She's Not A Snack She's A Whole Buffet BBW'S Do It Better By Mz Biggs

“Why you calling me about that dumb shit?  I told you I’ll be home when I get home,” Maurice scolded through the phone.  “But, you said you were going to the party with me.  What happened to you?”  “Ain’t nobody wanna be there to celebrate Karizma’s fat ass.  That’s your friend, not mine.  Does she even know that we’re together?”  “No, I haven’t found a way to tell her yet,” Renae responded. “My point exactly.  You want to walk around with me on your arm like you won some damn trophy.  Although, I know that I am the shit in these streets.  But, I’m sick of playing these games with you when it comes to Lena and Karizma.  If I’m your man, you need to stand your ass on the top of the mountains and shout that shit out to the world.”   “I hear ya.  Just come home so I can cuddle you.  I miss you, baby.  “Aight.  I’ll be there in thirty minutes,” Maurice lied.  He was laid next to Kenyatta and had no plans of moving anytime soon.  His best friend, Joseph, was out of town on business, so Maurice knew that he had all night to dip in and out of Kenyatta’s ass.  “What was up with your girl?”  Kenyatta asked.  “She needy as fuck.  She getting on my damn nerves.  Then, she wanted me to go to some party that they had for Karizma’s fat ass, but I wasn’t going for that shit.  Hell, who wants to celebrate someone for being fat as fuck?”  Both Maurice and Kenyatta shared a laugh. “Why the fuck you with her anyways?  She doesn’t make you happy and apparently, she can’t sex you the way that I do or you wouldn’t be linking up with me every chance you get.”  “I know, but when I was in a bind, she helped me out.” “What kind of bind?”   “You remember the party we had over the Christmas break, back in high school when she showed up with Karizma and Lena?” “Yeah, what about it?”  “I let her know that it was just a bet for me to be with Karizma and that I would win five hundred dollars if I took her virginity,” Maurice confessed. “How the hell you know she was a virgin?  Hell, there were several other people at that party that hadn’t had sex yet.”  “Renae ass not loyal.  She told me that Karizma was a virgin and she had a crush on me.  That made it easier for me to play on Karizma’s feelings and get her to come upstairs with me.”  “Okay, so you got her to go up the stairs and have sex with you.  What’s the point?  How the hell could Renae have helped you?”  “If you stop interrupting me, then I can tell your ass.  Damn!” Maurice barked.  “Well, excuse the hell out of me.  Gon’ tell the damn story.  I’m sure it ain’t gonna be good anyways,” Kenyatta smacked her lips. “You bout to get on my mufuckin’ nerves, too.  I don’t understand why it’s so hard for bitches to shut up and listen.” “Bitches?  Nigga, yo bitch at home.  Don’t try me because I’ll kick yo mufuckin’ ass out and not fuck with you again.”

      “Yeah right.  I know you not stupid enough to try that.  I have videos of you giving me head and us fucking.  Not to mention, I also have shared texts between us.  Joseph not gonna stop fuckin’ with me for fuckin’ with you.  But, he’ll shole kick your ass right out the door,” Maurice truthfully spoke.  He knew that for a fact because Joseph always talked about finding ways to get rid of Kenyatta’s ass.

            “Whatever.  Just finish the fuckin story.”  Kenyatta sat back staring Maurice up and down with hate in her eyes.  That only caused Maurice to laugh at how pitiful she looked.

            “Karizma was uptight when she got to the party, which was to be expected.  I told Renae that if she helped me get her to loosen up and if she got her to come upstairs with me, then I’d give her one hundred dollars from the money that I won.  Of course, Renae was out for Renae, so she helped me by dropping an ecstasy pill inside of Karizma’s drink.  Since she was not street smart, she didn’t know what was going on with her body.  But, it got her loosened up enough to open those legs to a nigga.”

            “You do realize that you practically raped her, right?”  “Don’t come at me like that.  I ain’t rape shit.  She willingly fucked me,” Maurice fumed.  “She didn’t willingly do shit.  She was drugged.  If you and Renae went to court for that shit right now, ya’ll both would be thrown under the jail.”   “Well, luckily this shit is going to stay between the three of us, so I’m not worried about it.  Plus, I’m sure there’s a statute of limitation for rape and shit  “You stupid as hell if you think that.  You might wanna pull out your cell phone and call Bill Cosby’s ass,” Kenyatta joked.  “Bruh, shut the fuck up.  I’m not trying to hear that bullshit.  You bout to fuck up my buzz,” Maurice muttered before taking another pull of the blunt he had resting in his hand. “Mannnn, fuck both them hoes.  I’m tired of talking about those bomb as bitches you be fuckin’ with.  You with a real woman right now, so let that bogus shit with them go.  Now, come over here and handle this…”“Handle this what?”  “This cat.  Nigga, don’t act like you don’t know what’s up,” Kenyatta directed.  “Maurice, I know damn well you not over there with another bitch.”  Maurice looked around like he was tripping.  He heard Renae’s voice, but he knew there was no way she found him. “That must be some bomb ass weed because I could’ve sworn I heard Renae’s aggravating ass.” “Naw. That wasn’t the weed cuz I ain’t had none and I swear I heard that bitch, too,” Kenyatta co-signed.“Bitch?  I got yo mufuckin’ bitch.  Maurice, you better get your no dick having ass to this house right now or I’m throwing yo shit outside.  Matter fact, stay where the fuck you at.  I’m throwing this shit out anyways.” Maurice studied the room thinking that he was losing it.  Then, he remembered that he’d just finished talking to Renae on the phone.  He quickly picked his phone up to find that he’d actually put it on speaker and never ended the call.  That meant that Renae heard his entire conversation with Kenyatta.  He only hoped at that point that she wasn’t able to pinpoint that he was with Kenyatta. “Renae?  Baby?  Chill out.  I’m on my way home.  We can make this shit right,” Maurice pleaded.  Kenyatta looked on in amusement.  “What the fuck you laughing at?” “You talked all that shit like you was the head nigga in charge and you wore the pants in your relationship, but it’s clear that Renae got that ass wrapped around her little fingers,” Kenyatta snidely commented.


Born on the MS Gulf Coast, Crystal Biggs a*k* Mz. Biggs is married (De’Miktric Biggs Sr.) with three beautiful children (DJ, Lana, and Kaiden).  She’s a Licensed Master Social Worker and Provisionally Certified Mental Health Therapist.  Currently, she is working on her dissertation to receive her Doctorate Degree in Social Work.  She’s a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated by way of the Tau Upsilon Zeta Chapter in Clinton, MS.

Mz. Biggs’ debut release was entitled: See What Had Happened Was: A Contemporary Love Story.  It was released in October 2015.  While she has been an author for two years, it seems that she was still considered an underdog until the middle of last year.  Currently signed to Shan Presents, Mz. Biggs continues to love her writing career more and more.  Her publisher, Shantoinette Richardson, has allowed her to go outside the box and her comfort zone and write in several different genres.  She’s also been blessed to have her own publishing company, Biggs Publishing Group.  Yes, she is accepting submissions.

Mz. Biggs currently holds the title of wife, mother, publisher, student, social worker, and author, just to name a few.  With so much going on in her life, she did not allow any of it deter her from reaching her dreams or from becoming a National Bestselling Author.  Her latest release, She’s Not Just A Snack… She’s A Whole Buffet: BBWS Do It better, hit number one on the charts on its first day of release.  Mz. Biggs plans to continue to grace the literary world with something new, fun, and different.

Get To Know Mz Biggs:

What is the reason behind you becoming an author?

When I was younger, I use to write poetry.  I pulled away from that around the age of 11 when my mother died.  From then on, I turned to reading…A LOT.  It was my way of being able to live vicariously through the lives of the characters.  I picked up a pen to write an actual novel when everything in my life seemed to go wrong.  I wasn’t where I wanted to be, I wasn’t able to provide for my kids the way I needed to, and my marriage wasn’t what I desired it to be…  God was questioned a lot, which was something I knew I shouldn’t have been doing.  Writing became my outlet and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

What inspired your latest realest and what is it titled?

My latest release was She’s Not Just A Snack…She’s A Whole Buffet: BBWS Do It Better.  What prompted the book for me was the fact that I’m a BBW.  I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight and the way others viewed me.  Even when people would try to take pictures of me, I’d only let them take pictures of my face because the rest of my body was sickening to me.  Then, I started really observing people and things around me.  I noticed a lot of heavyset women that were gorgeous and loved the skin they were in.  That’s when I realized that I may be big, but I’m cute as hell and I have a lot to offer, so there was no reason for me to be ashamed.  That’s what I wanted people to get from my book.  Yes, Karizma was a BBW, but she had soooo much going for herself and she knew what she would and would not stand for.  You make you and only you can determine what you’ll stand for.

Your titles appear to be different them some of the average titles.  Where do your titles come from? 

This might sound funny, but I have a pen sister.  Well… she’s under a different publisher, but I still call her a pen sister because we met through the literary world.  Anywho, her name is Twyla Turner; her pen name is Twyla T.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t communicate with each other.  Normally, we could be having a basic conversation and one of us will end up saying something funny.  By the time the conversation is over, I’ll say something super crazy and be like “Oh, let me text that to Shan for a title idea.”  Twyla laughs so hard at me, but those crazy titles have certainly been working for me lately…lol

Is there one book that you can relate more than others?

Yes.  The book Your Husband’s Calling Me Wifey is one of my latest releases.  If people knew me, they’d know that the book played on a lot of events in my actual life.  If you really want to get to know a little more about me, you’d read that book!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, was to be able to work for myself.  That way, I’ll be able to devote more time to my family; especially, my children.  It’s my hope, that my publishing company and writing career will take me to places I never dreamed of going.  I also want to take my chances of being a professional at a university.  Prayerfully, this doctoral degree will make that dream a reality very soon.

There have been many authors who get frustrated and give up on writing. What keeps you motivated to write?

There have been plenty of times when I wanted to give up, but I think back to how failure is not an option for me.  As I mentioned earlier, my mother died when I was eleven.  One of the things I used to always tell her was that I was going to make her proud of me.  With everything that I do and all the things I plan on doing in life, I can honestly say that I believe each time she looks down on me, a smile spreads across her face.   So, knowing that I have my own guardian angel looking down on me and my three children constantly looking up to me, there’s no way for me to quit.  I have to show them that even when things get tough, you don’t give up. You push harder and fight back.  Having the mentality of a CONQUEROR makes all things possible in my eyes…even those things that appear hard to achieve.

What can we expect to see from you next?

My next book will still be in the urban fiction genre, in the categories of Women Fiction and Romance.  I tried to write the thug and dope boy books, but I’ve learned that those books aren’t for me.  It could be because I’m not bout that life…lol However, I do plan on branching out into other genres.  I have a Christian Fiction book and a Suspense/Thriller book in the makings.  Those books are something I’m proud of and can’t wait to grace the world with.

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