A Sweet Taste In Your Mouth by Anaya Kay

front cover (1) Is it possible to enjoy friends, family and work? Can you discover yourself and who you are as a person all while being a good friend? A Sweet Taste in Your Mouth is the story of five friends discovering themselves while searching for the sweetness of life. These ladies embrace life without sacrificing themselves.   They have fun moving through their city while making survival look easy.

Lillian is married with children and struggling to deal with her husbands on-going affairs. Alexis and Candy are having secret affairs. Alexis is secretly dating a very handsome man and afraid to acknowledge their relationship. Alexis’ friend is wonderful to her in every way and she is afraid it is all a lie. Candy is in love with a man engaged to another woman and secretly trying to get pregnant for him while dating several other men in the public eye. Shannon has a sponsor and the Shannon system of working men. She enjoys manipulating others to gain full access to their money and resources. Her motto, “It’s good to have your own money to pay bills but, its better to pay them with someone else’s money”. Imani is single, dating, listening to client problems and working to resolve her personal problem, dating men already taken by their moms. Imani is struggling with her weight issues as well as her lack of companionship.

The girlies meet, eat, and slow sip drinks weekly at their favorite spot to talk about every bite, lick, and taste of life while plotting on men. These sexy, sassy, and seductively sweet women live, work, and play in the city of New Orleans.



Candy jumped at the opportunity to reprimand him. “If you were doing the right thing you would not be worried about smelling anything but Candy,” she replied. She rolled over to lie across Shane’s chest and asked, “Baby when are you going to call off your wedding? What’s up with all the text messages?”

“Ssh baby…can we stay positive. The messages are to let you know how I feel.”

He persisted to pull the sheets from the bed and throw them in the washer. “Candy, come help me make the bed,” said Caramel Crème.

“Umm, I’ll help if there is something good in it for me,” said Candy.

“Candy you already had supper,” he replied. Shane felt she should be full from their meal.

“I don’t know. Colossal was just okay today. Something, something was missing today,” said Candy.

Pulling Candy by the arm and wrapping his arms around her waist, he said, “What was it Colossal missed this afternoon?”

Pulling from his embrace, she said, “We need to get the clean sheets on your bed. Caramel Crème we really work well together, it’s taken us no time to fix your bed. Don’t you think we make a good team?” She ignored his question.

“Candy stop it,” he said with force. Sitting on the bed and pulling Candy’s hands in his, he asked, “Why do you continue to bring up Nicole when we are together?”

“I did not bring up your lady. You said we needed to pull the sheets,” said Candy.

“What’s going on with you?” said Caramel Crème.

“Nothing,” said Candy.

“Okay,” said Shane.

“I’m just pointing out all the good things about you, and me, and Colossal,” said Candy.


“Shane, Shane, Shane baby where are you?” A voice called out from the front of the house using Caramel Crème’s real name.

“What is she doing here? This is our time,” Candy snapped.

Whispering into Candy’s ear, he said, “I don’t know. Baby don’t start no shit right now. Baby please, work with a brother right now.”

“Work with a brother?” said Candy.

“How the fuck is she here now? I thought she was at work? What are you going to do? Because I’m not finished with Colossal,” said Candy. This was the explosion Candy had been awaiting. She was ready to make Shane choose … not realizing he had already chosen. She liked watching him squirm. The adrenaline rushed through her blood.

“Baby please?” said Carmel Crème.

“Shane where are you?” called Nicole.

Yelling to the front of the house, he said, “Um in the bedroom changing my sheets.”

“Just put them in the washer.” “Be up front in a moment. Grab me a Heineken out the fridge,” said Shane.

“Sure baby, you know I can do that for you. We are about to be married in few weeks. You know I got you boy,” said Nicole.

“Candy, girl don’t start nothing.” Grabbing Candy by the arm, he pulled her to the attic door. “Candy, girl, please go in the attic for a few minutes. I am going to get Nikki out of here as soon as possible. Baby, please do this for me and Colossal. Just this one time. Please baby?” said Caramel Crème.

Candy coughed, clearing her throat. “Boy, are you crazy? It’s spring in New Orleans. An attic this time of the year is hotter than panther piss on steroids.”

“Baby it’s still slightly cool outside. It’s not like this is May or June,” said Shane.

“I know, cause your ass would be married,” said Candy.

“Shane baby, I got your Heineken,” said Nicole from the kitchen.

“Come on, Candy hook a brother up,” begged Shane.

“All right Caramel Crème but this is the one and only time. I am too fine and sexy to sit in an attic, hiding from this bitch to make a Negro happy,” said Candy.

Kissing Candy on the cheek, he said, “Baby thank you.” A slow smile covered Candy’s face. She jumped as the door closed.


anaya kay picAnaya Kay is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a graduate of McDonogh #35 Senior High School and Xavier University of Louisiana. Anaya believes life is all about the adventure. She enjoys travelling, family, and reading. Anaya continues to live in New Orleans with her adorable Yorkie.


Get to know Anaya:

  1. How did you get started writing?

I journal all the time, the book came from that process.

  1. This book has five strong female characters, tell me about them?

Alexis, Candy, Imani, Lillian, and Shannon are all different in appearance, family situation, and relationship status. I wanted the ladies to be colorful and memorable in their behavior. I wanted them to jump off the page, make you feel like they were real people, and you know them. Growing up I would see women who were not afraid to be a little crazy, confrontational all while still being friendly with each other.

  1. Which male character did you enjoy writing the most?

King is my favorite male character with Michael as a close second. When we meet King in the book, there is this incredible cocky confidence about him. We instantly know he is going to challenge Sandals.

  1. What made you incorporate New Orleans into your novel?

The men and women are so colorful and different. They needed to be from a city that was sexy with a sense of mystery.

  1. What made you combine food especially sweets in your debut novel?

When people think about New Orleans they instantly think about food and alcohol and just fun. So much of our culture surrounds food. A few of the men have sweet nicknames given to them by their women.   The smell of fresh baking cookies makes me smile; being with a sexy man makes me smile. It came naturally to talk about food, men, alcohol, and fun.

  1. How comfortable are you with this book and the sex in it?

Sex is a part of life, sex feels good. We all like to feel good and be comfortable with our partners. I am very comfortable with the relationships amongst the characters in this novel.

  1. Have you found your sweet spot?

Just like the ladies in my novel, I am working on me. I’m trying to get to that place of center and peacefulness.


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