Sidebitch: A Twisted Love Story by LowKee

Kiana Sims wasn’t looking for Mr. Right. She wasn’t even looking for Mr. Right Now, Mark Miller just fell right into her lap. Mark is a former NBA player whose personality is so charming, it’s almost manipulative and somehow Kiana gets caught up in what every girl fears most: a SITUATIONSHIP. In an attempt to keep her sanity, Kiana walks away from her not-sorelationship with Mark. Oddly, as the universe would have it, the connection between these two is so deep that time, space, not even a whole relationship, can keep them away from each other. Kiana knows better than to be with a man in a relationship, hell, she values herself too much to be with a man in a relationship but with Mark’s manipulative charm, their unbreakable soul connection and incredible sex, she finds herself being a SideBitch. All men cheat, but they never fall in love with their SideBitch. Could Kiana be so incredible, could the connection be so undeniable, can the sex be such a mind-fuck that Mark is willing to pay, just for her to stay?

Alexa, play “The Weekend” by SZA. The Sidebitch Anthem. My, anthem. I don’t say that with pride. I just speak facts. I’m a sidebitch.(For context, we are defining “sidebitch” as a woman who is not the main woman in a mans life. She doesn’t get any real time, she’s his best kept secret, the woman he runs to when he has time, needs pussy or needs peace outside of his actual relationship, which leads to him getting pussy). Society might even consider her a home wrecker and or a hoe. But I’m neither a home wrecker nor a hoe. Granted, I have been dealing with a man who is practically married. I’m talking about raising their children together, living together, running businesses together..the works. On top of that, they’re what Instagram likes to call “Public Figures”..probably a couple of your favorites. But to me, he’s a regular nigga that I fell for before you had a chance to love him. Unfortunately for her, to me, she’s always going to be the woman he said was a Queen but she’s crazy and he didn’t want to deal with her. I hold on to words. I remember conversations. That’s probably how I got myself into this SideBitch role.

About the Author 

Most people have known their passion for their entire lives; LowKee  just always knew her strengths. Writing and creativity alike have always been on top of that list, but she  was never quite sure how to make them on her own. Living in Los Angeles with a tight group of creative friends, LowKee has always been blessed with the ability and opportunity to add her creative input to someone else’s big vision, so when she finally found the courage and outlet to create her own vision, LowKee found her overwhelmed with ideas. Who knew it would take thirty years to realize her passion was something she had been doing all along? LowKee has chosen to allow life and the lives of the people around her to inspire the story of every book she’s wrote and so far it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.



 How did you become an author?
I think it was probably destined for me to become an author well before I knew it. Writing has always been an outlet for me and I remember always saying, “I’m going to write a book about this one day”, whenever I would be crawling through whatever tunnel I was crawling through at the time. The idea of writing was like the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve also always been a creative and have always assisted everyone else in their creative endeavors until my best friend started pressuring me to finally write the book I always spoke about writing.

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for pretty much my entire life. It’s always been the way that I communicated the best. I’ve got a pretty slick tongue coupled with a quick mind and little to no filter and those things would constantly get me in trouble at home. I started to organize my thoughts, feelings and apologies in lengthy letters to my mom. It was my saving grace. It allowed me to say the things I  needed to say without the attitude, tone and snarky behavior attached to it. Later I turned into the girlfriend that sent essays. Like, even in our T9 text days. Exhausting, I know.

How did you come up with the story line of your book?
I am deeply rooted in emotion and creativity. Depending on your beliefs, life can imitate art or art can imitate life. The story line of my book comes directly from my life. It is based on a
relationship I was in or a part of. An entanglement, if you will. Ha. Just kidding. It is absolutely based on my real life, I won’t minimize it to an entanglement, though. Beyond it being one hell of an emotional roller coaster, I was able to use it as a way to heal. I was able to utilize my creativity to birth characters that I felt people would be able to relate to and that was really important to me. I didn’t want the story to feel like another fiction tale of infidelity. I wanted to give substance. I wanted to tell my truth. I wanted to create a safe space for people to identify with someone that they wouldn’t typically be able to identify with because it isn’t socially acceptable to do so.

What struggles did you face when you were writing this book?
There were a number of different struggles for me when I was writing this book. A huge struggle that I faced right away was the fact that I was living out the story I was writing. So some days would just be challenging as a whole. The struggle that I would say was the greatest of them all, was the fact that I didn’t have a laptop at the time. Yup, you guessed it, I wrote this entire book on my iPhone. Additionally, this was my first book. Being that I had chosen to self publish, I had to learn the ins and outs of writing, self publishing, deciding how I would brand myself as an author and
how I would market and promote my book without the help of any major cosign like a huge publishing company or celebrity. I guess working twelve hour days, being a single mother, a pretty incredible friend and trying to date while building an entire brand played a role in the “struggle”, too.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on a script. The script will be based on both of the books I currently have published. This book, ‘Sidebitch: A Twisted Love Story’ & my second book, ‘Exies: The Final Act of Love’ were written as a part one and part two, so the script will be based on both of the books as a whole. I am also getting ready to start an AuthorTube channel on YouTube. I genuinely believe that representation is important, so if I’m able to share my story, my  personality, the process of learning the ropes and be even the smallest beacon of light or hope for someone that looks like me and aspires to be an author or a writer or a creative in any capacity, I would be fulfilled. I’ve also put together a super cute and intimate book event. So whenever we’re allowed to go outside and play again, I will host that. Make sure you connect with me so that when that time comes, I can make sure you’re included! I want to be sure to include both my local and not so local readers.

Are you going to write more books?
I am absolutely going to write more books. Something inside of me tells me that this particular piece of art that I’ve created, is supposed to be more than a book, though. So based on that, I am going to do everything within my power and out of my reach to see that this story is told in every way that it can be. Once I accomplish that, I will begin to write my next story.

What do you want your readers to take from this story?

When you read this story, I want you to feel. Whatever that means to you. I want you to laugh, cry and identify. I want you to love or hate a character. I want you to have the desire to hug or
fight a character. I want you to identify with one character or a piece of every single character. But I also want you to be encouraged and empowered. There’s an element of truth and transparency within the story that requires readers to self check and I think that’s my favorite part. It also challenges what we know to be traditional love and I really hope that my readers are able to create conversation behind that.

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