Still Deceiving By India

Coming October 25, 2011 from G Street Chronicles
  Lovely Brown was living the good life as Detroit’s top drug dealer operating under the alias LB. Everything was going smooth until her father Lucifer escaped from Prison ready to return to the thrown and destroy anyone in his path, including Lovely. While on the run for her life, she was also under investigation by the Feds and simultaneously set up for the murder of her mafia connects nephew, which resulted in a ONE MILLION DOLLAR bounty being placed on her head. Achieving the impossible Lovely manages to escape unscathed.

 Now it’s been five years since she left all the Dope, Death and Deception behind and she is finally ready to live a normal life but this morning things just got complicated when issues from her past come right to her front door. Once again Lovely finds herself in a bad situation with her back against the wall looking sideways at everyone in her corner. Lies have been told and love has been tested, Just when she thought things were over it looks like someone is Still Deceiving!

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