Scared of Lonely by Jana Pauldo


When nineteen year old Sharise Watkins becomes involved in a relationship with her brother, she finds herself being tormented by a mortal sin mentally, sexually, and emotionally. She is left with life-long damaging effects that destroy her inner soul causing her to reflect on her perception of reality, the loneliness she feels without love, and learning who to love. Scared of Lonely tells the story of a girl who is succumbed to temptation by incest, when her secrets are revealed, her quest for happiness is put at a screeching halt. Sharise becomes obsessed with being involved with her brother and by giving into the allure of temptation, she soon finds that she may be in too deep to be pulled up.








janapauldoforbooksJana Nicole Pauldo who is also nicknamed, “The Princess of Literature” has been writing since she was in the third grade where she first fell in love with her pen.   An avid reader she is in school to become an English Professor and plans to transfer to NYU to continue her education and attain a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. At only 24 years old, Ms. Jana is also branching out to other avenues where she can make the world a better place. Currently Jana interviews other talented and inspirational people that she features on her blog. She plans to continue writing books and is also at work on her first television show. She has so much in store and is prepared for her career path and where it is heading.

“The sky is the limit and you can have whatever you dream.”



Get to Know Jana:

1.)  How did you come up with the title for your novel?

I came up with the title to my novel Scared of Lonely after listening to Beyoncé’s song with the same title off her, “I Am…Sasha Fierce” album. The title went perfectly with the topic I was addressing in the story.


2.)  Is Scared of Lonely based on a true story?

Yes Scared of Lonely could be considered a true story and relatable to some people today. I say that because even though consensual incest is looked down on, there are families that have family members in love or involved sexually with their own brothers or cousins. I’m not talking about rape as that is the first thing that comes to mind when incest is the topic of discussion. I’m talking about mutual consensual affection, meaning between adults or, in the case of one or more minors, between individuals who are close in age (and age-capable).  The fact is these things have been going on for literally all of human history in various cultures and every level of society. From the rich to the poor, royalty to commoners, educated to ignorant, urban to rural, young to elderly, close family members have done everything from engaged in playful experimentation to forming lasting spousal relationships. It just isn’t talked about much in many present-day cultures.


3.)  What was the hardest part about writing your book?

The hardest part about writing Scared of Lonely was writing the synopsis and summarizing what it was about. However, I think the more I grow as an author I will perfect this area because practice makes perfect.


4.)   How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was in the third grade. I wrote my first story in the third grade and my first love was poetry.


5.)  How did you come up with the story idea for Scared of Lonely?

I came up with the story idea for Scared of Lonely by just browsing the internet one day and looking at different articles on incest. As many books as I have read, you always hear that the girl is being raped or taking advantaged of but even today there are situations where many females do consent to sex with their blood related family members it’s just not talked about in the media.


6.)  Is there a message in the novel you want readers to grasp?

Yes. After the readers finish reading Scared of Lonely I want them to understand that even though incest can be looked at in a negative aspect, consensual incest is apart of our reality just like other topics that aren’t discussed because they are considered disgusting to the world but just because they are disgusting doesn’t mean we avoid it. I want them to see the lesson and the positive outcome that comes out at the end.


7.)  What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect me to get better with each novel that I pen and giving readers stories that focus more on what goes on in society put into fiction but still brought to life with truth and fact.


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