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Andrea Cole is a career woman who has it all except romance. Her excuses range from she’s too busy, men are too crazy and dating is to emotionally hard! She also believes love should work on her schedule, but destiny has other plans when she literally runs into Cam. If those golden brown eyes were not enough to have her rethinking, then the spark of electricity when they touch definitely did! Will she let chemistry knock down the defenses of her heart?

Cam “Camden” Holden, likes his life just the way it is. He has a job he enjoys and a house he loves in his childhood city. So what if it’s empty when he lays his head down at night. His dating life remains casual, but he’s open to meeting “the one” to make him take love seriously. Fate may have been kind to him when pretty eyed Andrea literally bumps into him on the street. Will he be able to lure in the wary Ms. Cole…so he can make his house a home?




She didn’t know why she hadn’t thrown the card away by now. She didn’t have time to tangle with some guy at the moment. Every time she would be on the verge of tossing it, the fact that she hadn’t actually had a date in six months would make her hesitate. She knew it wasn’t the usual for a woman who was her age not to date. Women only two years from being thirty usually went into an overactive hormone phase, trying to snag a husband before the big 3-0.

Shaking her head, she focused on whether or not she even wanted a date. Sitting forward, she picked up his card and emailed him a short message before she could overthink it.

Hi, it’s Andrea. The lady who tried to mow you over. I just wanted to check that I didn’t do any lasting damage. Have a good day.

She hit the send button before she could lose her nerve.  She sat back and chewed on her pen top. A nasty habit begun in middle school she’d never entirely shed. Should she have said “I hope to hear from you soon?” Phrasing it that way implied expectations. Maybe he was a natural flirt and never meant to really take her out. Maybe she had waited too long to reach out. With a sigh of disgust, she tossed her pen down and prepared to get back to work. Just then her phone rang.

“Hello, Andrea Cole speaking. How may I help you?”

“Andrea…it’s Cam.”

She straightened up so quick her chair started to roll back. “Oh, Camden! I didn’t expect you to call.” What she really meant was she hadn’t expected to hear from him at all…ever.

“I hope you don’t mind. I got your email and assumed you might still be at your desk. Though I suppose you could have been walking and texting again, running into unsuspecting men.”

Relaxing back, she laughed. “No, I swear I’ve reformed my ways. I won’t cause sidewalk disasters again.”

“It wasn’t a disaster,” Cam said seriously. “It was a very good day for me…I met you.”


Taylor Love is a new author who calls Michigan her home. Her goal is to write Sexy-Modern-Romance books featuring African-American couples. Showing that they too can have positive and romantic love stories! An avid reader since she was a young girl, she gained a love of writing as well. She loves to read a variety of genres and hopes over time to expand her writing among several of them. She is a lover of learning a “little bit” about many things. She hopes her imagination brings her readers a few hours of enjoyment!






Get to Know Taylor Love:


Why do I write?
      I’ve always loved reading and writing since a young age. I wanted to write the stories I wanted to see and to get the creative ideas out of my head.
What do you like to read?
     I’m an avid reader my whole life and enjoy; Romance all sub-genres, Horror, Crime/Thrillers/Suspense, Things with a historical bent, and poetry. Though I have read a bit of probably any and everything.
When were you first published?
      Jan 19, 2018
How long did it take you to write your first book?
      Took me 51 days to write my first novel that was slightly over 57k words
What would you tell other new authors?
    Do your research before you publish on how publication/marketing etc works. Also to not expect overnight success. Being an Author is like any other job you have to work at and grow.
When is your next book coming out?
      September 21st, 2018! The 2nd book in the Instant Chemistry Series. On pre-sale now!
How would you classify your work?
      Short answer-Contemporary Romance. Long answer-Sexy-Modern-Romance that features African American Couples. I want to show black love in positive Romance is normal and real.
Fine the author & the book:
Facebook, Twitter, Author Site, Blogs and Networks: http://taylormadedaydreams.com/index.html

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