Room 111 Trailer By Micheal McGrew



All dreams are made possible through God and faith, but the devil cautiously displays a blue print of his own. Raquan “Grey” Taylor, an aspiring singer and songwriter struggles to attain his family’s past until his brother’s untimely death. His mother succumbs to alcoholism and is forced to send him away to Renwick Taylor, a high powered music executive and estranged father. Under Renwick’s roof an opportunity surfaces when he meets Antoine Swinger and goes against his mother’s wishes to pursue a career in music.

Once discovered, Raquan enters the world of entertainment with high hopes and dreams but gradually realizes there are extreme prices to pay to maintain his fame.

Room 111 is a detailed story of a successful artist forced to deal with the politics of entertainment and Raquan quickly learns what happens in the industry stays in the industry.



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