Strengthening Her Essence: In The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino and Fila Antwine

Here’s the situation… Fila Antwine is a lover of life. “I love me beyond measure. My life has come to reflect that.  I amFila Pic a happy wife, mother and entrepreneur, living in the magical realm of my dreams.  I operate from the essence of my being.   I choose to connect to my source and the source of all, in my daily life.  I live free, I love strong, and I seek truth in all that I do,” she said.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Antwine to discuss her Strengthening Her Essence movement, and how others can also find this inner happiness she exemplifies.

Michelle: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Fila: I’m a liver and a lover. I love life and all the beauty that it has to offer. I love to love on myself, my family, friends, and others. I’m a nurturer by nature, and a connector by divine gift. I’m happily married with two beautiful, brilliant children who challenge me and teach me every day. I expect miracles daily and when I pay attention I usually realize that they’re right in front of me. I come from a big, extended, close knit family with a large female presence and influence. I carry that influence with me everywhere I go – in everything I do.

Michelle: What exactly is a “Connection Catalyst?”

Fila: As a “Connection Catalyst” – I am a spark. I incite connection in others. The catalyst is the thing that stimulates an action or event, and that’s what I do with the women I work with. I help them begin the necessary processes that will result in proper connection to themselves and others. Thereby, creating a life of relationships that feed, nourish, and nurture them.

Michelle: You spearheaded a Strengthening Her Essence movement. Please tell us about the movement’s mission.

Fila: The mission of Strengthening Her Essence is simple: to remind women of their essential power. We have the ability to live exceptionally beautiful lives, but many of us have lost our connections with our natural essence. We often don’t remember who we are at our core because life has pushed and pulled us in too many directions. So, we may feel sad, depressed, angry, confused, or defeated in our lives. Strengthening Her Essence – the book and movement shows women how to reconnect to their feminine power, passion, and prowess to use it as a force for positive change. We start by examining ourselves internally. We get in touch with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions – then we take a look at how those aspects are influencing what we see in our lives. What are the external results of my internal habits? That allows us to recognize the masks we may have been wearing to cover up the real issues brewing under the surface. Once a woman decides to remove her masks, she can again see herself for who she truly is and initiate the process of strengthening her connection to her essence. Everything changes from there. My goal for the Strengthening Her Essence Movement is to positively impact the lives of 1,000,000 women worldwide! I want women to live essentially strong, essentially healthy, and essentially happy lives.

Fila Cover PicMichelle: You are also the author of Strengthening Her Essence: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation Through Truth.” Tell us what the book is about.

Fila: The book is a guide for women who want to learn more about themselves. It is an honest, real, raw conversation about us, and our issues. There is no fluff or filler – no anecdotal stories to pacify you. It forces you to take a long look at yourself, behind the mask – and convicts you to take personal responsibility for your thoughts, actions, behaviors, and life experiences. It is empowering and LIBERATING! It’s a book for all women.

Michelle: Where did you draw inspiration from for this book?

Fila: I was inspired by life; my life and the lives of other women. I realize that women experience life through their connections. Our relationships have tremendous influence over our lives. The joys and pains heavily influence the way we respond or react to other life experiences. I want to show women that when we are properly connected – first to ourselves and then to others, our lives will become a representation of that. We will become healthier, happier, and more purposeful in every area.

Michelle: What do you hope readers walk away with once they read Strengthening Her Essence?

Fila: Well, first I hope that they can feel my intention while reading. I want them to know that this book was written for them by someone who knows them because she knows herself. My desire is for every woman who reads Strengthening Her Essence to gain an awareness of her right to live a better life – a good life that feels good, and to understand that she has all of the resources she needs within her to make that happen.

Michelle: You offer various workshops for couples and individuals. Can you give us some background on the services you offer?

Fila: I offer services that are based on my principles of proper internal and external connection. I predominantly work with women who have a desire to understand their relationship patterns and outcomes. I help cultivate strong leadership in my clients by helping them strengthen their essential selves through activities, assignments, readings, and other practices. We work together to create custom strategy plans to improve their overall relationship results that they can continue for life. I coach individuals and groups, both in person and virtually. I also host women-only events that I curate to provide a safe, indulgent, supportive space for the attendees. In addition, I speak to large and small groups about related subject matter.

Michelle: What made you dedicate your life to helping others recreate the life of their dreams?

Fila: I’ve always had a passion for people. When I was very young I realized I had a gift at bringing people together and it made me happy. I later began to understand that I also have a powerful intuition and the ability to “feel” energies around me. Circumstances in my personal and professional life urged me to do what I was meant to do. I’m a deeply emotional person and I am only stable when I do the things that feel right to my whole being. Stepping into my purpose, becoming the connection catalyst I’ve been born to be, feels right. It allows me to serve others while doing something I absolutely love.

Michelle: You are also the author of the children’s book, Curiously Coiled. What made you pen this book?Fila Cover Pic 2

Fila: Curiously Coiled is a story of self-discovery and acceptance geared toward young children. It was created to engage children at those critical stages when they begin to question themselves and may become confused about who they are. I decided I wanted to reassure them that they are as amazing as can be – naturally. In my work, I also get to connect with girls of varying ages and unfortunately many of them are battling low self esteem and insecurity. The Curiously Coiled series deals with these issues in a subtle yet impactful manner. It allows me to extend my Strengthening Her Essence principles to younger generations.

Michelle: What do you hope young readers will learn from the main character, Milani?

Fila: The main character is actually named after my youngest child – my only daughter Milani. My message to the children who read Curiously Coiled is also my message to my daughter: that you are beautiful, brilliant, and unique. I want children to know that they are all wonderful creations with differences that make them special and worthy of love – love of self, first and foremost. I hope that Milani’s curiosity encourages them to ask questions and to examine themselves in relation to the world around them. I hope her confidence influences them to embrace all that is marvelous about them.

Michelle: When it’s all said and done, what do you want Fila Antwine to be remembered for?

Fila: That’s a tough one. There are lots I’d like to be remembered for, but most of all I think I want to be remembered for my vulnerability and transparency – my willingness to allow others to see my flaws so they can become empowered to acknowledge, accept, and embrace theirs as well. Basically, a realness that we don’t see often enough. We’re all human and experiencing the same hurts. If we knew that, it could help us heal from those hurts as a collective and change the social landscape for women everywhere.

Michelle: Please tell our readers how to contact and/or follow you.

Fila: Readers can engage and connect with me through my website at Fila Antwine – Official Website. On social media: IG & Twitter: @SHEisFILA, and via email at [email protected]

My books; Strengthening Her Essence: A Woman’s Guide to Liberation through Truth, and Curiously Coiled are both 5-star rated and available on

I am also hosting an exclusive, in-person, private event on June 6, 2015 in NYC, and more info can be found at

“Connection is everything!” – Fila



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