tyre-Hill to discuss her personal Miracles of Success.

Michelle: How did growing up in Georgia shape you as an individual?

Shashicka: Georgia taught me a lot, especially coming from Brunswick. I always knew I did not want to be closed-minded. I wanted to see past my hometown. I love my community, but I knew in order for me to strive and succeed, this was not going to be the only place I would make it. Yes, it has plenty to offer me, but in order for me to inspire others, I had to reach further. My hometown teaches me something new every day, and with each ounce of me learning, I seek to inspire someone to believe and achieve.

Michelle: In 2002, you opened the doors to Miracle Home Care in Brunswick, GA. Tell us about the business, and its mission.

Shashicka: I started Miracle Home Care because I had an ailing grandmother. She loved to sit, talk, and tell stories about her life. This became my mission for Miracle Home Care, and it encouraged me to find a way for other senior citizens to have a companion that would be there for them.

Michelle: I’ve read you now have seven locations throughout the Southeast. As CEO, mother, wife, author, and so on, how do you juggle so much responsibility?

Shashicka: I am a very hands-on person, so each of my businesses have my full attention. I plan out my days before I go to bed. I set my goals for the upcoming day, and I make sure that calendar fits in everything from business to home.

Michelle: Your first book is titled Blessings & Miracles. Please tell us what the book is about.

Shashicka: This is my life story, my memoir. I share with the world what it was like for me, a teen mother, and high school drop-out, to now be a successful business woman. My journey was not easy, because I had to rely on nothing more than a ninth grade education until I found my passion. I had to see if I wanted more for me and my family, I had to turn a few things around and make it happen. My life was not a bed of roses, and if I could overcome my adversities, I knew that anyone could.

Michelle: What made you put pen to paper to tell your story?

Shashicka: I wanted to inspire others to make a difference. Your circumstances do not define you. Your dreams are only a dream if you let it all stand still. If you want to live, you have to make it happen.

Michelle Cuttino - Shashicka Tyre-HillMichelle: Your new book is titled The Miracles of Success. What can we find between its pages?

Shashicka: The Miracles of Success: Fourteen Diamonds to Make You Dream, Jump and Fly Higher is about the fourteen lessons I learned to become successful. I took a lot of risks, and some of them did not make doing business easy. I adjusted, and was determined to never make the same mistake twice. So, this book is to help inspire someone to greatness.

Michelle: You are also a very sought-after motivational speaker. What are some of the messages you convey to your audiences?

Shashicka: My messages are about inspiration. I want to uplift and empower others to build, grow and become who they have sought out to be. Nothing is impossible. If I can do it, anyone can.

Michelle: As a business success coach, what are some of the services you provide?

Shashicka: I have a wide range of services that I offer. Right now, I am focusing on my program ‘Beginner’s to Winner’s’. This program is designed to help small businesses find their wealth. We offer people the opportunities to build financially stable businesses of all kinds. We take a close look at marketing strategies, 501(c)3 statuses, grant funding, business formations, and more.

Michelle: What would you attribute to your own personal “miracle of success?”

Shashicka: Hard work and determination. Many people said I could not do it, and I would never amount to anything. I wanted to prove them wrong. I am successful, and I plan to stay that way using my own business strategies.

Michelle: With so much already on your plate, what’s next for Shashicka Tyre-Hill?

Shashicka: Recently, I found out I am a nominee for a 2016 NAACP Image Awards for my book, Miracles of Success. I am planning my tour, Beginner’s to Winner’s, and I working on penning my next book.

Michelle: How can our readers contact and/or follow you?

Shashicka: My contact info is:

Facebook: shashickatyrehill

Twitter: @shashickatyre

Instagram: @shashicka

Periscope: @shashickatyre

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