Skeletons in Her Closet By. L'Mignon

Skeletons in Her ClosetNew author, L’Mignon, takes pride in bringing the girl next door character to reality for her readers, creating a story that many can identify with in some fashion. In her first novel, Skeletons in Her Closet, she introduces us to McKenzie Johnson. Over the years, McKenzie has become so involved in work she neglects having a social life. As a new year begins, McKenzie is convinced by her friends to trade in her conservative business attire for some sexier club attire and finally let her hair down. All work and no play is never any fun. Not knowing when she will get out again, she is determined to make the most of this night. Unbeknown to her, not only will she enjoy a fun night with the girls, but also meet the man she would soon marry, Milton Williams. Ordinarily, she would never go for a man that she met in a club, but there is something difference about Milton once she takes the time to get to know him. He is everything she always wanted and felt she needed to make her life complete. But as with all things in life, McKenzie’s journey with Milton is not an easy one. L’Mignon leaves you on the edge of your seat until the very end wondering how the story will play out.



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