The Crumb Snatchers by Debra Thompson

pennySynopsis: The Crumb Snatchers is a humorous story about a family who loves each other unconditionally. However, there is usually some kind of adventure happening in the Lenske house especially between the three sisters and their cat Heidi. Penny, the youngest daughter never ceases to amaze her parents with some sort of drama. Mrs. Lenske goes shopping to get the house ready for a family member coming to visit; in the meantime Penny devises a plan to sneak chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen pantry. Will this be another day of mishaps? Read to find out what happens.

Book Excerpt:

Penny looked down at Heidi, “I’ll get two cookies and a glass of milk. Um, I think I’ll get three cookie, one for you and two for me.” Heidi finished eating her cat treat and looked up at Penny. She lifted her paw to agree with Penny’s offer of getting the cookies. “Meow.”

“I can always count on you to be reasonable Heidi.

Debra (1cropped)I consider myself a native of southwest Florida. I grew up in southwest Florida near Naples. I attended the University of Hawaii, Edison State College and the University of South Florida where I earned an AA in Business; a BA in elementary education, and a MA in educational leadership. In college I took Art, creative writing, writing short stories, and Literature. I became fascinated with the art of writing. My hobbies are traveling, boating, reading, and writing genres in fiction and nonfiction. In many of my writings I reflect on places I have lived and visited throughout the United States and in Japan. You can learn more about me and other writing projects at

Get to Know Debra:

1.    Can you tell me about you as a writer? I was born in Cleveland, Mississippi. We moved to Florida when I was very young. I spent some summers in Saginaw, Michigan with my grandfather, Robert (Bob) Kingston. He often shared stories about his boyhood and his life at GM.  My high school literature teacher got me excited about the power of words in how to tell a story, writing different genres, and short stories. In addition, he inspired me to love books. In that, I yearned to become a writer. I began to write short stories as a hobby, but I didn’t really think about publishing. I received a BA in elementary education from the University of South Florida. After receiving my Master’s degree from USF, I began to think about publishing. I am currently working on my second book using the Crumb Snatcher characters again. I just submitted an inspirational book (The Great I Am) and I am co-writing an adult novel, A Circle of Paths to be published in 2014. I am currently an elementary school administrator. My hobbies are traveling, boating, reading, and writing.

2.    Why did you choose the title, The Crumb Snatchers? I chose the title because it is  very special to me. My father called me and my two sisters his little Crumb Snatchers when we were little girls growing up.

3.    What part(s) of the Crumb Snatchers did you enjoy writing the most? Wow, I really enjoyed writing the entire book. I guess if I had to say, my favorite part was writing about the breakfast scene because it reminded me of the times we came together as a family and sometimes with friends to share a great meal. My mother was a great cook. And, I enjoyed writing about my sisters who tried so hard to keep me out of trouble with my parents.

4.    Is there a special person(s) in your life that inspired you to become a writer? First, my grandfather was a master story teller. I remember listening to his stories with such admiration of wanting to be a wonderful story teller as well. He told stories that brought characters to life. Next, I had a wonderful language arts teacher that encouraged me to write with passion and never give on my dreams.

5.    What are your current projects? I just completed an inspirational book about getting to know Jesus Christ; the book is entitled the “Great I Am” In addition, I am writing the sequel to the Crumb Snatchers. The girls are playing in a championship softball game.

6.    What advice would you give other writers? I would advise them to write about something they are passionate about; to get their work edited by professionals in the business; to start the marketing process long before their book is published; and to seek others for book reviews, and never give up on your dreams.

7.    As a writer, what comes to you first, the plot or the characters? It depends, in the Crumb Snatchers I thought about the characters first, then I constructed the plot around the characters and each actual event they were involved in to make the entire story come together.

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