Are the sins of the father and mother visited upon their sons and daughters? Undoubtedly damaged, Honey Lamb, like many, is a descendant of an unfortunate legacy of molestation, addiction, murder and bad decisions. For as long as she could remember, she believed the unhappiness she experienced was somehow bequeathed to her. The blood that surged through her veins seemed to be tainted and she often wondered about the DNA she possessed. Experiencing more than her share of misery at the hands of her mother, an alcoholic; the source of all her woes, Honey believed she’d overcome her seemingly checkered path all by herself when she met and married, Mason; a man she loves beyond her own understanding.  Unfortunately, unsettling memories emerge to crack the veneer of her seemingly happy existence. Feeling unable to escape what she believed to be her destiny, Honey makes a decision that may have ruined her life. Not realizing that God places people in our lives for His purpose, she reluctantly embarks upon a journey that will open her eyes and heart to a divine inheritance. Will she accept what God has already given to her or will she shun the invitation of salvation and allow her familial carnal legacy to continue to the next generation? Will she come to understand that Jesus’ blood redeemed us from a self-defeating existence because He became the sinful inheritance for us while at the same time eradicating it forever, giving us a spiritual blood transfusion that would change us all?

Eyes of confusion searched the room as I exited the bed and walked to the adjacent bathroom.   “Was that a memory or was it a dream?” I whispered, staring at myself in the bathroom mirror.
 “Who was that older woman?”  I didn’t know what to think.   Do I have any family other than that demon of a mother?  The thought of my having someone else in this world with my DNA was impossible to believe. I didn’t know where my father was or even if he was still alive but to know that I may have someone else…
Negativity entered my psyche and thoughts that she or they could be just like mother caused me to shiver.   “They can’t be,” I said to my reflection in the mirror.  
In the recesses of my mind, I heard a voice that haunted me. I recognized it. It was Mother.
“You ain’t worth nothing. Look what you did to Mason,” the voice said. “You had your chance to have a good life. Mason was the beginning of the family and the love you said you needed, wanted and always cried about and you blew it.” 
Before I knew it, I was screaming. The acoustics of the bathroom resulted in the exaggeration and expansion of the volume of my screams.
I was on the floor of the bathroom, bawling and yelling into the pristinely clean yellow and white tiles as if they could shut out the accusations I heard in my head. 
“Shut-up!” I screamed. “I didn’t want to…,” I explained to my invisible accuser. “God help me!” 
The outcry seemed to ride the sound waves out of the room.
As I inhaled, I felt someone embrace me gently and tentatively. 
“Baby…,” is what I heard as soft arms enfolded me.   “It’s okay. God is always willing to help,” Ms. Sadie affirmed confidently, squeezing me into her.  
Ms. Sadie… always here when I need her, I thought thankfully, trying to compose myself. 
“Come on dear, let’s get you to your room,” Ms. Sadie advised as she helped me to my feet.  
I placed my head on her shoulder as we walked slowly into my room.
As I entered the room, Sammy was watching me and I immediately felt ashamed. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any condemnation in his eyes. I couldn’t explain it but it was as if he just loved me the same way Ms. Sadie did. I felt new tears in production and relented. 
“I’m so sorry, Sammy…,” I said, not able to continue.  
“You owe me no apology, Honey. My wife heard the cries and asked me to come over and check on Aunt Sadie,” he smiled faintly.
You okay now?” 
I nodded. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know Sammy was even married.
“Baby, you need to stop fighting and let God fight your battles,” Ms. Sadie said. “You are fighting something only Jesus can help you win.” 
“Amen,” Sammy said. 
“Ms. Sadie, I don’t know…,” I began. 
“I know you don’t know, but I know,” she stated.  As if on cue, Sammy reached for the Bible on the night table. He brought it over and handed it to Ms. Sadie. 
“Sit down child,” she instructed.   I sat down on the bed and Sammy did the same.
The chair in which he sat in was gorgeous. Everything in this house was gorgeous. It was a cherry wood, Queen Anne chair with the lovely, gold brocade tapestry. There was something about Ms. Sadie. She was a puzzle. 
“You believe you’re not worthy of God’s love because of what you did to Mason and what you’ve had to endure, but God loves you and wants to be your everything. He wants you to take all of your guilt and suffering and give it to him.”
She watched me to be sure I absorbed what she’d said. “Do you know Jesus died so you could be free of whatever has you bound? Don’t push away the love that has been paid for with the shedding of His blood.”
As she flipped through the Bible, obviously looking for a scripture, I looked at the door and in the entranceway, a woman was standing there. Her skin reminded me of milk chocolate; smooth and flawless. Her hair, the color of shining onyx was tightly curled as it framed her angelic face. She was wearing a white shimmering nightdress. She caught my eye and smiled warmly. 
 “Sis, you have a friend in Jesus,” she whispered as she entered my room. “The song tells us that He will bear all of our sins and grief and it’s obvious you’re carrying a ton of them. One of the privileges of being His friend is that we can carry everything to God in prayer.” 
“You always show up right on time, baby,” Sammy said as he extended his hand to his wife and brought her to him, placing her on his lap.  
“Here it is, baby…” Ms. Sadie announced as she sat down next to me. The bed breathed as it received her weight as she read, …“When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, “Women, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.’” 
M. Ann is a Christian Fiction author originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey presently residing in Bear, Delaware with her awesome husband and two handsome sons. She is a graduate of Rider University.

M. Ann is forever grateful to her parents, Earnest and Anne Smith for their prayers and close reign over her young life.   Their seemingly ever-present influence and strong desire for her to know God, attend church and participate in every possible youth auxiliary kept her from elements that could have swallowed her whole.  Writing for M. Ann was always a hidden love. One would say that as her relationship with her Savior matured, her desire to write was blossomed. Stories that seemed to be buried in her heart to give God glory were unearthed. She then became convinced and confident that it was her gift.   She is determined to tell the world how wonderfully awesome Jesus Christ is and can be in our lives if we just allow Him to be.   She is honored to be used by God to spread His message with the stories she creates with the leading of the Holy Spirit, knowing that He will provide her with the words that will draw all men to Him.  She realizes that her role as a writer is simply to exhale what God has already breathed into her.

She is also what one may consider a motivational/inspirational speaker but she prefers the term, “Godspirational” as one may only be truly inspired and changed when hearing the uncompromised word of God!

M. Ann is the author of Awesome Wonder: The Gift of Remembrance , The Son and THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME.

Get to Know M. Ann Ricks:

How would you describe your latest novel: THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME ?

Because of a checkered past, a destructive familial history or bad choices, many have decided to live a life of regret and fear; resolving that their fate is irreversible. Regardless of who you are, whatever you’ve done or whatever your family has done to you, the blood of Jesus can make you a new creature because of its power. THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME chronicles a woman’s desire for redemption. The novel enlightens and encourages as the reader takes a journey with the heroine, Honey Lamb. Because the story of her life is one of demoralizing circumstances, she questions why she is and who she is.  Although making a life altering mistake because of her past, she finds that it does not have to dictate her destiny.  The blood that was shed on Calvary by Jesus Christ was the most definitive demonstration of unconditional love. It washed away every bad decision, every sin, and every generational curse, granting us an everlasting pardon.  Honey’s journey throughout the novel allows her to arrive at the realization that when Christ said “It is Finished!”, her past was erased. She was set free because He was the true sacrifice but it is up to her to recognize the sacrifice and receive her spiritual pardon.

Describe your journey to publication.

 It seems I always knew I was not destined to be a “corporate woman” and when my  position was eliminated throughout the entire organization, I had an inkling that it was God-ordained, at least for me.  Prior to this event, I’d resolved to reconnect with the Master and sought to draw nigh to Him.  I don’t think I would have been able to really hear God if I hadn’t been reconnected to Him. I’d always loved to write and as my relationship God became stronger, my desire to write become stronger and strangely, to my surprise, a need. My yearning to please Him with the stories that I created increased. I realized that this could be my way of bringing souls into the Kingdom of God. “Tell the world about Me with the words I will give you,” is what I heard. Admittedly, I used my occupation, (or lack thereof) as an excuse and had mixed emotions as to my next steps. After seeking the Lord and requesting and then receiving the needed confirmation, (two or three confirmations to be truthful), I finally arrived at the conclusion that writing was the path that God has placed me on.  Believing that God would give me the words, I began to write my first book; Awesome Wonder: The Gift of Remembrance. My husband said something that enables me to write with confidence; “If God told you to write, then write, and stand on His promises.”  After four months of searching for a publisher, God blessed me with an opportunity and the rest will certainly be “His-story”!

 What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring author?

Firstly, one must believe in their gift and talent. In this industry, it’s easy to say “forget it” or “this is not for me”. Know that rejection is part of the process but persistence is the key. I have learned that what God has started in me, He is obligated to finish and I will be successful. If you believe that you have something to share that will change lives, write and believe in yourself and gift that you have been given. Understand that it isn’t the money that will satisfy you. The opportunity to speak into the lives  of others via your writing and make a difference is what will inevitably gratify you.

Secondly, if He has called you to it… He will see you through it!! As an author, your assignment is to write, God will send people for your life. The other aspects; promotion, marketing, notoriety and money will come… Seek ye first the Kingdom, (seek to do God’s will) and everything else will be added!

Finish this statement: I became a writer because creating and sharing stories of faith, His unconditional and unending love will change lives and provide spiritual revelation thus augmenting the Kingdom of God. I believe this is what God has purposed for my life and I am determined to walk in my purpose!

 Thousands of books are published each year. What sets your book apart from other books in your genre?

There isn’t a Christian Fiction novel in the marketplace presently that specifically discusses the healing and delivering power of the blood of Jesus. Oddly enough, the body of Christ today doesn’t seem to dialogue about its significance. Many are writing non-fictionally about generational curses, the importance of forgiveness and the wonderful love of Jesus but no author has fictionally penned a novel that clearly identifies what Jesus did when he died for us. This novel makes the significance of His blood truly comprehensible to even the lay person.  THE BLOOD DONE SIGNED MY NAME is the first of its kind because it not only shares a relatable story but it provides the liberating truth scripturally. This novel communicates and confirms that no longer does one need to label themselves as a “recovering” alcoholic, drug addict or even an inevitable beneficiary of the many generational tendencies and sicknesses that may be passed on from one generation to another. Christ has absolved all who believe in Him because His blood has erased every sinful stain. The key is to believe in Jesus and to renew our minds… to cast down everything, imagination or otherwise that can try to keep us from believing that Jesus has already paid the price. We are indeed FREE!

If you could spend an hour talking with any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I know Paul of Tarsus was inspired by God as God is the true author of the Bible but I would love to sit down and speak with him. He, with aid of the Holy Spirit wrote most of the New Testament, endured mental and physical persecution and still managed to mentor his brothers and sisters in the gospel. I would bombard Him with questions.   I believe we are all inspired by God to do what we do… write about the awesome Savior, Jesus Christ and to bring others to Christ while bringing God glory.  I would love to sit with Paul to hear first-hand about how he received his inspiration to write what thus saith the Lord.  What an awesome conversation that would be!

What is the most encouraging advice you’ve received as an author?

The most encouraging advice I have received waspray…and trust God…and give this over to Him.”  

More specifically, “ For the Lord GOD will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.” Isaiah 50:7

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