Scars Left to Heal: A Memoir about Perseverance and Finding Acceptance by Siobhan St. John

Scars Left to Heal is Siobhan St. John’s personal testimony filled with transparency, pain, inspiration, sadness and victory. Her memoir shared her past of dealing with cancer at a very young age and the life experiences that molded and shaped her into the woman she is today. Siobhan narrates vivid experiences that will have readers teary eyed and cheering for her all at the same time. Through her memoir, Siobhan reminds readers that we must always keep our faith and never waiver in the midst of our storms. Her story is a testament that faith, keeping a strong support group around, and constantly pushing beyond our normal are some of the most important steps towards healing.


Excerpt from Scars Left to Heal:

I blinked a few times, hoping I would see the little black dots, that they would magically appear, but there was nothing, no dots, no eggs, just black space where they should have been. He looked on the left side as well but couldn’t find anything.

I was in a nightmare. I just wanted to wake up, but I was awake. My eyes kept blinking to see those black dots, but the more I blinked, the more reality started to set in. Lying on that bed, staring at the screen, 22 years of my life flashed before my eye…I sat up when he was done, got dressed, and met him in his office to discuss options. I think I was so numb from all that I had just digested that I didn’t event cry. I tried to listen and process what he was saying, but I didn’t really want to know.


Siobhan St. John has worked in Athletics for the past 17 years and is currently the Assistant Cheerleading Coach and Spirit Program Event Coordinator at The Ohio State University. She is the author of the book titled: Scars Left to Heal, which is her personal memoir ( Siobhan is a former dancer and captain for the Brooklyn Nets Dance Team, where she danced for 8 seasons. She has been featured in the NBA’s Hoop Magazine and in Complex Magazine’s video entitled, “What it takes to be a Brooklynette.” Siobhan has traveled the world dancing in Countries such as Spain, France, China, the Philippines, Germany, and Turkey, to name a few. She is a cancer survivor, who beat the odds at a young age, and went on to become a professional dancer and collegiate cheerleading coach.

Get to know Siobhan pronounced Sha-von:

  1.     How did you come up with the title Scars Left to Heal?

I titled the book Scars left to Heal because I wanted people to know that your scars can     help in your healing. Scars mean that you survived something and are still here to tell    your story. Scars remind you that you have healed.


  1. What motivated you to write your memoir?

Initially I wasn’t motivated to write my memoir but my mentor, who wrote the forward,   kept encouraging me to share my story. I had already been writing in a journal about     my journey and after some prayer, God finally revealed to me that I needed to share      this with others.


  1. What is the greatest feeling about sharing your story?

The greatest feeling about sharing my memoir is knowing that it has impacted others. To hear from friends and      family about how the book has encouraged them in their own          journey has truly been heartwarming.


  1. Do you have a favorite chapter in the book?

It’s hard to choose a favorite chapter, when each chapter pertains to your life.        Nevertheless if I had to choose I would have to go with the last chapter. It is in this   chapter I share just how much I had discover about myself and the testimony I had          the honor of sharing to help others.


  1. What was the hardest part about writing the book?

The hardest part about writing this book was that I had to relive some painful times, as     well as write about things that were happening in real time. During some of those           difficult periods I really didn’t want to write but knew I needed to.


  1. When did it hit you that you were going to be a published author?

It finally hit me that I was going to be an author the day I received the first copy of my     book. To actually hold the book in my hands made it a complete reality that I was a published author.


  1. What will readers love most about this book?

What I believe readers will love the most about this book is my vulnerability. While it      was not the easiest to share some of the intimate details of my life, it is my truth and I have confidence that those who read it will find strength in that.

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BONUS Excerpt from Scars Left to Heal:

I walked back into my mother’s room and more assertively announced “Mommy, MY HAIR HURTS!” This time when my mom looked at me she saw, to her alarm, that my entire head was bright red. She mentioned it to my aunt, who then remembered my cousin had come down with a rash that morning.

My dad wasn’t due back home for a while, and remember, this was in the days before cell phones and pagers so my mom had no way of contacting him. My mom knew after looking at me that something was terribly wrong and that she needed to get me to Sloan as soon as possible. My Uncle planned to come get us but before my mom could hang up the phone, my dad came rushing through the door. Without breaking a stride, he scooped me up and we all left for the hospital.





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