Sexed by Six: Balancing Lust and Deception By Noel DeJesus

Jason has it all, a beautiful fiancé, a good job, and great friends; but it’s not enough.  Seduced by his need to lust, Jason falls victim yet again to a night of casual sex, except this time his partner was no ordinary stranger.  Trapped in a web of deception, Jason tries to twist and turn his way free, only becoming deeper and deeper entangled in his own worst nightmare. With his life crumbling quickly before his own eyes, what will Jason do? What can Jason do?

Balancing Lust and Deception takes the reader thoroughly into the minds of six characters, their lives all fused together in a complex weave of lust, love, friendship, and deception.  With changing point of views every chapter, the reader is personally strapped into this fast pace rollercoaster of a read, full of whiplashing turns and unexpected drops.  With drum rolling chapters and relentless suspense, Balancing Lust and Deception is truly a one sitting read.


Chapter 1- Jason

I awoke to the presence of someone tip toeing into my bedroom, the taste of sex still on my lips. Wiping my eyes open, I see my girl Jazz, her smile lighting up the room as the glare from an open curtain erased all of her other facial features and just left the outline of her hour glass figure.

“Bring that ass over here girl.” I yawned as I started to sit up.

“Hell nah Jay I got to hop in the shower first, I’m all sweaty from the gym baby.” She said as she headed towards the bathroom.

Jazz was gorgeous, on the shorter side of five foot six with light brown eyes that complemented her full lips. A honey complexion coated her high cheeks while her black silky hair draped half way down her back. Her perfect thirty-six C breast hovered over her pierced belly button, while her waist line disappeared into her hips and amazing ass. She didn’t need to go to a gym, but the fact that she went made her that much sexier.

As she headed into the bathroom, I got in a good morning stretch, before reaching over toward the dresser for my cell phone.

“Damn, eight o’clock in the morning and I got three voice mails and 7 text messages already” I laughed to myself.

They had to be from Dee and Will, my two best friends since junior high school. I bet my life they were probably messages from last night about how I was missing all of the action at the club. I loved Dee and Will, I consider them my brothers, and it’s our ritual that every last Friday night of the month we would go and hit the club, but last night was our anniversary and even a smooth talker like myself wasn’t getting out of that one.

Jazz and I aren’t married yet, like she would like, but we’ve been together for four years and living together for the last two. I know I’m going to marry Jazz one day, I just don’t know when that day is, and as every day goes by she tries to scratch and pull that date out of me a little harder.

Like I assumed, Will and Dee had been texting me throughout the night and when I checked the voicemails, sure enough, I heard them cracking jokes and laughing it up on two of them. The other voice message caught a little more of my attention though, it was some guy yelling all emotionally about how I fucked his girl and how he is going to beat my ass and all that. I get one of these messages about every two or three months, but I pay them no mind.  I figure if you were doing your girl right, she wouldn’t need me, anyways I’ve been getting these messages ever since I could remember and I have never been stepped to in these streets, they’re always just empty threats.

I crawled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom for some morning hygiene, but the door was locked, like always.

“Jazz what I tell you about this shit, stop locking the damn door.” I yelled, as I shook the door knob.

I could hear the shower turn off and a few seconds later the door opened. Jazz stood there dripping wet, honey skin glowing from the sun rays shining off her.

“Damn Jay I should be the mad one, four years and I still don’t have no ring on my finger, what the fuck?” she said.

This was an argument that had yielded to some make up sex last night, but like always it was back in the morning.

“If you stopped pressuring me maybe I would have time to think about it. Damn.” I said in a joking tone as a smile came across my face.

Jazz didn’t find that funny, like usual, and she kept her attitude as she tried to squeeze by me through the door way. The sweet smell off her soft skin rushed through me as her body rubbed up across mine. I couldn’t resist the temptation of slapping her wet ass, and I knew how much she loved that.

“Don’t touch it if you ain’t going to fuck it.” She said smiling, her temper tantrum quickly replaced with lust.

“Come here” I said, stepping out of my boxer briefs.

“You know daddy ain’t going to tease you like that”.

I lifted her slick naked body off the floor and tossed her up unto the bed. I leaned in to kiss her soft lips, slowly working my way down to her neck which was still moist from the shower. Her body flexed for second as my tongue slid down onto her soft breast, and then my cell phone started to vibrate. I paid it no attention as I was focused on kissing every inch of her body, but I could feel her beginning to squirm in the direction of the dresser, and then the cursing followed.

“Who the fuck is this? Who the fuck is Shantell, Jay?” she blasted out.

“Baby don’t worry about that, she’s from my job, it’s nothing.” I pleaded as I tried to manipulate her back into my world, plunging my face into her inner thigh.

But once Jazz starts there isn’t any stopping her. As the yelling and questioning continued, I stood up and snatched my phone from her grasp and left the room. As I turned on the television in the living room, I could hear her starting to spread the drama into the world via her cell phone.

“I’m playing ball with the fellas today, so I’ll be gone for a while” I yelled even though I know she couldn’t hear me over her own conversation.

She was too busy gossiping on the phone to do anything but give me an evil glare as I reentered the room and headed into the bathroom. After a cold shower I threw on a Nike t-shirt, some Nike basketball shorts and a pair of Jordan’s. I wasn’t always the best ball player on the court, but I was always the freshest.

Raised in the Soundview Area of the South Bronx, Noel DeJesus is a mere instrument through which the riveting tales of streets flow through. An Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran Noel DeJesus has truly seen the suffers of war, the evils of poverty, and the face of struggle.

Noel DeJesus has been writing since he was a young child, excelling in short stories and poetry. He has performed all over the world from the famed Nuyorican Poet’s Café in New York City to the far reaches of Alabama, Washington, Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He founded Ink and Concrete Productions in 2010 as a means to express his stories to the masses. His goal is to bring a new style of writing into the industry; vivid tales of intrapersonal and interpersonal battles, written with the same emotion as they were seen.

“Knowledge is King, A Dream is his Queen, and Self Destruction is his Mistress.”

Get to Know Noel:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?   My name is Noel DeJesus and I was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in the Bronx, New York. I attended Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a couple of years before joining the United States Army and serving my country in the war zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? I first considered myself a writer when I was about ten chapters into “Sexed by Six”. I had always written since I was a child mostly short stories and poetry, but I actually started “Sexed by Six” while I was deployed to a Combat Outpostliving with forty other male Soldiers in an abandoned potato chip factory, that’s where the dream started to become reality.

What inspired you to write “Sexed by Six”? My inspiration to write the book came from my Daughter. Kayla Noelle DeJesus was born just thirty days before I deployed to Iraq and I knew I had to really step up my game and create something that could potentially secure her future and leave a legacy for my daughter. On the other hand the inspiration for the content in the book came from my life experiences. Growing up in the Bronx, New York I’ve seen a lot of wild situations and I felt that what better to write about than the events and scenarios that I have actually witnessed.

Do you have a specific writing style? I always believed in the saying that there are more than two sides of a story. My writing style is unique because I give the reader as many sides to the story as possible, letting them experience one single story from six different perspectives filled with different emotions and thoughts. Essentially I try to create a world inside of my books where the readers aren’t being narrated or swayed by a single character and their point of view, but rather given the freedom to create their own opinions of the storyline through multiple characters points of view.

What was the hardest part of writing your book? The hardest part for me was finding the time. I actually started the book in Iraq early 2009 yet I didn’t finish the book until late 2010 when I was in Afghanistan. The thoughts for the book were always there, I actually have about two or three other books already written mentally, but finding the free time between being a Soldier and Father is the hard part.

Do you ever get writer’s block or does your outline keep you on a straight path? The weird thing about “Sexed by Six” is that I wrote it with no outline. I literally just sat down one day and began writing and everything just flowed. A lot of reviews that I received on my book applaud the fact that I took six characters with unique storylines and plots and weaved them all together into a complex yet smooth course throughout the book.  I never had writer’s block when writing this book; I was just a freestyle type of writing that kept the story weaving and twisting into a success.

So why should readers go and pick up “Sexed by Six”? Readers should pick up my debut book “Sexed by Six” because you’re essentially getting six stories for the price of one. This book separates itself from others because the reader gets to see one story from six different angles all with their own emotions and thoughts. “Sexed by Six” is a true to life book, all of the scenarios and situations are things that I have seen in my lifetime and it’s just great entertainment.

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