The Juice Box by Kali2cute

kalibra picWhat do you get when you put five college friends together? Drama with a capitol D.

Meet Shelly, She’s Number one in her class at Alabama State University. She seems to have everything going for herself. Except for one thing. She has trust issues in men. After her boyfriend of two years cheats on her, Will she find love again?

Tichina is in love with Jarod Hartman, A newly drafted NFL player for the miami dolphins. She’s your typical life of the party. She sees what she wants, and she goes for it. When fate allows them to cross paths, Will Jarod return the love?

Tracey is what some consider a spoiled brat. She basically gets what she wants and will go to whatever lengths to keep it. Her love life is filled with twists and turns. She’ll soon find in the game of love, there are no happy endings.

Your in for a treat. Buckle your seats. This ride is only for the grown and sexy.



The names Shelley and I can’t stand wannabe pimps(Otherwise known as male whores). I mean do they actually think they won’t get caught doing they’re thing? It’s been five minutes since I left Chantal’s apartment, where my supposed to be man had been for about an hour and a half. I mean did he really think I was that stupid. Did he really think I would ignore the number in his pants pocket?  Yeah, I sometimes did his laundry. Then I actually almost believed him when he told me, “I love you and whatever you want to do, I want to do. If you choose not to have sex right now, then I won’t pressure you.”  Well I can’t really blame him, I’m the one who’s been holding out for so long. I mean maybe if I would have just gave in…..Wait a minute, my man just put my property in another woman and I’m the one feeling guilty. I must’ve drank too much Alize’ today.
So, he comes through the door looking all innocent and stuff, like he ain’t did nothin’ wrong, Asking me” Baby, what’s wrong?” I should’ve slapped him right then and there.”What the F*** you mean what’s wrong?” I said stepping in his space. “Damn, you on that trippy s*** already?” He said shaking it off. “Don’t f***ing walk away from me, where the hell were you? And don’t lie to me.” I said “Baby I was hanging wit my boys.” He said “Hanging wit yo boys my a**, which one of yo boys stay in Wiggins, well better yet, Washington Veiw Apartments. Not Pookie, not Santiaga, not Ricky, so who the hell stay in Washington Veiw Apartments, since we choose to lie.” I said, the whole time backing him into a wall. His light coconut brown eyes all glazed from drinking. I had gotten so used to his chocolate brown skin next to mine every night that I was finally about to give him some. I can’t believe I fell for this dog a** n****.
“My home boy Petey stay in those apartments, you ain’t met him yet Shelley d***, you always think I’m lying to you.” He said heading to the bathroom, he takes his shirt off and tosses it in my room, which was another thing that worked on my nerves,he could be messy like a mug. “Well I’m gon’ tell ya like this, Chantal called me at around three, lookin for you. I said I was your sister and she told me to tell you not to forget her apartment number is four on the top floor of Washington View Apartments.”
As soon as I said the name Chantal his entire body went still.”So, I decided to make a road trip up to Wiggins and see just who this Chantal was, funny thing is, I thought you were smoother than that, I thought yo punk a** could at least keep yo s*** on the low.” He slowly turned around to face me, his jaw twitching. “So you been sneaking up on me?” He said. ” Nigga don’t even play that s*** wit me. Dang, and I thought you were gon’ be different. Ha, a lie.”  All of a sudden his entire demeanor changed,he went from angry to soft in the blink of an eye. “Baby, I-I- F***ed up. I’m, I’m so sorry. You know what we have is special. Don’t let that peice of a** mess up what we have. Because that’s all she is to me, a piece of a**.” This was the first time I had ever saw D’vonte’ like this. He looked so completely relaxed like he knew he had me. I mean, I love the way his body’s made because he works out every chance he gets, but he has another thought coming if he thinks I’m putting up with this s***. “Ok, so you say she’s just a piece of a**, well how do I know if I give you some, you wouldn’t think of me as just another piece of a**?” I said.
“Now baby, you know I love you. Don’t even front like I don’t.” He said stepping closer to me. “Don’t you f***ing touch me D’vonte’. I just think you’d better leave, because I am ten seconds away from hitting yo mof***ing a** with the closest f***ing thing I see.” I said meaning every word and eyeing a candle holder on my hall table. “But baby,” He said. “Ten,” I said. “Baby I-” He said  “Nine, I promise D’vonte’ that candle holder is looking better by the second.” I say. “Ok, Ok, if that’s the way you want it. I mean, how the hell you gon’ let me go?Who the f*** gon’ want you after me? The only kinda nigga that’ll want  ya is a ghetto a** bumb or they a desperate a** mof***er.” With that, he started to leave. I finally picked up that candle holder and threw it at his punk a**. I made a thud when it hit his back. He turned around in a flash of an eye.” Bi…..” He stopped then turned back around and left out the door.

kalibraMaking her first story debut, Kali2cute, Best known for her music, She takes a step into an authors shoes. She’s always had a dream of becoming a singer/author. Born and raised in Gulfport, MS. and New Orleans, La. She strives for success in everything she does. Since a young girl she’s sung in her church choir. When she was twelve years old she began to write stories in between classes. It started out as a fun hobby to pass her time, and grew into a passion of her own.


Get to Kali2cute:
1.  What is your biggest inspiration?
A: My Mom, She’s so strong, I strive everyday to be as strong as her in everything I do.
2. What are you dreams and goals in life?
A:   I aspire to be a succesful Singer/ Author. Those are my biggest dreams.
3. Have you achieved any of your goals?
A:  My goal to become an author has finally arrived. It took a very long time, but I finally made it. I’m working on my first soundtrack to accompany my book, The Juice Box.
4:  How can your fans find you online?
A:  Everything about myself is under my name, Kali2cute. I have all major social media networks.
5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I really can’t answer that because I never try to predict my future. I can say that I plan to be better than I am today. I plan to keep striving to be more successful everyday.
6. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
A:  Yes, You can do anything you put your mind to. Ten years ago you could not have paid me to believe that Tamika Newhouse, A bestselling author, would be helping me promote my book to thousands of readers. Its really a dream come true.
7. Is Kali2cute your real name or a pen name.
A: Its actually my nickname. It was given to me by one of my good friends. She said it was because my personality is just so cute and bubbly.


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