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If you are tired of reading about vampires, it’s only because you haven’t picked up Aleron yet.

Author Kane’s dedication to research and a love for the “old school” vampire has collided in the fiction horror, Aleron, the tale of a powerful fledging created by Mynea, the second born of Vlad, the father of all vampires. Breaking Vlad’s number one rule, Mynea created Aleron out of personal desires and something more powerful than they all could image was born.

Bred from deep research and an international trip, Aleron brings back roots from the original immortals that have become cultural icons in literature and the movie industry.

After Aleron took the 2011 Readers Favorite Award in the fiction horror category at the AJC Decatur Book Festival, I got a few words with Kane about the vampire phenomenon and his take on it.

 1.       What specifically in Romania inspired Aleron?

             The vampire originates in Eastern Europe. Through research I concluded Romania is where the folklore remains fresh and closest to actual fact. Bram Stoker shined a spotlight on Bucharest when he wrote ‘Dracula’ whose main character is loosely based on the former ruler of Wallacia, Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler. Once I started my research I realized there was very rich historical value to my tale in Romania, hence my antagonist Vlad.

2.        Your website says, “Aleron by Kane will change the way you see vampires,” what makes your take on vampires so unique?

             The same difference between Mercedes and Lexus, Research and Development: I infused realism with my imagination to give birth to a fantastical story that is rooted in legend and seasoned with fact. My vampires are not of our day, they are from days of old, which brings historical richness in storytelling. There was a time when vampires were feared, even though they were beautiful, elegant, and immortal, people were still afraid of them. I have brought that back with a humanistic twist. ‘Aleron’ is sure to entertain vampire lovers, and general fantasy fiction readers alike. Whether young or old, male or female, this book has something that will keep you turning the page.

I began this tale with everyone in mind. There is genuine love between a handsome hero and his beautiful maker which women will appreciate. There is plenty of action to keep the guys intrigued as well as intricately detailed supporting vampire women. Historical fact coupled with a dynamic setting draws in the mature crowd and more experienced reader. Aleron has something for everyone.     

3.        What is the best advice that you can give to independent authors? Something that you’ve learned from experience that no one told you before getting into the literary game.

            I wish I knew the full cycle of writing a book AND getting it into reader’s hands. You can write the best book ever, but if no one knows of it, you might as well have written nothing. Writing the book is only the first step. You have to understand marketing, promoting, demographics, and most importantly, the business of selling books! DISTRIBUTION! Before you decide to become a full time author, learn as much as you can about distribution. Everyone is not on your side, and some would even love to give you the smallest piece of the pie after you’ve spent years of your life creating.


            If you are looking for an old twist on the rejuvenated phenomenon of vampire world, you can pick up Aleron at or anywhere books are sold. As Kane focuses on developing then next book in his series which will be available next fall, there is also a screenplay in the works for Aleron.

            Connect with Kane on his facebook page, “Aleron Kane” or follow his Twitter feed, “Aleron11.” Want a more intimate response? Then [email protected] will get you the quickest response.


 Self-published author Christian Cashelle is also the founder of Dynamic Image Publications. Cashelle is currently studying at Lindenwood University’s masters of fine arts writing program. She is also the 2011 Traffic Music Awards
Author of the Year in St. Louis, Missouri.

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