The Imprint: In The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino and Elissa Gabrielle

Here’s the situation… After ten years of growing her writing, broadcasting, and Peace In The Storm Publishing empire, Elissa Gabrielle launched three new imprints as well as several other entertainment ventures on July 1.

The three imprints are After the Storm Publishing, LLC, a faith-based division which will be headed by publisher Sharel E. Gordon-Love; Jessica A. Robinson Presents, a contemporary drama division headed by the singer, songwriter and author Jessica A. Robinson; and Imani Faith Publishing, an imprint headed by Cheryl Lacey Donovan that will boast inspirational titles featuring “life-changing testimonies of triumph over adversity.”


Sharel E. Gordon-LoveElissa_Sharel E. Gordon-Love

Born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Sharel E. Gordon-Love started writing at the age of six, winning immediate recognition for her essays and short stories. Her first nonfiction work, “Is There Hope for the Black Male?” was published by Black Child Magazine in 1994. Certified in Microcomputer Technology and Business Administration, Ms. Gordon-Love graduated from Berkeley College of Business in 1993. She is currently a student at Kaplan University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. A licensed evangelist in the Church of God in Christ, Sharel and her family attend New Reid Temple C.O.G.I.C. in East Orange, New Jersey. There she serves on the Administrative staff, Youth Department, and Women’s Department ministries.


“After the Storm, the place that we would all rather find ourselves, only comes when we have been through a storm. Here you will find stories that will inspire, uplift, and encourage through the literary work by new and established authors. Our stor tellers share their life’s journey or depiction of life through fiction. Storm clouds may rise, the billows may roll, and the tempest may feel like more than you can handle until you, ‘Go through to get through…the storm.’”

– Sharel E. Grodon-Love

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Elissa_Jessica A. Robinson

Jessica A. Robinson

Jessica Ann Robinson has always had an affinity for reading and creatively expressing herself through written word. “Initially, I didn’t plan on doing anything with my writing. I wrote short stories because I personally enjoyed creating them. I followed my passion for writing and everything else fell into place,” she said. Robinson likes to create stories and situations that readers can relate to. Since the publication of her debut novel, Robinson has won several literary awards and has been featured on Black Expressions’ Top 100 Bestseller List. Robinson is currently working on finishing a few other literary projects.


“Jessica A. Robinson Presents has a vision to present captivating and dramatic stories that will grab you from the very first page. Here you will find the most, uniquely, written stories from new and established authors that will leave an impression you’ll never forget. Jessica A. Robinson Presents is an indulgence definitely worth succumbing to, and aims to provide you with well-crafted stories that are so good you’ll swear it’s a sin!”

– Jessica A. Robinson

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Elissa_Cheryl Lacey DonovanCheryl Lacey Donovan

“Inspiring, powerful, thought provoking!” That’s what audiences say when Cheryl speaks. Pairing her engaging presence with her deep understanding of Biblical truth Cheryl ignites audiences to stand on the promises of God. Coming from a legacy of preachers, Cheryl Lacey Donovan is walking in her destiny. An anointed woman of God, her mission is to challenge you to look inside yourself for change, to identify the strongholds in your life, and to tear them down with the help of the creator. Once you have crossed her path, your life will never be the same. Cheryl Lacey-Donovan is an acclaimed author, educator, and inspirational speaker and a compelling advocate for personal empowerment.


“Imani Faith Publishing is dedicated to providing quality literature that will empower you to empower yourself. An imprint of Peace in the Storm Publishing, Imani Faith Publishing produces content that inspires others to be the change they want to see. From personal growth and development books, to Bible studies, to devotionals, to inspirational stories that are engaging, powerful and thought provoking, Imani Faith Publishing has something for everyone looking to create the life they deserve and desire.”

– Cheryl Lacey Donovan

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Elissa_Elissa GabrielleElissa Gabrielle

Elissa Gabrielle is a powerhouse in the literary industry. Respected by many, revered in the highest regard, Elissa maintains a spirit of excellence in all she does. She is known to have the Midas touch with her gift in the skill of multi-genre writing. The author of multiple poetry books, numerous novels and contributor to several anthologies, Elissa has proven herself to be well-versed in artistic creativity. She also has the ability to mold and shape newcomers into literary superstars–creating multiple award-winning authors and best-selling books in the process. Elissa Gabrielle remains an ingenious and creative force to be reckoned with in terms of delivering distinct, fulfilling and entertaining literature. By pushing herself to stay a cut above the rest, Elissa Gabrielle brilliantly and consistently delivers literary best.


“Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment is known for…

Flawless Integrity: Integrity is one of the most important aspects of a sound and viable business. Join us as we invite you to become part of a company that boasts flawless integrity.

Quality Content: The internet is flooded with content. The beauty of Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment is that we provide you with quality content that feeds your need for quality information.

Top-Notch Entertainment: Reality entertainment has become the norm. Viewers want something more. We will provide you with entertainment that nourishes and entices.”

– Elissa Gabrielle

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“The Imprint is a new publishing company that boasts ‘True to life fiction and life changing non-fiction at its finest.’ We are thrilled to introduce crime fiction novelist, Zach Tate. Tate is responsible for the resurgence of the genre and is one of the forefathers of it.  Mr. Tate’s bold works will be released in 2015, beginning with the highly-acclaimed and eagerly-anticipated Lost and Turned Out in a 3 volume set.”

– Elissa Gabrielle

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RLRF August CoverReal Life Real Faith Magazine

The August/September issue of Real Life, Real Faith Magazine features Jan Gaye, former wife of the late Marvin Gaye. Jan Gaye will also appeared on Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan (An Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment Production) on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 8pm EST.

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