The Man Behind The Helmet By Frank Murphy


The Man Behind the Helmet theater production shares the story of former NFL player Frank D.
Murphy, Jr. From a troubled teen to national motivational speaker, Frank managed to escape thug
life and maneuver successfully through the iron jungle of the professional sports arena. Frank
began his professional football career in 2000 when he was drafted by the Chicago Bears. During
his NFL career, Frank also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Houston
Texans. However, his path to the NFL was a turbulent one.
Growing up in a two parent middle-class household, Frank was seen as different by his inner city
peers, which led to him being bullied. Seeking to prove to others that he belonged, Frank decided
to become a reflection and product of the environment of his peers. From guns to selling drugs to
jail. Frank embraced the lifestyle around him until it seemed the odds were stacked completely
against Frank as he faced the possibility of spending life behind bars.
After being given a chance by several high school and college coaches, Frank was drafted into the
NFL. Then, Super Bowl Winning Coach Tony Dungy gave Frank a second chance yet again, and
he became a star athlete and successful NFL player. However, the success was too fast, the money
was too much and the parties and women were plentiful. Soon, Frank found himself dropping to
his knees, not on the football field, but between the barrels of two guns.
Through an early life of wrong choices, crime and defeat, Frank found a second chance in a higher
power and Frank D. Murphy, Jr., The Man Behind the Helmet, is transformed. This captivating
production is a story of difficulties, adversity, bad choices, success, forgiveness and unwavering
focus. At the end, it is a story about faith, surrendering, leaving your past behind and transforming.
At this point, there is no giving up.
Through this stage play, former NFL player Frank D. Murphy Jr. imparts valuable lessons he
learned throughout childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, in the NFL and beyond. Frank’s story
is one of struggles and the second chances that changed everything.
Though this production, Frank not only gives insight into his challenges, but he also offers first
hand solutions. Frank’s mission is to be able to relate to and guide the youth of today by teaching,
motivating, showing and proving to them they do not have to be a product of a negative



Former NFL Player, National Speaker, Author, Celebrity Mentor &
Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Frank Murphy persevered through countless obstacles to live out his
dream of playing professional football. His journey to the NFL began in high school where he won
numerous awards as the senior running back and return specialist at West Nassau High School,
including: All-American, All State and Player of the Year.
Murphy spent his first two years of college playing football for Itwamba Community College and
Garden City Community College; subsequently, he was named to the National Junior College
Athletic Association All-American first team and National Player of the Year. Murphy then transferred
to football powerhouse Kansas State University in 1998. Murphy still holds three Powercat Strength
Records: 4.22 in the 40 yard dash, 42” vertical jump and 42.04 300 yard shuttle. In 2008, Murphy was
inducted into the National Junior College Hall of Fame.
After a successful collegiate football career, Murphy was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2000. In
the NFL, Murphy suited up as a running back, wide receiver and return specialist for the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans. Murphy also played in the Canadian Football
League for the Toronto Argonauts and in the United Football League for the Florida Tuskers.
Murphy’s successful professional football career equipped him to train celebrity athletes.
Beyond the football field, Murphy has consistently engaged with the community and supported
programs that educate and empower others to realize their dreams. Throughout his career, Murphy
has held numerous football camps, workshops and toy drives for at risk youth; Murphy has been
honored repeatedly with awards and recognitions for his community service initiatives, including
being granted the Key to the City of Callahan, Florida.
Murphy is the first athlete to produce and write his own stage play, “Man Behind the Helmet.” It’s
derived from his book, “Man Behind the Helmet” with a forward from former NFL coach Tony Dungy.
Murphy is also launching his digital curriculum called “Mentoring with Purpose, Character and Life
Skills” in August. He is the founder of Mentoring with Purpose Charity, a non-profit organization, that
provides educational and community outreach program focused on creating a new sports culture of
athletes and youth to enter the sports arena as leaders, not followers.
Murphy’s determined attitude to persevere through the unexpected challenges of life has prepared
him to impact audiences nationwide as an author and speaker. He believes that when people
commit to identifying purpose, making the right choices and becoming a role model for others they
will live their best lives possible. Murphy’s focus on action oriented personal growth is reflected in his
motto: “Believe It, Claim It, Work it Out!” Murphy plans to continue inspiring people of all ages to
strive for the next level in achieving their full potential and living their dreams.


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