Sister Nadeen's Ways By Felicia Brookins

Sister Nadeen Simmons carries in her veins the generational legacy of hypocrisy, religious tradition and pain. She is determined to do a work for the Kingdom of God and win her place behind the pearly gates, even if it means she has to rule her household and  her church with an iron fist. She prides herself on her church reputation and strives to maintain that no matter what.
She allows no room for her three girls to embarrass her or smudge her prestigious church status. While she berates others for their infidelity, she is not above committing adultery or being a hypocrite. She will test the sanity of a Saint and dare you to tell her that she ain’t. The only person that can make her bend and almost break is her mother, Ruth, the very person who passed along the gift of her ungodly ways.
” Patsy! Ann! Get in here. You girls gotta learn that men are weak ! When things get a little rough they run! They abandon their families and use all kind of excuses to make it seem like it’s all right. You see what your daddy just did? They all do the same thing! He try to tell me God told him to go but I don’t believe that! The Lord would never tell a man to leave his loving wife and his children!”
Felicia is the proud wife of Mr. Jason H. Brookins and holds the prestigious title of mother to one wonderful son, Phillip J. Brookins. She is a graduate of the University of Southern MS 1989 with a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has always enjoyed writing poems and reading.
She is the author of her first Christian Fiction trilogy, Sister Nadeen’s WAYS, which was released Spring
2017. She is also the winner of the 2016 Southern Laced Literary Award for her literary contribution.
Felicia Brookins is also the Founder of the literary touring event, Inspired Resources, LLC — –
‘WriteTheVision’-Writers Conference which connects aspiring writers with experts in the field of
publishing, marketing , social media and legal advice for authors. She has held several successful tours in
the Atlanta, GA area and recently in Jackson, MS. She is available for book club discussions and speaking
opportunities concerning the platform of her book.
Get To Know To Felicia Brookins :

Who is Felicia Brookins?

I would describe myself as someone who loves to stay busy planning, hosting and
serving. I enjoy a well organized social event where I can network and meet new
people. I am very involved in my church and I serve in many different capacities
along side my husband and son. I am a graduate of the University of Southern
Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS where I majored in Broadcast Journalism.

Why did you write Sister Nadeen’s WAYS?
I wrote Sister Nadeen’s WAYS because I believe we as women do not fully realize
the impact and responsibility of our role in the lives of others especially within the
four walls of our own homes. I wrote this book to cause us to do a self evaluation
of the affect of our words and our ways upon the people we are assigned by God
to nurture. Our children and our husbands or the significant others in our lives who
we pour into every day as nurturers especially those of us who profess to be
Women of the Household of Faith. We have a greater responsibility because there
is a certain expectation when it comes to the way we carry ourselves and the way
we pour into the lives of other.
I want this book to cause Women to open their eyes and look honestly into a
mirror and ask “ Why?” “ Why do I say the things I do to my love ones?”, “ Why do
I respond the way that I do to those I love and are responsible for growing just like
seeds placed in the ground ?” This book shows readers that what we release in our
homes is deposited into our children, husbands or significant others and when
these words and ways take root within them it will produce the fruit of what we
have planted whether it is positive or toxic. This fruit will grow in them and one
day be passed along to someone else. The impact of toxic fruits from our mouths
and actions will be felt by everyone outside of our home.
I also wanted to bring attention to the fact that men can be domestic abuse
victims too and when a woman takes on the pants, belt and the drawers of her
husband or significant other she diminishes him as a man and that can have
drastic ramifications not only for him but for her children and her entire household as well. Domestic of Men is an issue we seem to cover up and disregard. Sister
Nadeen’s WAYS pulls the covers back and demands us to take a hard look.

What would you say to someone who ask why you chose to write a Christian
Fiction book?

As a Woman of God who has grown spiritually, I wanted to write this as a
Christian Fiction novel because I don’t think we realize the importance of minister
beginning at home. Some of us are so wrapped up in taking care of the Pastor and
making sure we show a false image and likeness of being Christ like that we forget
the people in our household are the ones we really need to be concerned about
because we set a role model in place for them. Our very actions and deeds can
draw them to God or push them away because of how we show what we say is the
Holy Spirit working within us. We must wake up and realize that we are failing our
Kingdom assignment when we pretend at church.

Will there be other books?
Yes. I have three other manuscripts written that are follow ups of Sister Nadeen’s
WAYS because once a character like this pours into a man and children, the kind of
things she has, we have to see the impact of it when they try to have what they
see as normal relationships with others. We have to see how this generational
curse that Sis. Nadeen Simmons unknowingly is carrying, is eventually recognized
and accepted by her. We must see just how bad her learned behavior affects her
relationship as a wife with a man who is not allowed to be the Man in his own
home. The hope in this Trilogy is that Nadeen admits the truth about her ways,
realizes where they transferred from, desire to stop the curse of her ungodly ways
and everyone be healed.

Describe yourself as an author.
I would say I have a lot to say and I am passionate about getting the message out
loud and clear to my readers. I enjoy writing fiction because it can be anything I
imagine and can turn out any way I want it to .

What is your writing process?
I like to write late at night when everyone is asleep. I can think clearer and hear
from the Holy Ghost concerning what I need to write and how. I like to have
Pandora playing jazz or Christmas music. They both relax me..

Who is your favorite character?
My favorite character would be Nadeen’s sister, Eva, she is honest about who she
is and what her faults are. She stands up to Nadeen and is not afraid to tell her
when she is wrong. She is damaged too and in some ways she lets it show but she
never lets it cause her shame. She faces her faults head on.

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