Shadow Wars Homebound by LaVerne Thompson

ShadowWarsHomebound-FJM_Low_Res_500x750Veil had been a step out of place all his life. Until one day he found a phone that took him on a path far beyond the world he knew.

Nikki never felt she quite belonged. Until she met a man who saved her life and placed her on a throne she never knew was hers.

Would you walk away from the love of a lifetime if you could prevent the destruction of a planet?


“Excuse me, I think you dropped this?”

The woman shook her head no, and her long braids swung across her shoulder. She took the phone out of my hand anyway and turned toward the man with his arm around her waist.  “Who the hell is this?” she said staring at the screen.

The man beside her glanced at the phone screen and shook his head. “Don’t know, babe. Not my phone.”

I’d noticed the phone on the floor after the couple had gotten up from the table. But it could have been there before they sat down. I’d picked it up and accidentally touched a button, bringing up the lock screenshot of a young, brown skinned woman in a short cropped bustier with russet colored hair hanging past her shoulders. The bustier showcasing her beautiful shape. Her stomach looked flat and smooth, but unfortunately the rest of the view stopped at the top of the studded belt on those low cut jeans she wore. Too bad, I couldn’t see the rest of her, but if the lower half matched the upper…she was gorgeous. Even if she wore a pissed off expression on her face and fire flashed in those big dolls eyes.

If she had on spiked heels and carried around a whip and a chain, I’d be willing to do a little experimenting with her. She could dominate me anytime she chose. I was pretty sure the girl holding the phone referred to that picture.

If the phone belonged to this guy—what an idiot. The woman with him wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful as the photo of the one on the phone. But hey, you can never tell, it might not be his.

“Then whose is it?” the woman screeched, waving the phone in front of the man’s face.

I intended to turn around and leave them to their squabble, but the guy grabbed my arm, halting me. I glanced down at his hand, then back up at the dude who immediately released me.

He took the phone out of the woman’s hand. “Here,” he said shaking his head, as he held the phone out to me. “This ain’t mine.”

“Sorry,” I said taking it back. Who am I to argue? “My mistake.”

“Are you sure it’s not yours, Mark?” the girl asked frowning now, as though unsure.

“I said it ain’t mine.” Mark reached into his pocket and pulled out a similar phone but his case was black around the sides while dark blue on the bottom. The other one looked more like mine, black with dark gray on the bottom. “See, my phone’s right here.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry, baby, for doubting you.” She stood a little taller and kissed Mark on the cheek. “Let’s go.”

I sat down and watched the couple walk off while shaking my head. I hit the funny symbol for the power button on the phone again, bringing up the picture and studying it in greater detail. I’d been right the first time, the girl on the screen appealed to me—a lot. She might have been the same age as me, twenty-two or maybe younger. Huge, almond colored eyes sat in a perfectly symmetrical face with a golden overtone, hinting at a mixed racial heritage.  If she was tall and her legs went on for miles…another bonus. At six two, I loved women with long legs. Short or tall. I would make an exception for her, because she’s absolutely stunning.

I wondered about her identity and if the phone belonged to her. I turned it off and put it in my pocket, intending to give it to the hostess. This restaurant sat on the fringe of a big college campus, a popular eating place and whoever lost it would come looking for it. Also, if I got lucky I would still be here to meet her.

I checked the clock on the wall. My friend was late, also the TA in Business 101 from my freshman year. He and I had become good friends and since my graduation last year, business partners. We’d been working on a project for the last couple of years and were about to sell it.

My phone beeped, announcing I had a text message. I’m running late. It said. No kidding. I ordered a latte and prepared to wait, when I heard another beep. I frowned and checked my phone again, but nothing showed up. I remembered the phone in my other pocket. A text appeared on the screen.

You bastard! You lied to me! You’re never going to release me!


LaVerne Thompson 3x511LaVerne Thompson is an award winning, best-selling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult romance under the pen name Ursula Sinclair.
She is currently working on several projects. Both of her daughters are now away at college. However, she and her husband don’t like the term empty nester. She’s added a cat to the household to keep the dog of the house company. Hopefully writing will keep her sane.

Get to know LaVerne:

  1. Why write a sci/fi romance?

I love science fiction stories, especially if it has a lot of action scenes. Pitch Black, Terminator, Dune anyone lol. I write in other genres but sci/fi has always appealed to me, especially if it has a romance aspect to it. Shadow Wars Homebound has everything I could ask for in a sci/fi story and it’s an IR. It starts off with two people on Earth who don’t know they’re aliens, as in not from this planet, then I take my readers to other worlds. But the story is written so that anyone who enjoys a good romance can relate to it without a strong sci/fi background. Who doesn’t like a story about a boy who meets a girl, sacrifices himself for said girl, but in the end everyone gets what they want.


  1. Shadow Wars Homebound is the first book in the Shadow Wars titles. How many other books in the series?

Lol yes. SWH is the first book in a series of 4 books I’ve got planned for the Shadow Wars titles. I’m knee deep in the second story, Shadow Wars Ronin. That’s Prince Tyris’ story. His story will return the readers to Earth for a bit and also introduce readers to the home world of the shadow assassins.


  1. What made you decide to become a writer?

I was one of those people who, as I read, would constantly change the end of a book or the entire story at times. Even make up stories about any and everything. I looked up from a traffic light one day and a story was born. I had to get rid of all the voices in my head trying to tell me their side of things. Writing gets them out. *grins*


  1. You’re a multi published author. What other genres do you write in?

I write contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi romance under LaVerne Thompson and then I write romantic suspense and new adult romance in the same genres under Ursula Sinclair.


  1. Who’s your favorite hero from one of your books?

Hmmm that’s a tough one. I love them all but Maze, in my Ballerina Series, is thus far one of my favorites. He’s very complicated, yet not. His persona stems from loyalty and protection of those he loves. Draakar, from Dragon’s Heart- Story of the Brethren, is also another favorite. Someone willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the good of his people. Frankly, Veil from SWH has those same qualities too. When shit hits the fan he does what’s gotta be done. *shrugs* See I told you tough one.


  1. Are any of your characters inspired by real life people you know?

Not really. I might take characteristics of a number of people and blend them together to form my characters but in no way are they based on a specific person. That said, I do pour a lot of myself into the characters. I’ve got some of the same traits. Stubborn. Lol But, I wish I had circuitry in my brain like the Arri do or be able to turn into a dragon as my brethren shifters do. Lol.


  1. Boxers or Briefs?

Mmm I used to think briefs because you can see a little or a big impression, lol. But there’s just something about boxers on the right set of powerful thighs. Lol


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