Satisfying The Woman In Me by Leigh McKnight

418vWwj4jzL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_Teyona Carter has the life most women would envy.  Not only is she beautiful, educated and wealthy, she is married to Steven, a handsome doctor who loves her unconditionally. Steven is Teyona’s dream man who satisfies her in every way-except in the way that she wants most-sexually.
When a shower leak is in need of repair, in walks a plumber, seventeen years Teyona’s junior.  Not only does the handsome stranger repair the shower leak, he creates a leak in Teyona.  What’s done in the dark comes to light when Teyona receives, from an anonymous source, pictures of herself and her young lover.  The situation not only gets increasingly worse when the same pictures are delivered to her husband’s office.  Teyona finds that her life is in danger.


Teyona held her towel closely to her body. “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” she demanded, eyeing the stranger suspiciously. Her eyes swept his beautifully proportioned body from head to toe, but returned and lingered a little too long on his thick thighs.  Collecting herself, Teyona wrapped her arms around her body to hold the towel in place. Staring at the young man, she said, “I’m going to give you exactly one minute to tell me who you are and what you are doing here before I call the police.”  In a low, seductive rumble, the young stranger replied, “I’m Bobby Johnson and I’m here to fix your leak.”

Bobby slowly walked up to Teyona so closely that she could smell a mixture of aftershave and musk coming from him.  The air wasn’t unpleasant, but it was difficult to divert her attention from wondering how awesome it would be if that young man with those wonderfully healthy thighs would fix her leak—or better, create a leak for her.

She was beginning to feel uncomfortably aroused by him, and her own thoughts, which embarrassed her; yet, at the same time, it pleased her.  Hey, girl, you’d better dial it back a little. What are you thinking? She wondered.   She had never cheated on her husband, had never wanted to, or even thought about it, which was why it was disturbing that her mind so easily ran between Bobby Johnson’s thighs—and lingered there.  She shook her head, trying to eradicate the illicit thoughts.

Leigh McKnight PhotoLeigh McKnight was born Minnie Dix in Cameron, South Carolina.  Her interest in writing began when she was a child. “I stuttered so badly, no one could understand what I was saying,” she explains.  “The only thing that I could do was write notes for everyone.  It got so bad that my mother went to the school and got permission for me to do the same thing at school instead of being forced to raise my hand to answer a question.”  She wrote short stories and, after graduation headed for New York and worked on movie scripts while working as a production editor for Reader’s Digest.  Creativity runs in the family. Her nephew is Masta Killa (born Elgin Jamel Turner) who has achieved worldwide acclaim as a member of famed rap group, Wu-Tang Clan

Ms. McKnight is also the author of From My Front Porch and Sinners Never Sleep  She attended Hunter College where she majored in Psychology.

Get to Know Leigh:

Q. Where did you start when you sat down to write Satisfying The Woman In Me.
A.  I started with the creation of Teyona Carter.  She fascinates me.
Q.  Why did you write the novel?
A.   There are thousands of women that are married to wonderful men who cannot satisfy them in bed.  I decided to explore the issue and let those women know that their problem is valid.
Q.   What made you become an author?
A.    Being a writer is a dream job.  It allows me to share wonderful stories with my audience. It also lets me be anyone I want to be or go anywhere I want to go.
Q.   Who are your favorite authors and why?
A.    Terry McMillan who gave me artistic inspiration while I was reading MAMA, her first novel.  Also, Maya Angelou because her use of language is poetic, earthy and simply wonderful.


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