Starting All Over by Author L. Rainey-Perry

startingalloverAfter a horrible breakup Shanae begins to believe that finding an honest and faithful man is impossible. That is until she meets sweet and charismatic Troy Johnson who sweeps her off  her feet with his charming ways. Life is becoming better for Shanae as her relationship with Troy begins to blossom until she realizes that lighting a candle to new love isn’t always paradise when an old flame is still burning.

Feeling like her world is crumbling around her Shanae wonders if she is strong to survive the chaos.

Get to know L. Rainey:

What made you start writing and decide to self-publish?

As a child I was extremely shy and I was never really good at expressing myself verbally so at the age of 7 I began keeping a journal. I would write about every and anything that came to my mind, whether it be how I’m feeling at the moment, what I was thinking or if I saw something that was interesting. I wrote my first novel in 2000 but I wasn’t knowledgeable about the process of publishing back then. As I as well as my writing matured I decided to finally go about trying to self-publish my work and I discovered

What messages I am sending through my writing?

I look to inspire and uplift readers who can relate to or know of someone who is going through certain situations that my characters are experiencing. I want to let them know that they are not alone, that there are other people out there who have experienced those issues as well.

What /who inspires me?

I’m inspired by everyday life. I take real life situations and turn them into mind & body stimulating stories to give people a chance to escape from their everyday lives and into someone else’s almost perfect world. I was inspired by Eric Jerome Dickey, his novel ‘sister, sister’ was the first adult book I had ever read and since then I fell in love with his work. His writing inspired me to not be afraid to write the way that I do as well as wanting to become a published author.

What plans do I have for the future as a writer?

At this moment I am just trying to build my fan base and show them that there are still writers out there who write out of their love for writing and not just money. I plan to have my own publishing company one day soon and I will be looking for writers who share the same passion for words as I do.


Would I consider playwright?

I’ve definitely considered playwright. I would love to one day turn my book(s) into plays and later on into movies.

Author L. Rainey-PerryBio

Lataryn Rainey-Perry is a self-published author who has been writing since the tender age of 7. After serving time in the United States Marine Corps, Lataryn decided that she would carry out her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.
Lataryn plans to one day establish her own publishing company and discover new writers who share the same passion about writing as she does.

She resides in Charleston, SC with her husband and two daughters and is currently working on her next novel.

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