The Fire Within by Janet M. Smith

The Fire Within: a journey of adversity, resilience & triumph

The Fire Within is a memoir that traces the life of Janet M. Smith. She shows what it is to find one’s voice, recognize and break free from learned behaviors and choose to no longer be shackled with guilt, low self-esteem, and mental abuse. The Fire Within serves as a blueprint on how to survive, live life on purpose and stay in the game of life.







Janet M. Smith, author, entrepreneur, a devoted advocate for the African-American community and Black youth development, not only does she talk the talk, she walks the walk. Amongst her greatest achievements, Janet created The Blue Chip Profile, a print publication that portrayed and offered access to African-American professionals, business executives, and entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. She also established one of the city’s pre-eminent “black-tie” events, the Blue Chip Awards Gala, honoring individuals who served as role models for today’s young people. Fueled by Janet’s mentoring spirit that “Young people are our greatest asset,” she founded the Blue Chip Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the academic, personal and career development of African-American, middle and high school, students. The Blue Chip Profile, Blue Chip Awards Gala, and Blue Chip Foundation became three of the most recognized and respected media in Central Ohio community. Today, she serves as a Career Development Consultant. Janet understands that “to whom much is given, much is required.” And the struggle for underserved African-American young adults and their plight in today’s society has never been more defined. It is her mission to encourage and assist them in finding their voice, vocation, and purpose. By sharing The Fire Within, Janet traces her life and “Journey of Adversity, Resilience, and Triumph,” as a means of showing what it is to “live life on purpose”… To find one’s voice, recognize and break free from learned behaviors and choose to no longer be shackled by the ties that bind. The Fire Within serves as a blueprint on how to survive and stay in the game of life.


Get to Know Janet M. Smith:


How did you select the title, “The Fire Within”?

I actually had a difficult time selecting a title. I thought about it, searched and one day went online and typed “survival quotes.” And “BAM” up popped Joshua Graham’s quote…”I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.” OMG, that quote resonated in my spirit because it spoke to my life journey completely.

What is your definition of “The Fire Within”?

To me, it means passion — a drive to fulfill something. My drive has always been to be the best mother I could be. And to leave a footprint on the lives of those I touch.

Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book to give hurting women hope and determination to keep moving on this journey of life.

What has been your driving force to keep moving after all of the adversities you’ve faced?

I must admit after losing my daughter, Tiffany and grandson, Trumaine 42 days apart, I wanted the world to stop so I could get off. “But God”… had other plans for me. As a result, I say to women who have lost a child(ren), have had struggles, challenges, fallen on hard times — just know, if God brought you to it, He can and will bring you through it. So, just keep moving!

What do you think those plans are that God has for you?

I believe I am to be a blessing to women by telling my story, encouraging, and giving hope to the broken hearted.

How do you feel now that the book is published and on the market?

I feel blessed, relieved and elated that my 9-year labor of love has been realized and the burden has been lifted.

What would you like to see as a result of writing your memoir?

I would love to see it screenwritten into a TV mini-series or motion picture. There are so many themes in the book that confront our community daily. For years we have been entertained with his-story. The time is now for younger generations to see and know OUR story.

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