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Women and men are constantly trying to figure the other out. Popular books are giving insight on both sides for the opposite sex and the increasing number of readership shows that relationships are complicated, but obviously worth fighting for.

Life experiences are always inspiring and author Terry Bams has found his purpose in life through his past.

“The Mind of a Womanizer” takes readers through the ups and downs of Terry’s life and his relationships with women; from the very beginning.

Terry took time out of his schedule to answer a few questions for us about his writing career thus far.

  1.  “The Mind of a Womanizer” is your life story, at what point in your journey did you say, ‘okay, someone else could benefit from my story,’ and how long after that did you decide on write the book?

When I first started writing the book it was for an ex girlfriend; just so she could see how my life was and the reasons why I was so quick to want to run in the relationship. Why me being faithful, coming home every night and trying my best in the relationship meant so much. I talked about my past, but it’s different when you read every detail. I got so busy in other things I was doing in life where I only got half way done. We broke up, I got more into Christ and I felt like God wanted me to finish it so it could help someone else.

2.      You use social networks as sort of an advice column for women and men to develop healthier relationships, what has your response to that been like and do you believe it helps promote your book?

That was all in God’s plan. I feel my book is seasonal because uplifting, restoring relationships, relationship motivational speaking and using my life experiences is my true purpose in life. From the first word in the book until the last word I NEVER planned it or even thought about it. I kind of got thrown into it. I was booked to speak, women & men paying me for advice, people asking me to become their life coach and my life just taking a different turn. My current life has increased my sales. I feel people want to see where I came from to have hope men can change if they want to. I’ve always been a positive person and my back ground was sales for over 7 years. It’s just now, God is using me for his purpose.

3.      At one point during your writing process did you know that you would self-published instead of going the traditional route? Would you do the same for future projects?

In a strange way I thank God for not letting me finish when I first started writing. I was going to go through a publishing company that was going to cost me money and they were only going to do half of the work. I talked to a friend of mine that self published and I liked that route better. More control, more money and more freedom. I felt like you won’t find my story in any other book, so it was worth more to me than to let someone else under cut my sales. All my future projects will be done the same way unless someone come along talking some major business.

4.      What is the best advice that you can give to independent authors? Something that you’ve learned from experience that no one told you before getting into the literary game.

The best advice I would give independent authors is, don’t force it on people. You have to sale yourself, not the book. How your book will benefit them and not you. Also never bank on people you know for buying your book, supporting or helping. Never just depend on social networks for sales. At most of my book signings 75% of the people that bought the book had no ideal I was even going to be there.  Stay humble! No matter how big you might get make the reader or fans feel like you still put on your pants like they do. Never boost and brag about things you do. Your work will show it. Do book signings where there is traffic. There have been many people that haven’t read a book in years that purchased my book because I was in areas where non book readers are.

Hand out fliers where ever you go, fast food restaurants, gas stations wherever. People like meeting the author versus a street team doing the promo for you. Keep the faith no matter what. You will have slow times and busy times, but when that happens you have to figure out new ways to sale your book. Go to every book expo possible. Fund your own tour if you can, you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can.

5.      What do you think has been your most successful marketing tip with self-publishing?

Recreate yourself. You can’t make a full-time living off just being an author. You have to wear several different hats if you want it to become your full-time job. Protect your brand. Stay positive, speak positive and do positive things. With the world being so negative driven, being positive places you in a different place from everyone else which will help you stick out and it helps with people wanting to just support you just off of that.

6.      What’s next for Author Terry Bams?

Whatever God has planned. I have a lot of stuff in the works. A lot of doors have open for me. I would rather let them be a surprise to everyone else 🙂

“The Mind of a Womanizer” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sue’s Book Store at the St. Louis Galleria. Find out more at You can reach author Terry Bams on Facebook or follow him and .


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