Riding Hard for My Down South King by Tabitha Sharpe

Upper middle-class living doesn’t push the limits hard enough for Me’Asha Black who has always wanted more than money and privilege. After seeking out a way to make her own money, tired of depending on her parents for everything, and wanting to make her own way in life, she finally grinds her way into a new position at Liberty Tax, helping her set her sights on something other than being the good girl she’s known to be.
When Aries, a fresh out of prison, former street king stumbles onto her path, they have an instant connection, and Me’Asha soon learns that you have to be careful what you wish for. Aries and Me’Asha force themselves into dangerous territory when Aries is restored to the king of hustling he once was, and find themselves riding harder for their relationship than either of them could have ever imagined. We’ve all done crazy things for love, and Me’Asha is the queen of ride or die chicks and she’ll ride till the wheels fall off for her sexy, country, down south king.
Excerpt: “Alright, baby, you ready?” my mother asked me as she sat in the car parked next to mine. She was treating me like a baby. Like I was going to Kindergarten for the first time. I could not have been more embarrassed.
“Mom, please leave. I’m grown, and I’m pretty sure I can handle this, ok?”
My mother threw up her hands and pulled off. I didn’t want to upset her or hurt her feelings, but this was something I did on my own, and I couldn’t be an adult if they didn’t let me.
I pulled on my brown, leather jacket, pulled my rearview mirror down to look at myself, and once I approved, I stepped out of my car feeling like a bag of money.
Walking into Liberty Tax was literally the most freeing experience of my life. Though I was overwhelmed with all of the hellos, and warm wishes, it was an amazing feeling, and I couldn’t wait to get down to work.
Steve came out and showed me to my desk where I would be training with him to get caught up to speed and go over the few things I failed on the test. We sat for a while, getting acquainted with the computer, my desk, and learning how to use the phone system in conjunction with the incoming applications and query submissions that had been pulled.
“You’re doing great, Me’Asha. Follow me into my office. We still have some paperwork we need to work out so we can make you an official employee.”
The word employee sounded so good to me. It was like music to my ears. I grabbed my things and headed to Steve’s office.
“Close the door, please. It gets a little loud out there.”
I smiled and did as I was asked and took a seat in front of Steve’s desk while he reached in his drawer, taking out the papers I needed to fill out.
Steve began going over the lines I needed to fill out and explaining the paperwork to me, but something wasn’t right. In this moment, I was supposed to be feeling joy, and pride, but instead, I felt like I was being creeped on. Every time I looked up, I could feel his big, brown eyes, staring at me, scanning over my body like an X-ray machine.
As soon as I noticed he was staring at me, and he realized I noticed, he came around the side of his desk, sliding his fingers across the edges, and that’s when it happened. He placed his hard, zippered bulge right in my face, inching his way in between the desk and my legs.
Sweat began pouring down my neck, into the creases of my breasts, which probably didn’t help anyway since he was already turned on. That didn’t do anything but egg him on more. My heart jolted from a steady pace of beating to thumping out of my chest. This was just another reminder of how much I really hadn’t done. I was a virgin, never watched porn, and hadn’t really thought about sex much, and it was clear that this man’s agenda was some type of sexual exchange.
I put my hands up and extended them towards his stomach. “Steve, can you back up just a little bit? You’re making me a little uncomfortable.”
Steve smiled a wild smile, his eyes were now bulging out of the sockets.
“I’m sorry, Me’Asha. I didn’t mean to offend you, but you’re just so beautiful, and I’ve thought so since the moment I saw you.
You don’t know what you do to me. I just wanted to ask you out.”
Oh, but I did know. The way his dick was almost popping out of his pants told me everything I needed to know about what I did to him.
Not wanting to offend him, or make things awkward, I decided to politely decline. “Steve, I appreciate the offer, but I’m not dating anyone at this time. I’m young, and still figuring things out. So, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to say no.”
I finished signing my papers while he continued glaring at me, got the rest of my things, and flew out of his office as quickly as I could. I didn’t bother telling anyone bye, or saying thanks or any of that shit. I had to get out of there before I blew a fuse.
I jumped in my car and sped out of the parking lot. I was ready to get home and do anything but think of Steve and his dick.
Born in Nashville, and raised all over, Tabitha Sharpe was raised to appreciate culture, the arts, and entertainment. Growing up in the suburbs of Nashville, she was given many opportunities to participate in screenplays, puppet shows, and even write a few movie scripts for local artists, and from those experiences, Tabitha’s love for writing was born.
Tabitha Sharpe grew up too fast, getting into trouble, always feeling as if she had something to prove to others, and even herself, landing her in jails all over Tennessee, and in trouble more times than she cares to admit.
After being incarcerated for a year in 2014, she emerged from the trenches with a dream, and a goal, to not only do better, but be better, and in doing so, she decided to fulfill the long-time dream she’d always had for herself of becoming a writer.
Tabitha Sharpe is not only a reformed criminal, but she is a vivacious, young author on the rise to her rebooted career.
Get to know Tabitha:
1. Tabitha, the industry is constantly changing, in a world full of authors, how are you able to stay afloat?
“Honestly, it’s the similarity in the fact that we all have a gift. I believe in support and sticking together, and because of that, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people who believe in me and my gift and who have helped me along the way.
2. How did you get into writing? Was it always a gift, or natural talent, or was it something you studied?
“My cousin actually got me into writing. My father passed away when I was younger, and I started acting out, getting into all types of trouble, and she came home one day with this journal with a little girl on it with this kinky curly hair who looked just like me. She told me to write in it everyday, and make it a habit to do so, especially when I felt unhappy, and I did. That turned into journaling, and journaling turned into letters to my father, and those letters turned into stories about him coming back to life, and those stories turned into full length novels.”
3. Your writing career has been a bit up and down. What would you say is the most important thing to remember in the down and up season?
“Oh my. I would say in the down season, remember just because right now isn’t your time, doesnt mean your time won’t come. Someone’s bestseller yesterday could be yours today. Just continue to push with all you have, be consistent, and don’t worry about what you couldn’t or didn’t do. Leave yesterday where it belongs and run to tomorrow. In the up season, when you’re feeling yourself, money’s rolling in, the charts are giving you life, again, be consistent. Continue to showcase your work and yourself, but also, don’t burn yourself out trying to out out a series in a month. Know your limits and respect those.
4. As an author, we hope you were a reader first, because as you know, it is one of the only ways to continue working on your craft, but who is an author you draw inspiration from?”
“J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are definitely two authors who continuously motivate me. J.K. Rowling for being a woman in a male dominated genre, starting from the bottom truly, and breaking down those stigmatic walls around her and never taking the no’s at face value.
Stephen King for being the genius that he is. He steps outside of the boundaries they tell him to write in, and that just let’s me know, it’s ok for me to do it too. I often question myself when it comes to writing, but when I think about him, my mind goes back into focus, and I’m like, “Ok, it’s grindtime.”
5. What does the perfect day for writing look like for you?
“Now that, is easy. The sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in sight. The house is empty, Inhave lots of brownie and milk, and my laptop would never die, and it would automatically save everything.
6. What is the most important thing you’ve learned as an author?
“Just because you put out a bestseller or made it to the charts, it doesn’t mean you don’t still have things to improve on. A lot of times, I see these authors make it to the top, and then they think that’s it….the effort stops there. I want to continually progress, so I would see that as a moment to yes, take a breather, but not to slow down or become complacent.
7. How do you feel about family and friend support vs. reader support or lack thereof?
“Friend and family support is nice to have, but it is not necessary. I think we forget sometimes, our family and friends are not in our market, so we easily get offended when they don’t support us because we think they should, but they aren’t obligated to do any of that. Readers, though they may be biased, once you win them over, they’ll more than likely always be yours. Hard to get, but usually, they’re easy to keep.
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