The Loudest Silence By Kai

Coming March 15th from 5 Star  Publications


All night? With his best friend? Then wants the fruit to be juicy when he climbs into bed? Would you believe the obvious, that there was something going on, or continue to turn your head since he was the prince charming that saved you from the ghetto? Do you get even for what you know, must be happening, as he whispers to her every night? What would happen if you glanced in your home window and saw your wife making passionate love to your best friend s husband. Would you point the gun at him or her? Kenya, Terrance s child hood best-friend, is madly in love with him and just knows that they are destined to be together. She plays her role very well when around Alex and just enjoys him until she feels the time is right. Her husband knows he is not the love of her life but accepts it because he is simply lucky to have caught a woman such as her. When Kenya decides the time is right to reveal her feelings to Terrance, all hell breaks loose and both households unfold. Lani s life snowballed out of control when Terrance stopped giving her feedback and continuously confiding in his childhood best-friend all hours of the night. Terrance even had the audacity to come to bed to Lani and expect her to just lie there and take what she thought she heard him promising to give to Kenya. After being fed up and not able to take it any longer, Lani finally decides to let her silent actions speak for her. Terrence seeks comfort from Kenya while Lani waits alone with Kenya s husband, Christopher… Gaps of inexplicable time lead to drastic assumptions, jail, and even death as the silence is so loud that it could destroy all four lives… When Silence is the only answer given and the timing is never right, nothing is what it seems nor will it ever be the same again!


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