Still Torn: In The Situation Room with Latoya Chandler

Latoya Chandler is a New York-based writer. She enjoys her career as an executive assistant to the CEO of a non-Latoya Chandlerprofit organization. When not busy writing, or burying her nose in books, Latoya enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her five loving children and her very patient better half. In October 2013, Latoya’s penned her first novel, Torn: I Don’t Need You, But I Want You, followed by Still Torn: When Broken Hearts Collide. Latoya’s pride and joys were released and published January 1st and June 30th through her long-desired personal publishing company, Passion Publications.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Latoya Chandler to discuss her books, her publishing company, and what we can expect from her in the future.

Michelle: Tell us a little about Latoya Chandler.

Latoya: Latoya Chandler is a mother of five by default (lol), as I gave birth to twins my last pregnancy. I am an executive assistant for a not-for-profit organization, as well as an author /publisher. I began this journey as an avid reader, as reading is and was my first love. I love shoes, doing hair (at times), and spending time with my children.

Michelle: What was it like being reared in the city that never sleeps, New York?

Latoya: I love being from and living in New York. Honestly, it is all I know.

Michelle: How has New York City shaped you as a writer?

Latoya: Being from New York hasn’t had an impact on my writing or shaped me honestly.  I believe the writer/author was always in me no matter where I may have been from.

Michelle: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Latoya: I would love to write full-time, and have all of my books in all book stores around the world.

Michelle: Your first book is titled Torn: I Dont Need You, But I Want You. Tell us what the book is about.

Latoya: Torn is a romantic thriller of sex, lies, betrayal and infidelity.  It literally will leave you second guessing the people around you wondering who you can trust.

Michelle: Give us an insight into your main character, Latavia Carter. What makes her they type of person she is?

Latoya: Latavia is an example of a woman with unresolved issues, and because she never really dealt with things, they spill over into her everyday life/marriage forcing her to react out of her emotions instead of thinking rationally.

Michelle: The sequel to Torn is titled Still Torn: When Broken Hearts Collide. Where does this book pick up and leave off?

Latoya: Still Torn picks up where Torn left off, giving an account for Darnell’s actions at the hotel. It leaves you wondering if he will finally see through his wife, Latavia, or still live in darkness.

Michelle: Will there be another installment in the “Torn” series, or has the story ended with the sequel?

Latoya: Unfortunately, Darnell wouldn’t leave me alone so there will be a conclusion of the matter. I am in the process of writing part three, Forever Torn: Broken and Devastated.

Michelle: From where did you draw inspiration for your characters?

Latoya: I pretty much start off with a general idea of my characters, and once I start writing, they tell me who they are, and take over the story. I just write it. LOL

Michelle: Your publishing company is Passion Publications. Why did you choose that name?

Latoya: Because of my love and passion for literature, Passion Publications would be the only suitable title.

Michelle: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Latoya: Read, research, read, research. Read some more, and research more.  Make sure you have a professional editor and graphic designer. You are your brand, so represent yourself to the fullest. Believe in yourself and your craft.

Michelle: Please tell our listeners how they can contact and/or follow you.

Latoya: I am on Facebook under Latoya Chandler, Instagram as Passionbosslady, Twitter Latoya_Chandler, and my website is



Latoya Cover PicLatavia Carter can’t live or face the present because she’s stuck in her past. She marries the man of her dreams, but she’s unable to appreciate him because of her haunting past. Lies, secrets, and infidelity cause her life and the ones around her to spiral out of control. But is it her fault? How can it be when just about everyone in her immediate circle has a secret of his or her own? Who can she trust? Better yet, how can she trust anyone when she can’t even trust herself?

Darnell Carter, also known as Latavia’s Aladdin, is the epitome of the perfect man. His decision to keep a one-night stand a secret sends the world he’s worked so hard to build crumbling down, placing him in a life-or-death situation. Forced to take matters into his own hands, as divorce isn’t an option in his eyes, Darnell promises to honor his vows—by any means necessary! He is a firm believer of his vow, “Until death do us part”, which he doesn’t take lightly.

Nariah Westbrook is a scorned woman faced with demons of her own. She believes a man is only good for one thing—if he can manage to get that right. If sex doesn’t include her being in a position of power, she wants nothing to do with it—until she finds herself falling in love with Mahogany, who is emotionally unavailable and isn’t the person she set out to be. Nariah allows sex to dictate her life, which in turn hurts her and the world around her real good.

Come take a journey into this romantic thriller of sex, lies, and betrayal, and see if Torn won’t have you second guessing who you can trust—especially if your wants overshadow your needs.


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