Secrets of a Cheating Heart by Chase Monet


book promoCheryl Cartwright is a beautiful woman with a successful career. She wears designer clothes, drives a luxury car, lives in a lavish home and has an attractive husband with a six figure salary. Michael gives Cheryl everything she wants except for one little thing; monogamy. Even though he has been unfaithful to her since their college days, she thought that marriage would end his promiscuity. Unfortunately he never turned in his player card. His position as a top marketing executive makes it all too easy to conduct pleasurable business with his associates of the female persuasion. After suffering a miscarriage at the hands of one of his mistresses, Cheryl decides to leave Michael for good and sets  a plan in motion to have her happily ever with a man from her past. Isaac is the perfect man. He is loving, loyal and honest. Just when it seems like Cheryl will finally have her fairytale ending, Michael throws up a major roadblock. He discovers a secret that Cheryl has hidden from her new beau and threatens to use it against her. The actions he takes to try and hold on to Cheryl cause him to make several enemies. More secrets are exposed and now his enemies want the ultimate revenge..murder! But which one of them is relentless enough to go through with it?


About the Author

Chase HeadshotsChase Monet is a freelance writer, who has submitted countless how-to articles and web content for companies such as Textbroker, Break Studios and Scripted. She has also written grants, business contracts and proposals for small business owners, as well as sales and marketing scripts for a variety of lead generation companies. Her true passion is writing fiction with twisting plots and steamy, provocative love scenes. Her debut novel Secrets of A Cheating Heart features all that and more. Chase hopes to continue to entertain, captivate and endear readers with her body of work.



In the name of the people of the State of Texas you are notified:

You are being sued.

Those words still stung Michael like a hoard of bees when he read them. It had been a month ago since the process server had arrived at his office to deliver the summons and complaint for divorce. Michael had definitely anticipated a major fallout with Cheryl when he had returned home from his business trip that day and found photos strewn across the dining room table. Photos of him and Stephanie. Photos of him and Ivory. But worst of all were the photos of him with her. The woman that he couldn’t resist. The woman that he had tried so many times to leave alone but never could. The woman responsible for killing his unborn child… Gina Vasquez…the woman he was about to lose his wife over. Although he had expected major fallout, he never expected Cheryl to actually leave him. Maybe it was sheer conceitedness on his part. He had always been able to talk himself out of every other situation with her. No matter how many times he had messed up in the past, no matter how many times she had said that she would leave or told him to leave, the words I love you like no other… always,  seemed to make everything right again. This time Michael didn’t even have a chance to say them to her. She was gone. Gone without a trace. He had searched all over town looking for her when he first got back. Ivory had no idea where she was and neither did her family. By the week’s end, he had just decided to give her a few days to cool off. But days had turned into weeks. Then, he got served the divorce papers at work. As soon as he had gotten the papers, he immediately called her cell but the number was no longer in service. When he called her office that day, they informed him that she had taken an indefinite leave of absence from work. It was like she had disappeared from the face of the earth somehow. Houston was a big city but not that damn big and he knew all of her friends and associates. None of them had seen or heard from her. She was avoiding him like the plague. For the first time in his life, Michael Cartwright felt fear. The fear of losing Cheryl forever.

As soon as he had gotten the summons a month ago, he had put all his sidepieces on notice. Well, all except for one. The woman that would be the hardest to deal with. So for the past month, he just hadn’t dealt with her at all. He had been doing some avoiding of his own. But his fear of losing Cheryl was growing with each passing day that she did not return. He knew it was time. Time to do what he had tried to do so many times before and failed to accomplish. He picked up his office phone and called Gina’s cell.


“I need to see you.”

“Why haven’t you—?”

“I need to see you,” Michael interrupted her and repeated it again.


“One hour. Your place.”

“Bien, Papi.”

Michael arrived on time at 5672 Tanglewood Lane. Gina opened the door wearing nothing but a smile. Michael didn’t even flinch. He didn’t mince words either. “Cheryl knows… it’s over. She filed for a divorce.”

Gina clapped her hands together excitedly and jumped up and down as if she had just won the lottery. “Oh Papi, now we can finally be together!” she exclaimed. She went to kiss Michael but he backed away from her.

“No, you don’t understand. It’s over for me and you. I have to get my wife back. That means no more fucking around with you. This has to end. Now!”

Since this wasn’t the first time that Michael had said this to her, Gina didn’t take him seriously. She caressed her naked body in front of him and asked, “You want to put an end to this? You know you can’t resist this punani. You stay away at times, but you always come back Papi.”

Gina fingered herself and played with her nipples until they were erect. She was waiting for Michael to give in like he had done so many times before and come replace her hands with his, but he didn’t move an inch in her direction.

“Look Gina, I’m sorry,” he sighed. I don’t want to hurt you. Let’s not make this thing ugly. It was good while it lasted, but we both knew deep down that this could not last forever. I was never going to leave Cheryl for you. I told you that before.”

Gina refused to accept what he was telling her. “Well she left you so the end justifies the means, right? I don’t care if I get to have you by default. As long as I get to have you, that is all that matters.”

Michael was angered by her statement about Cheryl leaving him. “Damn it, you not hearing me Gina!”… His baritone voice shook. “I said it’s over and I mean that shit! Now I don’t know how much she knows but she definitely knows. She had pictures… plenty of them. She may even know about… look you might want to leave town and go stay with your sister in Philly for a while,” Michael suggested. “I can give you some ends, but that is all I am going to give you, got it? This shit with us is over. If you don’t leave us alone, then I will go to the police myself like I should have done from the very beginning.”

“But I love you Papi,” Gina whined.

“It’s over Gina.”

“Don’t do this. Please don’t do this Papi,” Gina was choking the words out through her tears.

“It’s over Gina.”

“Te quiero a Papi… te quiero a Papi!”

“It’s over Gina,” Michael kept repeating as he walked towards the door.

“If I lost you, I don’t know what I would do. I can’t live without you!”

“And that is exactly how I feel about Cheryl. Goodbye Gina.”

With those words, Michael was gone. Right out of Gina’s condo. Right out of her life. She dropped to her knees, crying hysterically. She had given herself to this man. Mind, body, and soul. How could he do this to her? She lay naked, her body in the fetal position on the cold tile floor of her foyer. Her tears were forming a small puddle by the door that Michael had just walked out of. In a sudden rage, she got up from the floor and ran to her bedroom and grabbed a photo of Michael that she kept by her nightstand. She pulled it out of the frame and raced to the kitchen. She grabbed one of the knives out of the wooden block holder and began stabbing the picture. “Bastard!! Bastard!! You fucking Bastard!” she screamed over and over. She frantically wiped away the tears that were obstructing her view of the picture as she continued puncturing the photo. After it was completely mutilated, she threw it in the trash and tossed the knife in the sink. She returned to her room and knelt down by her bed. She reached underneath and retrieved a security box. Gina opened the box and pulled out a nine-millimeter handgun. She walked up to her bedroom mirror with both hands firmly gripping the weapon, pointing it straight ahead and staring at her own reflection as if it were someone else.  “I can’t live without you Papi… you can’t live without her. I guess one of us has to die then!”


Author Q & A


  1. What inspires you to write? Writing has always been my passion. I am inspired by every reader who gives me feedback on my work. That will only help me grow as an author.
  2. What is your least favorite part about writing? Sentence structure and editing.
  3. What is your biggest goal as an author? My dream would be to have “Secrets of a Cheating Heart” turned into a movie.
  4. Who are some of your favorite authors? Some of my favorite authors include Zane, Mary B. Morrison, Eric Jerome Dickey and the late Jackie Collins.
  5. If you could choose only one author to write your life story, who would it be and what would be the title of the book? If I had to choose one author to write the book about my life it would be Zane and the title would be “Incorrigible.”
  6. What upcoming writing projects are you working on? I am working on a second novel at this time and I just finished a case study project with a colleague of mine.
  7. What made you decide to use a pen name? I decided to use a pen name just so that I can keep my personal and business life separate.


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